Adrian Agrippa

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Adrian Agrippa
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1.7 meters


Adrian Agrippa has a thick head of hair. It is of medium length and is a dark brown.


Ice blue.

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  • Sage Everlight *Bran Redmow
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Adrian Agrippa is a newer member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, still learning the ways of the Force and Dark Side. Being an only child, it had left him spoiled as a boy. Life has taken him down many paths, from being a student in a merchant school, to being a hired hand amongst some of the worst environment for a child. A vision had come to him which convinced him to find the means of honing his talents, he stumbled upon the Dark Brotherhood. He has been training there for a short duration of time, but has managed to stay on his feet.

As a teenager, Adrian has never had it easy because of the new world the surrounded him. Dirty mercenaries, pirates, and laborers alike. With this environment he was able to learn the basic skills of survival and which has allowed him to stay alive to this day. Learning an array of half-ass techniques from random co-workers and even the few professionals in a martial art he had met had taught him the basics of their art. Now, as an adult, we find Adrian to be a more controlled with his studies and he has found it to be useful to hit the books at the Shadow Academy.

Character History

Early life

Early life on Abregado-rae was tough on Adrian. His family was only capable of producing one child, which had left him alone in a demanding world. The families social class was a very low one, barely capable of keeping food on the table. Neither on of his parents had gone to school and they were determined to change that trend with Adrian. Whenever money was earned, they would always save a percent of it to keep for his schooling. Adrian’s father, Ourrin Agrippa, worked many laboring jobs. While his mother, Meursa, worked at a local cantina as a waitress.

After eleven years of dedication and hard work, Adrian’s parents had finally come up with enough money to send him to a merchant school. They figured since Abregado-rae was a higher economy world Adrian would have a better chance of making it. Adrian, however, was not fond of the idea. He had seen his parents labor all his life he figured why would he get to be pampered? Many times his parents were called in by the school telling them about their son’s, “lack of interest,” and “disruptive personality.” they also had many times told Adrian about how they worked for him, so he may have a better life than they did. He refused to believe that he deserved such a life.

Eventually, the school was fed up and kicked Adrian to the curb. His parents, however, still saw him as a promising boy that could do no wrong. They figured he was just mislead and that it was the schools fault for not giving him a way that would better suit him. So, they did what they sought out to do and put him in another school. A cheaper one. A school that didn’t see him as a lower individual. This did not work to their benefit either. It had only enraged the boy.

He stayed with that school until he was fifteen and decided that it was not for him. One day, he walked out of class, into the deeper regions of the city, and found himself in the downtown area. Here, Adrian sold his laboring skills to anyone that would take him. This allowed him to meet many people who happened to knew a thing or two about anything and everything. This allowed him his basic knowledge of survival skills he knows today. Adrian had made friends, made enemies, and even made some money. He was earning about a weeks worth of food and shelter every two weeks.

One day, Adrian had taken a job with one of his typical co-workers, Hayowin Yeo Faun. The job was to go to an unknown planet, in an unknown system, and purge the landing area of any plant life and obstacles that may affect the building of a new colony. Adrian took this job as easy money. The employers, who are unknown to Adrian, supplied him, Hayowin, and the rest of the hired hand with a craft that would take them there and equipment for clearing the area.

The planet had been investigated by the employers before, so the air was breathable and was considered to be a safe are to build a colony. The crew arrived on the planet, which consisted of dense jungle and thick fog. When they had arrived, they got to work right away. Chopping down every tree, blowing up every boulder, and even leveling areas that would cause problems for construction. In the middle of chopping down something had caught Adrian’s eye.

What had grabbed his attention was a dark figure that lurked in the shadows of the trees. Adrian’s instincts told him to run, but he could not stop himself from pushing further into the jungle. Following the figure. As he ventured deeper, the trees became thick, the air came thick, and damp. He had soon reached an clearing amongst the trees. There was a small pond in this clearing. It’s water was a deep purple-blue color and it ran into an opening of a cave. At the sight of this cave, Adrian’s thoughts began to scramble, and intense pains ran up and down his spine.

As he was pining on the ground from the confusion, Adrian was swiftly raised up into the air by the throat. The figure had emerged from the cave and darkness seemed to have followed it where it was. It spoke in a language Adrian could not understand. Until finally, clear words oozed from its lips.

“A being of weakness is what you’ve been made. Slowly you shall begin to fade. A pitiful excuse of flesh you are. And your power still holds it’s scar. A waste of meat you are to be. Unless you listen to me. Beyond your mind lies a door. It’s leads to a place you’ve never been before. If you do not take hold of this power. Then forever you shall cower.”

After the monologue was finished, Adrian’s pain subsided and he was lowered to the ground. He had lost consciousness before he could confront the figure further. When he awoke, Adrian ran back to the encampment of the crew, only to find the whole crew slaughtered. Fortunately for Adrian, the ship was still intact, which he took back to a civilized planet, and his quest for power echoed in his mind.

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Adrian Agrippa dislikes laziness.