Xel Jen'ari

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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Xel Jen'ari
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14 ABY

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5' 10


181 lbs





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22 ABY

The Two Suns

Xel Jen'ari born of Helion was around 8 years of age, when it all happened; When he seen his first death. Xel was not like most others on Helion who was fatherless or motherless. For he had both parents, and both parents loved each other with a passion that burned as bright as the two suns in the sky. Helion is a outer rim haven of beauty. For the most part untouched by the events in the other parts of the galaxy. Helion was not widely known in the Republic, or in the Galactic Empire. They still had there civil wars that raged and was on the brink of becoming a one world order. Unfortunately Helion was a split planet. There are two factions that wage against each other almost on a daily basis. Helion, was the winning faction. Known as Helionites which controlled the ancient capital of Heplon. On one side of the major city Heplon was populous and bustling with life and prosperity, and on the other side, the refugees of Thargs full of smugglers, drug dealers and criminals of all walks of life. There was wall that separated the two parts of the city with hired guards that patrol the towers. Anybody who is trying to cross over was shot on sight.

Xel's father and mother both worked in the palace. His father Zander Jen'ari was the leading military general for the Crowned King, King Tars Tarkus. His father served in the planets imperial army for over 25 years. Zander arose to his status of Grand General of Helion during the battle of Taken Valley. Growing up Xel remembered playing in the halls of the palace and with the vibroblades of the guards.

Xel's mother who also worked in the palace was the Chief Medical Official, also know as CMO. His mother Aria Jen'ari made sure that the doctors of the faction met quota. Unfortunalty Xel really didn't know exactly what his mother did.

It was early one summer morning when Xel's perception changed. He was 8 at the time and he was playing around with his friends in the courtyard in the inner palace. His father was talking with the King in regards on how to take out the a forward operating base of the Thargs. A new guard that was on the job, probably only 18 years of age was standing guard at a hallway door. His only purpose was to stand there like a living statue. Xel noticed that day the guard wasn't looking so good. The young Helionite took the guard some water for the guard to drink. Like his training commanded him the guard just stood there like a living statue. Xel just sat the water at his feet; turned around and just walked away. Grand General Jen'ari was walking with King Tarkus down the hallway when the same guard began to tilt more to one side. He was looking as if he was about to fall over. Today was his unlucky day. As the General and King walked by the guard collapsed, falling forward and knocking into the King, pushing the King into the General.

General Jen'ari with his high reaction on alert grabbed the King and spun him away from the guard so he wouldn't get hurt. The guard hit the ground sounding as if you dropped a bag full of bricks off of a three story building. General Jen'ari drew his vibroblade and placed it on the guards neck.

"What the hell do you think your doing soldier, do you know what you have done?!" The General condescendingly questioned. "Sir I don't know what happened, I do not know what I have done. Sir please forgive me, and you highness please forgive me it wont happen again I swear."

Grand General Jen'ari looked at the guard thinking of what he should do. Raising the vibroblade to add more pressure to the neck he stated, "Your right, Private, it will never happen again because you have failed me. You have failed your faction, therefore you are to die." With the last words the blade sliced through the neck, slowly and smooth. Blood came from the wound and a gurgling sound from the limp body.

Xel witnessed it all, and was frightened by it and enraged at the same time. He sprinted out of the hallway and past the multiple marble rooms. He sprinted down the stairs, out of the building, tears filling his eyes. He couldn't believe what he just seen. He was angry at his father. Xel got to the bottom of the stairs he tripped and rolled down the last remaining 9 stairs. Reaching the bottom he rolled over to his back and opened his eyes not knowing that it was mid day of a full bi-solar eclipse. Two Sons Solar Eclipse.jpg

Opening his eyes he stared straight into the suns. Strong pain burned into his eyes, the pain was unbearable. ......to be continued.