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69 BBY

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Rise of the Empire

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Frosty Romanae Tarentae, 4017



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Character History


Bachatta's mother, Okumita, and father, Centuta, were afraid that their son would be born early because he was so actively moving around in his mother's belly. So, they rushed to get everything together in time.

But the days kept rolling by though and the closer they got to their due date, the more antsy they got. The entire family timed a visit to coordinate with the due date, but when it came time for them to leave, the baby, Bachatta, still had not arrived.

Although being in a nice warm pool of water, Okumita got sore, tired and very ready to meet the little boy who would be joining the family.

10 days after the due date the waters finally broke. There was a HUGE gush, followed by an extremely intense contraction. Okumita laid down in the pool and felt herself dilate the rest of the way and was overcame by an urge to push. Another contraction came, followed immediately by another and another - one long minute of contractions during which she couldn't have stopped pushing even if she had wanted to. BUT, after only one minute of pushing, a baby boy was born into a pool of warm water.

Teenage years

As a teenager I started my journey around the galaxy. It was hard to go away from my family, because we had the best link immaginable.

Since I was a little boy I was dreaming of doing this, and my dad moved stars and planets to make this possible for me. At very young age, with the savings of my dad, we bought an old ship and started to renovate it. Dad and I dedicated our live to this dream.

And after some years this dream came truth, the ship was ready and I could start my traveling. I explored several areas and planets. I traveled to many places, only to expand my knowledge and wisdom. But my family always stayed on my mind.

Adult Years

I was fulfilling my dream, traveling from planet to planet.

During my journey there were some struggles as expected. I bumped on some pirates, had some technical difficulties and worst of all, ended up in a meteor field. My ship, our ship, mine and my fathers, got wrecked. I gained permission from a carrier to board with my escape capsule and continued my journey with that crew.

After a year on board of the carrier, and several years after hearing anything from home, I received a message. The message came from a friend of my father and it brought me some awfull news. During the war an Imperial fleet opened cannonfire on my home-city, killing many of my species. The message staded that my father fought to survive as a real hero, but nothing could have been done to prevent my entire family to be killed.

Right after receiving this terrible news, the carrier landed on Antei. And somehow I got the feeling i needed to stay there and deal with my mourning.


A proud, disciplined and self-controlled Humanoid. A male with a muscular body, covered with small blue scales. On his head a knot of thick, long hair and on his chin a small, dark black goatee. Dressed in a sober cloak with a big round belt and wearing heavy-looking brown leather boots. On his right hand a leather glove.

While most of the Falleen species' skin-color is green, Bachatta's skin is blue. Due to the lost of his family and the inner pain he suffered from this, being very self-controlled on the outside, he altered his skin pigmentation.