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Elder 2 (Master/Moff) or EL2, is the fourteenth rank in the The Brotherhood, which is awarded after demonstrating above and beyond performance in the first Elder rank. It is the second rank in the Elder class, the second step down the path to Grand Master.

Promotion requirements

Promotion past this rank is determined by the Grand Master, his Deputy or the Justicar when a promotion is warranted based on performance and activity. Upon promotion from this tier of Elder, you will reach the final of the Elder class ranks: Prophet, Grand General or Legend. This difference depends upon your chosen Order.

Order ranks


  • Double bladed lightsabers were only available at this rank until the policy change instituted by Kaine Mandaala.
  • Under the reign of Muz Ashen Dark Jedi Master's were granted the ability to choose a Legacy Title, which was dropped down to Elder 1 status in 34 ABY under the reign of Darth Pravus.
  • The historical ranks for the then existing two Jedi paths were Dark Jedi Master for Dark-side Orders and Jedi Oracle for the light-side Orders.
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