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Wild Space





Orbital period:

347 days




12720 km







Primary Terrain:

Grassy Plains, Lakes, Swamps, Forests, Hills

Native species:

Various Non-Sentient Creatures

Immigrated species:
Primary language(s):


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Political Information
Head of State:


Head of Government:

Lord Chamberlain

Commander in Chief:


Executive Branch:


Legislative Branch:

Lord Chamberlain

Judicial Branch:

Lord Chamberlain

Societal information

Viridian Pavilion, Lobidian City

Historical information
Date of Establishment:

32 BBY

Date of Reorganization:



Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Andros is one of three nations on Enriton. It is where the capital city, Lobidian resides. In Lobidian, the Royal Palace (Castle Jorda), as well as the main senate building (The Viridian Pavilion), lies.

Andros is like Ratiren in geography, consisting of many rolling fields, beautiful valleys, and crystal clear lakes, fit for swimming. The grass is always a stunning and handsome shade of green.


Furino is the oddball per se of Enriton’s three nations. It is filled with many mountain ranges, countless caves and caverns, and where there are fields, they are barren, desolate, and rocky. One desert, the Ebog Plain, is just sand, tons of sand. Many dangerous fauna call the barren landscape of the Ebog their home.

In one range, called The Evil Spine by the locals, is home to a cannibalistic, barbaric tribe named Twalabahuga. Twalabahuga is a word the tribe’s language (much like gibberish, with many dialects spoken by units) meaning “Unity” and “Togetherness” at the same time.


Ratiren is like Andros in geography, consisting of many rolling fields, beautiful valleys, and crystal clear lakes, fit for swimming. The grass is always a stunning and handsome shade of green. Like Furino, Ratiren has no buildings or plays an important role in the government’s eyes. It mainly serves as a tourist attraction, and a home or vacation spot for more of the well-classed citizens.

Points of Interest

Castle Jorda

Castle Jorda is the residence of the current King and his family. It overlooks the town of Lobidian, capital of the nation called Andros, as well as the entire planet. It has two courtyards, as well as a large backyard.

The Viridian Pavilion

The Viridian Pavilion is where the senate which governs the planet meets every month, and where emergency meetings are held. (It resembles a Chinese temple in RL)


Enriton’s government is structured similar to Naboo’s democracy, but the existence of nobles is what makes it different. Nobles are all appointed in a feudal manner, however they operate similar to a senate. Since the workers that work for the nobles aren’t treated like a serf the employed can refuse to work for one noble and work for another. This process keeps the good rulers in the Senate and the bad ones out. The Monarch is passed down through family, and they hold a feudal spot as the leader of Lobidian in the Senate (similar to Archduke). The major power the Monarch has is the power to remove a Chamberlain (real Head of State) from office and appoints one of three Chamberlain canditates when one resigns/is removed. One is appointed by the King, another by the previous Chamberlain, the last by the people. The people of the “Senate” elect a Chamberlain to politically lead the planet. The Chamberlain keeps the King advised of all their actions.

Duties of Leaders:

King: The reigning monarch's duty is to supervise the monthly meetings of the senate, as well as to appoint one of the three Chamberlain nominees when one is not in office anymore, or to remove a Chamberlain from office.

Lord Chamberlain: The Lord Chamberlain oversees the day-to-day activities of the Senate meetings, as well as acts as Judge in a court case in front of the Senate. The Chamberlain could be called the real Head of State. He is to report to the King once a week, and must keep him in on all of the Senate dealings.


Amidala’s Rise to Power

32 BBY

By King Veruna’s rein as King, Naboo had become a major player in the interstellar plasma energy trade market. It was long known that Naboo was rich in plasma, the energy source which powered everything from simple lights to entire cities. Many high-grade plasma veins were found laced everywhere under the streets of Theed, the planet’s capital. This led to Veruna and then Senator Palpatine to open a large plasma mining and refining facility in the heart of the city, as well as the Kwilaan Starport, circa 38 BBY. The InterGalactic Banking Clan financed the construction of both establishments. Giving into their love for off-world trade, they eventually signed a contract allowing the plasma to be sold the large Trade Federation at a fixed price. The Federation took advantage of Naboo’s lack of commercial experience, reselling the plasma for much higher rates – selling Naboo short.

The Naboo protested and wished to be free of the contract. King Veruna, never wanting the trade agreement with the Federation in the first place, sensed the upcoming military conflict. Veruna expanded the role of the Space Fighter Corps (a division of the RSF) and founded the N-1 starfighter squadron. The Theed Hangar was built next to the refining station to house the new military forces. This move was unpopular on Naboo, as these precautions were perceived as provocative overture. With the people and Senator Palpatine unhappy with his military expansion, Veruna was forced to abdicate in favor of Padmé Naberrie (who took the formal name Amidala). Later, Veruna was assassinated while in exile. Padmé Naberrie became Queen with the promise to end the conflict without violence.

The Dispatch

32 BBY

Once in power, Queen Amidala opened negotiations with the Trade Federation. However the Federation was scandalized by Naboo's resistance to its authority, which coincided with a Galactic Republic Senate tax on interstellar trade. Both actions were perceived by Federation leadership as a threat to their commercial interests and power. The Federation answered with a military blockade of Naboo, with the aim of forcing Naboo into subservience and to hopefully intimidate the Senate into repealing the taxation measure.

