Darth Necritus

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Darth Necritus
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Date of Birth:

6 ABY (age 42)

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1.8 meters


79.4 kilograms




Dark Brown

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One Sith

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Character History

Early Life


Born on the moon of Suarbi 7, Susevfi, in 6 ABY, along with his twin sister. Both their parents were highly skilled Jensaarai Defenders it was no surprise that at the age of 3 the twins started showing a sensitivity to the Force, and began early learning under the guidance of their parents.

In 11 ABY, during the Battle of Susevfi, His father was killed by the invading forces of the New Republic. After the battle, the Jedi Order extended an invitation to the Jensaarai to join them. While they were able to remain Jensaarai, many of them were sent to study with the Jedi. Necritus, while young, understood that the Jedi were the reason for his father’s death.

The twins earned the rank of Apprentice earlier than most, his sister proved to be stronger in the Force at an early age and was elevated to the new rank at the age of 4 but denied Necritus, while Necritus received his apprenticeship the next year at the age of 5 (11 ABY) under the his sister’s master’s rival. Wariv believed that the twins should have been trained together, and took Necritus in order to show Fedic how grave a mistake he had made.


Under his master’s tutelage, Necritus learned the ways of the Jensaarai quickly and showed an affinity for Force Alchemy, quickly learning to blend technology with the Force and created his Lightsaber a year later, six months earlier than his sister. During the first two years of his apprenticeship he and his sister developed a rivalry, driving them to higher standards for themselves than other apprentices, but creating a slight rift between them.

Necritus would learn that true balance in the Force was from accepting both the Light and the Dark aspects, and using them in conjunction with one anothers. Eventually, he would create his own ideas from these teaching, believing that both the Jedi and the Sith only cared about advancing their own philosophy and control. This would eventually lead him to see the olive branch that the Jedi offered to be nothing more than a way to control the Jensaarai. Coupled with the death of his father, Necritus' hatred for the Jedi began to grow.

In 17 ABY Necritus’ mother lead a team into Sith Space to recover a relic on Korriz and were attacked by the One Sith. While a few managed to escape the attack and return to Susevfi, she stayed behind to assure their safe retreat and was presumed dead. Though Necritus never believed this to be true.

Following the disappearance of their mother, Necritus and his sister’s rivalry intensified as they slipped further to the Dark Side. Fueled by anger and hatred and the drastically different philosophies they learned from their masters, they had a higher number of confrontations than other apprentices their age. These minor fights normally ended with a few punches or minor use of Force powers but the last argument that had as apprentices would be much different.

In 19 ABY Necritus and his sister met in a local market. The initial meeting was pleasant though it eventually turned, as it always did, to their differing opinions of the Jensaarai alliance with the New Jedi Order. The conversation turned heated and ended with Necritus igniting his lightsaber and attacked his twin sister. His sister was able to defend herself long enough for the two to be pulled apart before any real damage was done.

In 20 ABY, having shown a great command of the Force; both his twin and Necritus completed their apprenticeships and were raised to the rank of Defender.

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