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Elric Kyes
Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa, Eternal Night Sector

Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.75 meters


72 kilos





Personal Information
Lightsaber Form(s):

II: Makashi

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Brotherhood Era


Rite of Sin



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Character History

Dark Foundations

Elric was born to a small crime family in Nar Shaddaa. The Kyes and their company "Kyes Enterprises" dabbled in the Wookie slave trade, brokered mercenary deals to the Hutts and sold weapons to warring gangs. However, a hitman killed Elric's mother and father in view of their two boys. This would be the first time he saw anyone die before his eyes and start of Elric's overdeveloped sense of revenge. The elder brother, Kody, took up the reigns of Kyes Enterprises with young Elric under his wing. Elric became notorious in the Eternal Night sector of Nar Shaddaa; the boy who would kill another at the drop of a hat. Elric, over the years, successfully hunted down the hitman, his finder, and the businessman who put the hit on his parents life.

Chance at Redemption

A passing Jedi came through Nar Shaddaa, looking for information on the Hutt crime lords. He was immediately shocked to see a boy who had just reached his teens and was exceptionally harsh and cruel. And yet, he could not deny the Elric's potential. The Force flowed through him like a violent river, full of rapids. Young Elric had just managed to realize how different he was from his fellow gang members, with his near ESP abilities. He offered Elric a chance to go to a place where we could learn to harness his manifesting abilites, and Elric accepted. The life of a Jedi was not all he had excpected it to be. Meditation and peace were not things he was used to growing up in the cutthroat world of Nar Shaddaa. He often argued with his teachers and fellow students, but was eventually accepted as a full Apprentice under the tutelage of Rosh Penin. He had few friends who would tolerate his extreme behavior.

Fall from Grace

As the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, a young girl at the Academy invaded Elric's mind and heart. Tahiri Veila had captivated Elric's thoughts for a few years. Despite his recklessness arrogance in everything else he did in life, Elric had taken great care to seem the best Jedi apprentice on Yavin 4, showing off every time he could. Eventually, he began to realize that all of his affections were nothing. Tahiri held no love in her heart for Elric, and this set his soul ablaze. Seething with anger and jealousy, Elric planned destruction of all in the Academy. One night, he snuck out of his room at night, intent on completing his mudrderous schemes. His master, Rosh Penin, had sensed the evil rising in the young man's heart over the few previous days and confronted him. Elric lashed out at his master, and was quickly wounded, forcing the enraged young man to flee.

Coming to Terms

Elric stole an Academy ship and fled to the Oseon asteroid belt. His master tracked him there and tried to reason with Elric. But he would not listen. Anger, jealousy and an sense of betrayal surged through Elric's viens. He attacked Rosh again, this time resulting in massive scarring to the left side of Elric's face, a loss of an arm, and a loss of dignity. Rosh assumed his former apprentice was dead and left for the Academy. Elric was found my miners, nursed back to health and given a prosthetic left arm and right eye. All of the rage built inside the young man had cooled into a deep seated hate of all Jedi, their rules, their insistence on the restraint of emotion. Elric silently vowed to kill his teacher and to find the one person Tahiri cared so much for. But first, Elric knew he would have to become more powerful. More powerful than any Jedi. Travelling back into Hutt Space, he overheard a smuggler discussing the corrupt Jedi at the fringes of the Galaxy. Elric snuck on board a cargo ship and presented himself to one of these Jedi when the cargo was transferred into a Shroud-bound vessel.

In the Brotherhood

Elric still maintains his quest for vengeance, and it is immensely personal to him (no one else in the Brotherhood knows of it). His purpose in the Brotherhood is simple: become powerful enough to kill his old master and confront Tahiri. Elric's emotions have had a long time to simmer, but his vendetta remains as all-consuming to him as it was many years ago. His connection with the Dark Side is strong, fueled by anger, arrogance, greed, jealousy and lust. He is an emotional powderkeg, but hasn't yet learned how to tap into this power. Another item of note is Elric's unabbated hatred of the Yuuzhan Vong. The cursed species not only leveled Elric's homeworld, but in the process, killed his only brother. He has swore an eternal crusade against the species, vowing to kill an entire generation in his lifetime.


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