Fist of the Brotherhood Handbook

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Position Overview

The Fist of the Brotherhood controls everything in the Brotherhood that is part of the DJB's gaming and the Grand Master's Royal Guard.

Difficulties of Being the FIST

Drama due to decisions made by the Fist, or issues that are going on within the ToR guild or if someone breaks the Rites of Combat.

Effects of the Position

The Fist of the Brotherhood controls everything that involves Gaming in the Brotherhood. They allow new games to be used as the mainstream games for the Brotherhood as well as moving some to the 'Retired' list.

Position Organization

  • Superiors: Grandmaster and Deputy Grandmaster
  • Immediate Subordinate: Praetor to the Fist
  • Subordinates: Magistrates to the Fist, Officers in the DJB ToR Guild
  • Close working relationship: Summits, Master at Arms, Headmaster

Specific Duties

  • Approve Cluster of Fire requests
    • Ensure that someone has a Pendant of Blood at the end of every week, if not every month for the best win-loss ratio
  • Evaluate Cluster of Fire tables to ensure balance across all platforms
  • Maintaining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's Guild
  • Maintaining
  • Acquiring game servers for member use
    • Whether another member or the Fist pays for them is entirely up to the reigning Fist.
    • If a member acquires a gaming server the Fist must have admin access in case logs must be taken.
      • Servers can be for any of the supported platforms
  • Acquiring a Voice server for member use
    • Whether another member or the Fist pays for it is entirely up to the reigning Fist.
      • Voice servers can be from Ventrilo, Mumble, and Teamspeak
  • Making sure the Rites of Combat are up to date and upheld
  • Approving Gaming Competitions
  • Looking for new gaming platforms for the DJB to move to
    • This includes writing rules for the game for the RoC
  • Approving ToR characters in the ToR society
  • Maintaining the Gaming Forum on the DJB Forums
    • Creating Topics for people to discuss

Position Checklist

  • Daily
    • Check for Steam sales
    • Watching #dbgaming and ensuring the Rites of Combat are upheld
    • Check Forums
    • Check ToR Forums
    • Check website
    • Check Twitter feeds for any information on different games
  • Weekly
    • Cluster of Fire approval
    • Pendant of Blood approval
  • Monthly
    • Report posted to the main Dark Jedi Brotherhood webpage
    • GMRG Update
    • Gaming Stats
    • Pay any bills for game servers or voice servers, if owned by the Fist/Fist Staff
  • Every Two - Four Months
    • Evaluate Staff
    • Evaluate Rites of Combat
  • Yearly
    • Full year gaming stats


  • Written by Fremoc