Cade Tezo

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Cade Tezo
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY (age 31)

Physical Description









dark brown


dark yellow

Personal Information

Lyrse Krayt


Ranhu Tezo

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Djem So

Fighting Style(s):

Mandalorian Core

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi, Imperial Pilot


Clan Scholae Palatinae



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Cade Tezo is a Dark Jedi Knight in Clan Scholae Palatinae and a Human/Iktotchi-Hybrid. As such he advanced knowledge of future events and very good perception even for a force-user. He is a very skilled pilot, travelling the stars with his Belbullab-22 Deathbird, teaching himself the way of the Sith and hunt for his Clan.

Character History

Early Life

Cade Tezo was born 10 ABY in the capital of Iktotch, Ankhela, to his imperial mother Lyrse Roth and his iktotchi father Ranhu Tezo. He has an older half-brother from his mother's first marriage, Tret Roth, who was a bounty hunter for the Empire and later a smuggler. His mother was a communications officer for the galactic empire. Her duties were to uphold communication with the blockade forces stationed in the orbit of Iktotch. His father was a trader, who worked together with the imperials to provide food and luxury goods for the outpost garrison. His parents met on one of this supply trades and fell in love. After the collapse of the Empire they fled Iktotch and started to travel the stars together as smugglers.

Military Training

Joining the Dark Brotherhood

Physical Description

Cade Tezo is a Iktochi with Human impacts from his mother's side. He mostly is a true copy of his father, sporting the typical long, forward curved horns, which every Iktochi has, a brown, sun-touched skin, yellow eyes and no hair. Except a dark brown circular shaved black beard and the dark brown thick eyebrows, he must have gained from his mothers' side. A small scar runs down from the middle of his right eye and his whole body features scars everywhere, as he often runs into danger without thinking. He carved strange looking patterns in his horns and polishes them daily, which is seen as a weird obsession by his allies. He is trained, especially in the shoulders, arms and back area where he is showing off his well trained muscles.