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Adien Sythrus Kolar
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

30 BBY

Physical Description







191 lbs.




Deep Blue

Personal Information

House Odan-Urr; Disciples of Odan Urr; Harakoans

Lightsaber Color(s):

Light Blue

Lightsaber Form(s):

Makashi, Soresu

Chronology & Political Information

Jedi; Disciple of Odan-Urr


House Odan-Urr

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Adien Sythrus Kolar was born in 30 BBY on Coruscant where he was found and conscipted into the Jedi Order. At the age of thirteen, Adien was selected to become the Padawan of Jedi Consular Toaluth Korrantas. After Knighthood, Adien participated in the Clone Wars, fighting on Dantooine. He avoided death in Order 66, be going scouting for enemy forces. He had nearly returned when he witnessed the brutal murders of his Jedi comrades, and fled to Ando Prime and joined the Bantu monks. Several years later, Adien fled Ando Prime after hearing rumors of Darth Vader's presence on the planet. He found New Tython, and is now a Disciple of Odan-Urr, and helps to maintain the new house that was established.


Adien was born to a middle class Coruscanti Epicanthix family. A Jedi who happened to be passing though the area noticed the youngsters Force potential, and requested that he be brought to the temple for training. Adien was only three at the time he left his parents and joined the Jedi Order.

In the temple, Adien's strength began to foster through his training. He was an exceptional student, earning the praise of many of the high masters including Mace Windu. He particularly enjoyed studying the archives, asking questions about the Force and its nature. Master Jocasta Nu, the archivist of the Coruscant Archives, was often engaged by the young Adien on his quest to learn as much as he could of the Force and those who wielded it. On several occasions, Adien spoke with Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom he believed to be quite knowledgeable on the Force.

Adien continued to grow stronger in the Force as his thirteenth birthday approached. Like many young apprentices of the Order, Adien knew that if he wanted to be a full Jedi, he had to be recognized by a master. This proved difficult for Adien, who tended to shy away from most of his elders. However, one Jedi Master seemed to take a particular interest in him and watched him closely in the months leading up to his birthday.

Master Toaluth Korrantas, a Jedi Consular, discovered the young Adien in the archives while doing a search of his own. Intrigued by the young Jedi's passion for knowledge, he monitored the young man's studies, keeping close tabs on his mastery of the Force. When Adien's performance showed him to be extremely capable, Toaluth took him before the Council and requested him to be his Padawan. The Council agreed.

Padawanship and Knighthood

Adien proved a more capable Padawan than he was as an apprentice. Master Korrantas constantly praised the young man for his dedication to the study of the Force. Korrantas constantly designed new tests for his Padawan, and he was constantly surprised at how well the young man performed.

Adien's Padawanship did not last long. As the Clone Wars progressed, the Jedi Order saw the need for more and more Jedi Knights to send to the far reaches of the galaxy to combat the growing CIS threat. Adien, already advancing rapidly, was one of the first Clone War Padawans to be Knighted. His ceremony was brief, allowing him to quickly prepare in order to take part in the battle on Dantooine, the planet he would be on till Order 66 was called.

Adien was used mainly as a scout, to find enemy forces and relay their positions and strength to the Senior Jedi Commander and the Clone Army Commander. He performed his role admirably, his ability to navigate Dantooine's endless plains praised by the Senior Jedi. It was partly due to Adien's work that the Clones defeated the Separatist threat on the planet.

The victory was too brief, however, as the clones turned traitorous. Adien, out on one of his scouting runs, was fortunate not to be in camp when the order was called. The Clones slaughtered the Jedi Commander and the other supporting Knights, and Adien was shocked when he saw the event from a distance. After waiting until nightfall, Adien stealthily mounted into his ship and left the planet.

The Jedi Monk

Not much is known about the middle part of Adien's life, as it was not chronicled. It is known that Adien fled to Ando Prime after Order 66, where he joined a group of Bendu Monks. He remained with the monks for a period of around 5 years, until Darth Vader was sighted on the planet. Adien fled again, this time landing on New Tython.

Adien stayed one the planet for several years before finding the Disciples of Odan-Urr. He joined quickly, rejoicing at finding more Jedi still alive. He is one of the Original Disciples, before the House opened.


Adien is slightly short for an Epicanthix, and his build is slighter than normal. This aids him in allowing him to conceal his identity as a human, and he is easily adaptable for any situation. Adien has a talent for changing his accent, which allowed him to easily escape capture by bounty hunters on several occasions.

Adien generally wears an orange and black Monk robe instead of Jedi robes, though when he is away from New Tython he prefers to wear a green field jacket, and rugged clothes much in the style of Han Solo. He carries both his original lightsaber and a concealed lightsaber of the same color for field use.

Adien is generally conservative in both speech and action, allowing himself time to think and analyze all the data available before making a rash decision. He angers slowly, yet is occasionally temperamental and hot-headed. For the most part, Adien is easy going and calm.

Adien is an adept at the Makashi lightsaber form, following Count Dooku's example for excellent swordsmanship. However, his has also acquired skill in the Soresu form, giving himself an edge in most battles. His Jedi saber is modeled much on the style of Dooku's, with a curved, duelists hilt. His concealed lightsaber is more plain, being not much more than a silver tube with a grip around the center.

Adien is more consular-like than Guardian in the fact that he prefers negotiation to combat. However, he tends to use his lightsaber more than the Force in his battles, limiting his use to bursts of speed and augmenting his abilities.


Adien's last name is based on another Jedi's, Agen Kolar, who was killed by Darth Sidious during Mace Windu's attempted arrest of the Sith Lord.

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