Hyle Alihandross

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Hyle Alihandross is a Force Disciple with the Odan-Ur Clan, former pupil of Junazee. His force sensitivity was triggered by the massacre of Luke Skywalker's Jedi, and has only rcently begun to formally explore and refine his abiities.

Hyle Alihandross
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.85 Metres


82 Kg







Personal Information

Kyla Morgan Alihandross


Dvart Alihandross


Helaine Alihandross Holker

Known Children:





The Sentinel Network, Zyra Tregoyne, Jyles Docker, The Church of the Force, Nickle Holker

Lightsaber Form(s):

Niman (Learner)


Lightsabre, looted collective pistol, looted collective electrostaff

Fighting Style(s):

Mandalorian Core

Chronology & Political Information

New Order


Clan Odan Urr

Known masters:


Known apprentices:




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Character History

The Space Urchin

Hyle Alihandross was born aboard the Bulk Cruiser Pale Wanderer in 7 ABY, where his mother, Kyla Morgan, was the ship’s purser and his father, Dvart, was a hangar mechanic. Although his parents switched from operating on tramp freighters to regular line work, Hyle’s childhood and later that of his younger sister involved a great deal of moving from space station to space station as one or other of his parents’ ships routes was changed or they themselves were promoted or transferred, and Hyle and his sister Helaine were rarely with both their parents at the same time except during these periods of transition, or when one or the other was on leave.

From the age of 12, Hyle started helping his parents after school, sometimes helping his mother with record keeping for the delivery and storage of new supplies, or his father with repairs. His mother died in a cargo handling accident when he was 16, his father relocated permanently to a space station on the Outer rim where he set up a repair and resupply service.

The Drifter

Hyle himself took up part time work as a lighter pilot, and then signed up as purser on a YT 2000 tramp freighter, the Namaro, at the age of 18. His fifteen year old sister, stayed with their father and eventually became a partner in his business. He worked on the Namaro for four years, two as purser, and then two as navigator, making contract runs and deliveries for a wide variety of clients based in Wildspace and the Outer rim. During one run, they were ambushed by pirates, and only avoided destruction with the timely intervention of the local naval militia.

The Militiaman

Rather than wait for nearly three months for repairs to complete, Hyle signed on with with the militia as a pilot aboard the escort Carrier Syndulla a bulk cruiser conversion. Shortly after his first combat mission in 28 ABY, collapsed during the debriefing in a delirious fit, seemingly hallucinating about rain, fire, blood, and death. Shortly afterwards, the news of the destruction of Master Skywalker’s Jedi Temple was announced. His squadron commander, Jyles Docker, was a devout member of the Church of the Force who took this as a sign that Hyle was Force Sensitive. Hyle was then reassigned to shuttle and courier duties rather than flying fighters. During his service with the Militia, Hyle became involved with fellow pilot Zyra Tregoyne.

The Pilgrim on the Road to Nowhere

His reassignment was partly dure to Docker, who saw it as his duty to help Hyle come to terms with his “purpose”. This partly involved insisted that Hyle attend Church meetings and mediation sessions to gain control of his gift, although all this did initially was to trigger the vision he had initially experienced.

The militia force to which the Syndulla belonged had ties to the resistance, who were searching for any information they could on Master Skywalker’s whereabouts, or on the Jedi order as a whole. Much of his work consisted of exploring planets and other sites for artefacts or records. Hyle’s travels also led him to find several old, damaged lightsabres, from which (with some help) he cobbled together various parts to create a functioning weapon. During these excursions, Zyra Tregoyne often led a fighter cover element to prevent interference from other parties such as the First Order.

Prior to his last excursion, Commander Docker, now the Syndulla’s First Officer, made use of his contacts within the Church of the Force to find information concerning an organisation on the Planet Kiast. The only instructions Hyle was a message containing a set of planetary coordinates and the order “Come alone” ...

The Apprentice

Having spent many years looking for his purpose, Hyle Alihandross has found that his main aim is to understand the world he has found himself in, and to survive. However, he has also found guidance in the use of his abilities, although he understand he is expected to use these abiities for the good of his new companions and the region of space that is now his home. He saw service during the conflict with the collective, where he used his lightsabre in anger for the first time since joining the Odan-Urr.

The Jedi

Since the battle with the Collective, Hyle Alihandross has continued to serve the Odan Orr in Intelligence gathering. He was knighted after walking away (or more accurately running away) from a vastly more powerful and skilled opponent on Kamino. He has since constructed a Lighsabre of his own from scratch, which bears a passing resemblance to the weapon he saw in his visions, but which he insists he designed for with protection for the hand in mind. Due to its flame orange colour, he decided to name his new weapon "Balefire".

Physical Description

Hyle, unsurprisingly, looks very much like a typical space drifter. He is tall and rangy with a ruddy complexion and black hair, which he tends to cut very short. His eyes are pale green and deep set in a thin, sharp featured face. When he does grow a beard is is often short but thick, which means that he is rarely truly clean shaven, usually sporting a thin shadow of stubble. His upper right arm has a stretched and faded ship's badge tattoo featuring the sillhouette of a Bulk Cruiser.

Equipment and Abilities

As a spacer born and bred, Hyle is a competent pilot, and applied himself thoroughly to learning navigation in his youth. He has always been an avid collector of curios and has a strong interest in their history. After discovering he was force sensitive, his powers developed mainly on the lines of gathering knowledge and avoiding trouble rather than more overt manifestations such as telekenesis, although he has started applying himself to more physically active disciplines since joining the Odanites.

As well as his lightsabre, Balefire; Hyle also fights with an electrostave, or rather one of the halves, which he uses mainly for parrying rather than offensive strikes. He also uses a modified First Order sidearm which he looted from a Collective Soldier. In combat, he uses a heavily modified suit of armour, fully sealed and reinforced against impact damage, and Collective issue armourweave cape for protection against energy weapons, including limited protection against lightsabres.

His background as a merchant spacer has left a deeply ingrained tendency to avoid combat wherver possible, except for fighting his way out when it's not. This has led to a shrewd, calculating fighting style relying more on tactics than skill. Although competent in the basic lightsabre techniques, he follows the philosophy of Niman most closely and the flexibility it offers. In practice, he still relies heavily on Sokan techniques and their opportunistic approach to combat. However, he sees the Sokan technique as an integral part of mastering the Niman form, which he sees as a discipline based on mastery of resources and situational awareness to resolve a confrontation in one's favour.

He has recently acquired VCX fighter/shuttle which he has named the Cysgodol Gwyliol or "Watchful Shadow", a quote from an ancient blankverse poem he discovered among the ruins of a long abandonned Jedi Outpost.