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Cisco Pantaro
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Date of Birth:

47 BBY

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1.85 Meters






right leg

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Imperial Remnant

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Naval Captain


Captain of the Deep Ice frigate


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Independent House Revan

Personal Ship:

Deep Ice

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Captain Cisco Pantaro was the Commander of the Nebulon-B frigate Deep Ice That served as a mobile hedquarters for the forces of the Independent House Revan


Early Life and the Academy

Not much is known about Cisco Pantaro before he joined the Academy on Corellia in 35 BBY. The Captain is not a very vocal person so he hasn't divulged anything either.

Early on in the Academy he was seen as a below average student and was almost kicked out several times due to low marks. Little did they know then however that he was simply in the wrong program. He had signed up to enter flight school, unfortunately for him he just didn't have the chops to be a fighter pilot. After Cisco failed his 3rd flight certification test one of the administrators transferred him to the Fleet Ops. He quickly took to Fleet Ops and the skills of a bridge crew member. When he graduated the Academy and began serving in the Corellian armed forces he was a fully certified weapons officer.

Career in the Corellian Fleet

Cisco's personell jacket from his time in the Corellian fleet is nothing short of spectacular. Several citations of service and two early promotions Lt. Commander Pantaro was well on his way to getting his own ship in the fleet. At this time he served on the Frigate King's Dawn for the duration of his career. His excellent track record and overall ability as a weapons officer earned him a promotion to First Officer where he served untill the outbreak of galactic war in 22 BBY

The Clone Wars

Lt. Commander Pantaro of the Republic Navy

The active duty of Cisco Pantaro during the Clone Wars spreads throughout the galaxy, his small frigate the Bucephalus took part in many battles during the Outer Rim Seiges. His first deployment was at the Battle of Boz Pity Captain Pantaro and the Bucephalus were part of the freighter screen for the Star Destroyer Intervention The Intervention jumped in too close to the planet and was pulled to the surface. The Bucephalus was acting as the vanguard for the destroyer and was able to avoid being pulled to the surface. As such under the command of Commander Denn Wessex The Bucephalus supported the Venator-class Star Destroyer Redoubt. The fleet was sucessful at holding off advances from the confederate blockade. When the Jedi completed their mission the Bucephalus, being a vessel capable of a planet-side landing, made ground fall and helped the Jedi set up what would become a major staging point for Republic's Army.

His service continued well into the Clone Wars serving at several other notable battles including The First Battle of Tythe, and The Battle of New Bornalex. His most recognized service came near the end of the Clone Wars at the Siege of Saleucami. It was here that the new Imperial Star Destroyers were unveiled. Pantaro commanded the Imperator during the extended conflict. It was during this time that several Jedi Generals commanded alongside Admiral Pantaro. Including Stass Allie and Quinlan Vos. When the battle seemed won and the planet secured for the Republic, that is when major change swept the galaxy. Palpatine took it upon himself to restructure the Republic into the Empire and executed a directive hard wired into the clones known as Order 66. The Clones turned on the Jedi and proceded to slaughter them.

Pantaro towards the end of his career

Admiral Pantaro was outraged at the actions that his troops had taken but was later informed that it was indeed in the perview of the Chancillor, now Emporer to enforce that order as the Jedi had become enemies of the republic. Pantaro, while unable to comprehend why the Jedi, their protectors, had turned on them he had his orders and it would seem that the Galaxy was at peace under the empire. Thats what all the fighting had been about after all.

Leaving the Empire

Admiral Pantaro served the Empire dutifully throughout the years hoping to eventually enjoy a quiet retirement with a large pension. All that changed in the face of the Empire's great atrocities. Everyone knows of the destruction of Alderaan in 2 BBY, but the Admiral left Imperial service 2 years before that after the events at Firrerre. All the details of what happened are still suspect but what is known is that the Empire unleashed the Hive virus on the planet, effectively destroying all life. This event became known as the Firrerreo Genocide, and it was the beginning of the end of Admiral Pantaro's Imperial service. The next year the Admiral retired after an exemplary 32 year career. He returned to Corellia hoping that returning home would help him to relax and forget all of the things that he had done when in service to the Empire.

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