In light of this, and to much contradiction of her morals, Queen Amidala secretly dispatched a squadron of four of her most elite guardsmen to find a new, backwater source of supplies to draw on for economic support in the time of crisis. Comprised of only Humans, the names were:

  1. Keith Creel – Commander
  2. Gav Kahn – Vice-Commander
  3. Valad Yorcott – Ace Pilot
  4. Vyrra Foss – Infantry Commander Emeritus

Equipped with one N-1 Starfighter, 2 SoroSuub ELG-3A blasters, and a month of rations a piece, the team began their quest.

The Discovery

32 BBY

After only one week of searching, in Wild Space in the Tingel Arm, the two stumbled upon a one-planet system which did not show up on any records, or any of the team’s knowledge. So, at the order of Keith Creel, the squadron landed on the planet.

What they found discombobulated every member. No sign of civilization whatsoever, only beautiful meadows, colossal lakes, and gorgeous forests full of undomesticated wildlife atop rolling hills.

While it was tempting to report to the Queen right away, the team camped a week on the planet – unnamed, and explored every hour of every day. The wildlife seemed to be not harmful, with the exception of a few packs of Krayt Dragons here and there. However, on the third day, Vyrra Foss found a single mine. She alerted the rest of the squadron, who were there in less than two hours. They headed into the large cavern.

What they found amazed them. Large, excellent samples of Phrikite, the main ore of Phrik, were found all throughout the mine. As they descended deeper below the ground, they actually found that the supposedly single mine was actually a series of four huge bowels all containing numerous ores, the three main ones being Prikite, Carvanium, and Lommite, the two latter being a main component in Durasteel.

The quartet returned to their camp, where they ate a small dinner of rancor beef. They were in a state of shock. They had found exactly what they were charged to find, and they should have reported back to Queen Amidala already. But, after hours of decision making and rigorous meetings, the squadron let greed get the better of them, and they decided to lead the planet, now named Enriton by Keith Creel, all by themselves. It was very similar to Naboo, so the team was reminded of their place of origin every day.

The Populating

32 BBY – Present

The first main issue imposed itself on the makeshift leaders: how to populate the totally unpopulated and backwater planet? They could not advertise the planet, as the Trade Federation, the Republic, or Naboo would surely find out and annex the planet as a colony. After deliberations, Creel, now King, charged Vyrra Foss to go to many planets, and spread word of the planet via rumors and sleazy cantinas.

After three years, Foss did not return, although the planet’s population increased to a small 790,000. Kreel, and Kahn, Head of Government, attempted to contact Foss a lot of times to no avail. Today, Foss is labeled as Missing in Action, and presumed deceased.

Curse of Kahn

27 BBY – 1 BBY

After a year of sickness, his Majesty King Creel died of a disease unbeknownst of the time, but was discovered to be affiliated with his heart. Seeing as Creel had no wife, and thus no child to inherit the throne, Kahn was labeled heir per the Enriton Constitution’s guidelines. Seeing as he had no blood relation to the King, the Senate voted on the matter, and almost unanimously elected Gav Kahn King of Enriton.

While Gav Kahn was a very adept Lord Chamberlain, he found the power of royalty and its heavy influence over the Senate too tempting. He abused his power, changing the Constitution on a whim, ruling with such an iron fist that the developing civilization was set back. Poverty struck every citizen which wasn’t rich before Gav’s ascent to King. He was able to get away with this by murdering Judge Valad Yorcott, ironically via a stab in the back. The horrible man was a tyrant, and dictator, officially holding all three leadership titles simultaneously. The 26 years in which he ruled became known as the Curse of Kahn.

The Rebellion


Ever since 7 BBY, a rebellion had been growing among the lower class, and one upperclassman. Saudu Visutor was a rather rich man, and served as one of his Majesty Gav Kahn’s advisors. Being privy to all the inner-workings of the planet’s ruler, he passed the information along to the intelligence division of the rebellion. He was given the title of 5-Star general very quickly, and was regarded as the leader of the rebellion effort.

Kahn, who refused to have anything to do with any poor citizen, as well as the just as horrible Senators and Advisors, were completely ignorant of the rebellion, which was probably their greatest mistake.

One fateful day, Visutor prepared the troops for battle. He gathered all of the infantry, and started marching towards Castle Jorda. Over half of the army died that day, as Kahn kept a rather large personal army, labeled Enriton’s Guard, who fought back with such ferocity that only the elitist of the army survived.

However, Visutor and Sariax Kavor, a Commander, infiltrated the Guard, and were able to get to Gav. The two pulled blasters on them during a strategy meeting in the high tower, and shot the two advisors and the King himself. The battle was won, and completely over after an hour.


1 BBY – Present

It takes many, many years to heal an entire society from 26 years of poverty and an iron-fisted ruler, but King Visutor and Chamberlain Sariax Kavor have managed to cure most of the civilization. The former Rebellion leaders were each given either a spot in the Senate or military command. Visutor and Kavor have written a new Constitution, and set up a succession system for the spot of King or Queen. Also, most of the King’s political power was given to the Senators and Representatives; the monarch being a figurehead, power lying in the senatorial position that the monarch holds, Senator of Lobidian, the planet’s capital. Enriton has surely prospered over the years in which Visutor and Kavor have ruled, and it intends to continue prospering, until the end of time.