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20 ABY

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In the beginning, a child was born. It's never a question of birth since being born is taken for granted. Without birth, there could be no child or so goes the the rationale. But is birth really the start of life? Life is the collecting of experiences. Thus, birth only truly happens when a child is able to remember experiences. Some children start remembering early, other children take a bit longer.

For Aventine, birth occurred exactly 3 years, 116 days from the emerging into the world, blood soaked and oblivious to the changes occurring. Aventine asserts, yet there is no record that validates, this claim of 3 years and 116 days; Aventine couldn't remember the days until this point. But what possible logic could be used to dispute this? It is a subjective claim. Still, take Aventine's assertion with a grain of salt.


The beginning was especially hard for Aventine. The coming months after birth gave rise to chaos, hunger, bitterness. Some blamed the government, others blamed the people. All of it was true. The fault rested with all. Every entity had an equal hand in creating it, whether deliberately, inadvertently, or ignorantly. The disputes that continued afterwards only made things worse.

There was a strong charge of bitterness in the air, threatening to explode at any moment. For young Aventine, the times were very difficult. The ignorant child would have felt the uncomfortableness in living during the times without understanding the perplexities. The perceptive child would have found the times to be excruciating. It was these times that would forge Aventine. But the forging had a different effect on the child. Instead of becoming hostile, Aventine was almost passive. Acceptance was not of the conditions, but of emotions that people radiate. That emotions stirred the flame within people; that to be a person meant having emotions.

The force flowed strangely through the child. It was distant, yet all encompassing in a strange relationship. In essence, the Force flowed through Aventine as water would a stream as oppose to a hydroelectric dam. There was no indication that the child was force-sensitive. No strange outbursts or acts of levitation were reported. But from a young age, the child stood out. The community knew that there was something special about this quiet, passive child.