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Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa

Date of Death:

26 ABY (age 29)

Physical Description





1 meter 80


47 kg





Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information

Current Era


The Syndicate, Ganglord, Eludajae "Lynx" M'Nar

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"Real power does not come out of a blaster or from a blades edge. Real power comes from within."

Abysmal is a Ganglord and Syndicate Boss living somewhere on Nar Shaddaa


Life on Nar Shadda

Abysmal was born, Alexander Corino, the son of a spacer who relocated to Nar Shaddaa for obvious reasons he was a pirate. Abysmal spent half his life aboard starships and the other half on Nar Shaddaa in the crime syndicates halls of underworld power. He is the product of Vice and larceny giving birth to a child. No one knows who his mother was; some say a slave girl owned by his father no one is really talking.

For the first part of his life he was left in the care of several females on Nar Shaddaa by his father when he reached age 10 he was taken aboard the Black Wraith his father ship and taught to be a pilot and how to fight. By age twelve Alexander Corino had taken the alias of Abysmal. He had by then raided over twenty ships and killed at least two men in battle.

The Pride of his Pirate fathers cold eyes.

The Death of His Father

Around 12 ABY Abysmal's father was executed by rival Syndicate members, they boarded the Black Wraith with the cover of negotiating a truce with him. For the better of all involved but they immediately attacked when the got within ten feet of Abysmal's father killing him instantly the fight that ensued nearly destroyed the ship and almost killed everyone involved. It was almost a classic ending to a life of violence for Abysmal being wounded near mortally by a blaster shot. He and one other crew member survived for several days attempting to treat the other with medkits but both resigned after three days as the power of the ship waned that they would die and the Black Wraith would become a ghost ship.

A Salvager came along and found the two lucky for both they were not simply spaced so the salvagers could claim the ship as theirs. They killed the adult survivor and simply landed Abysmal now 17 years old on Nar Shaddaa and told him good luck. For months Abysmal was unable to do much but recover from his wounds the street docs of Nar Shadda were not the best doctors in the galaxy and for good reason most of them were quacks.

Some how Abysmal survived to his 18th birthday and became a member of the Red Haze, a violent street gang within his sector of Nar Shaddaa. Violence was not a stranger to Abysmal but the chaotic leadership of the street gangs in his area was not to his liking. Pirates were a vicious lot, but crewing a ship meant working together and under a chain of command to get things done. To him the street gangs were not only chaos in motion they were disorganized rabble.

When Draven the leader of the Red Haze was killed in a simple break and entering crime, the "Vice Leader" of the gang stepped up to become leader, Abysmal walked up to him as this was happening and shot him dead, looked around and said, "Anyone else?" Abysmal was officially Warlord of the Red Haze from that moment on. The Red Haze becomes more and more powerful within the Red Sector of Nar Shaddaa. As they either eliminated or absorbed more and more gangs the remaining gangs for fear of them allied and started making their own "over gangs" simply out of self preservation.

Abysmal saw an opportunity and took it.

The Gang lord the creation of the Enclave

Early in 14 ABY Eludajae "Lynx" M'Nar and Abysmal met; she was a new extremely violent member of his gang and would become his girl friend and eventually estranged lover. He was in the process of creating what would become one of the most powerful street gangs in the history of Nar Shaddo especially in the notoriously chaotic Red Sector. Shortly after their meeting in 17 ABY Abysmal convinced the leaders of the other two gangs to come together under him so they could control the streets of Red Sector completely. Thus the Enclave was created.

The Enclave had absolute control of every aspect of Red Sectors resident’s lives, through extortion; threat of violence, and protection rackets the Enclave controlled everything. So much so the Hutts and the Syndicate had to make an uneasy alliance with this new Gang lord. Both the Hutts and the Syndicate sent assassins, even small armies into the red sector, only to have them wiped out. It became plain to them, the residents of Red Sector saw the Enclave as the lesser evil, and the reputation of the Hutts and Syndicate only reinforced the sectors loyalties to the Enclave. Soon the traditional rulers of Nar Shaddaa were out in the cold in the sector. This would have been fine except; the Red Sector housed the one resource needed by both the Syndicate and Hutts, unregistered landing pads. Most of the smugglers that did business with them landed somewhere in the sector.

The Syndicate Boss

Around 20 ABY The Syndicate Boss on Nar Shaddaa was eliminated through a series of events that left a vacuum of power in the area. The Syndicate's underbosses were too hateful of the other to agree on which one was to take over. The Syndicate Civil War on Nar Shaddaa was extremely costly to everyone involved and many not.

The Syndicate leaders sent in assassins and killed off the underbosses and placed their captains in charge of the various syndicate operations, but none of them could command the respect needed to be Syndicate boss. In a strange twist of events Abysmal received a coded message from the Syndicate leadership, an offer that happens only once in many life times. He was offered to be Nar Shaddaa Syndicate Boss.

Abysmal since that date has remained Syndicate Boss of Nar Shaddaa and rules his empire of vice with a vicious hand.


Highly Organized

Physically Strong

Near unlimited resources

Para-military unit commander


  • Fiery Temper
  • Over Confident
  • In constant pain
  • Drug Addiction