Cartel Dh'than

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Cartel Dh'than
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:

12 ABY (age 31)

Physical Description










Personal Information

Solara Dh'than


Vesper Dh'than


Trinity Dh'than (deceased)

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Chronology & Political Information

Textiles Dealer



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Cartel was a Jedi Peacekeeper who had sought asylum on New Tython in 37 ABY, found a peaceful coexistence with the Native Harakoan on the continent Milil’ea. He was known to the local tribe as He-Who-Came-From-The-Waters, or more simply: the Ocean Monk, having chosen to live on the North Eastern part of the continent with a home built just off the shore to give the Ongree access to the waters below. It was not until 39 ABY that the Jedi had learned of his habitation, and sought to investigate. Based on reports being taught to natives who had taken Cartel as some kind of wise man, the Jedi believed that the Ongree was Sith that had escaped their notice after the Thuron Monarchy was abolished. From their inquisition, members of the Paraxum accepted the Ongree into their order, and discovered his innate talents for charisma and diplomacy.

Character History

Early Life

Cartel was born on the Hydian Way trading lane. His first words where the common trade language known as basic. This was due to the textile business his parents ran out of a Gozanti-class Starcruiser known as The Unknown Destiny. He learned the ins and outs of the business, and grew to appreciate being quick with words and even quicker to get money from a customer. Dh'than showed a remarkable ability to innately understand complicated machines, and was often times found torso deep adjusting or improving some system of the family's cruiser.

Formative Years

Cartel first found the Jedi homeworld during a delivery to the Praxeum on New Tython. The tip to this world would be the last time he would ever leave the planet until many years later. His gifts with the Force caught the idea of a senior instructor, and the Ongree found himself under the tutelage of an advanced Jedi.


Cartel could best be identified by his light tan colored skin, and his piercing orange eyes. His body is typical of his species, and he does not stand out in any abnormal way by appearances. Except it is not all that common to see Ongree this far from their homeworld.


All training in the Force was considered accidental, but after arriving on New Tython training began. This pushed him from some space trader to a rather powerful Jedi and Peacekeeper of his own right. He learned not from a single master, but from many. Moving from teacher to teacher to watch them and learn. It was not to learn how to be the most powerful Jedi, but to become what the Force Users needed. He would become that Sentinel that operated for the Balance of the Good. A balance that was surely lacking in many of these Jedi. He did learn to respect the Council over the Jedi, yet could detect in their words a myriad way of understanding. Thus, Cartel moved from a Gray Jedi into the Light, and so far into the Light that actions after the primary action was his real focus. He learned a nudge here, a death there, was the aim of the Force.