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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Carpedies is an Iradonian born Zabrak. Abandoned as a child, he was raised by a couple of traders that stumbled across him abandoned within a sack. His childhood was not easy, he was bullied by the other Zabrak children for being weak. Sickly as a child, he soon became very introverted and found it very difficult to socialise with his peers. As he grew older, Carpedies spent most of his time devoted to improving his physical strength and confidence. By his early teens he had grown out of his sickly shell, developing a well built frame and tall stature. Due to his troubled childhood he felt it necessary to prove his new found strength; which in turn led to him being involved in lots of fights.

Within the next few years Carpedies had managed to catch the attention of a group of mercenaries after getting into a Cantina brawl. Carpedies saw this as an opportunity to finally prove himself, and move away from his poor beginnings. He left Iradonia at the age of 18, spending a great deal of time on tatooine working for the Hutt Crime Lords. He seemed to relish within this lifestyle; particularly within a violent society. He cherished the constant risk and danger to his own life.

While on tatooine; Carpedies was informed by a passing trader that he in fact had a brother. This trader knew the infant Zabrak's parents, and was shocked by the fact that Carpedies had survived and grown to be the man he was now. Intrigued by these developments he then hired the man to track his brother down. A few months passed and hope was beginning to fade; the young Zabrak was convinced he had fallen victim to a cons passing mark. Eventually the trader returned carrying news, he told Carpedes that he had located his brother, a Zabrak called Xedhir. The trader told Carpedies that Xedhir also went by the name of Cethgus and that he was located on a dark planet called Antei.

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