Blair Augusta Dearg

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Blair Augusta Dearg
Biographical Information

Concord Dawn

Date of Birth:


Physical Description





5ft 7in






Dark Brown

Personal Information

Bariss Dearg


Alfred Dearg




DC-15A blaster rifle

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood



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"I need to know the feeling of fighting for a cause that means something."
―Blair Augusta Dearg, to her father, Alfred Dearg

Blair Augusta Dearg is a Kiffar female of average height and weight currently serving in Clan Plagueis as a Captain. She hails from the world of Concord Dawn where she lived with her mother as well as her father as an only child. This was a source of frustration. for her parents who had so desperately wanted a son, yet after Blair was born they did their best to hide their feelings and failed to produce the son they wanted.

Character History

Early Life

Blair was born in the year that marked 6 years after the Battle of Yavin on the planet Concord Dawn,located in the system of the same name, to a pair of Kiffar who had spent several years on the planet after leaving Kiffu, though her parents were forced to stay away from Kiffu. Blair's father was previously a Stormtrooper in the years leading up to and shortly following the Battle of Yavin. Her mother was a cook who primarily sold to new arrivals to the planet, smugglers and traders usually needed feeding after long trips.

The lack of any siblings was a blessing for Blair, with no son to teach the traditions of the Kiffar warriors, her father decided his daughter would take on these lessons. Her private education took part on the weekends and combined the more usual traditions of home maintenance and cooking from her mother with the considerable fighting knowledge her father had obtained during his military service. This was done as to not interfere with her normal studies at the local school. Blair relished the chance to learn and this could be seen with her always top of the class or just below.

Beginnings of a Soldier

On her 18th birthday Blair's father gave her something very special, a DC-15 blaster rifle. Blair treasured the weapon and always carries it with her. It seemed to help Blair improve her aim, having a weapon to call her own.Hours would be spent refining her technique. Occasionally she took hunting trips to Kiffex to test her skills in a live combat situation.

For the next two years Blair was working for a local security firm, it was an excuse to carry her DC-15 all the time and helped maintain the peace. She had higher ambitions though, she wanted to see the galaxy as her father had. She begged and pleaded until he finally gave in. If she could find a legitimate fighting force willing to take her on she could leave. Using contacts she had made in the security business Blair tried desperately to find someone to take her on with little success. That was until she was assigned to provide security for a woman who had used a fake name to hire her. The pair had a fairly uneventful time together until the last day of the job. Blair saw something she thought had been lost with Vader and Sidious, the woman had a good understanding of the Dark Side. At the end of the day, before Blair could report back to her bosses the woman gave Blair a holocommunicator pre-set to the recruitment department of the Iron Legion.