Damaper Sunhunter

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Damaper Sunhunter
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

19 ABY

Physical Description





4.03 ft


125 lbs


Long, Black



Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Form 0

Chronology & Political Information


Known masters:

Alara Deathbane

Known apprentices:




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Damaper Sunhunter is a Dark jedi in Scholae Palatinae, House Excidium. He currently lives in Ohmen, and studies at the Shadow Academy under Alara Deathbane's training. He started training with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in 34 ABY.

Character History

Early Life

Earlier on when he was 10, he found he had a strong connection with the Force. His mother and father, Enery Phasedasher and Tredeu Sunhunter, were proud of him, maybe too proud. His parents thought it would be a good idea to send him to the Jedi Academy. Damaper was upset about it, as he didn’t want to be separated from his parents so early, but his mother said he would be just fine and they would visit him every day. Sadly, after a few weeks, they stopped visiting. This made Damaper sorrowful, getting worse as each day passed. He eventually stopped going to training sessions, which made the Jedi Council concerned. They sent Jedi after Jedi to see if they could connect and get him to keep training. They all failed however. The Jedi Council eventually sent Damaper back home, as they didn’t have room for those that wouldn’t train, or even leave their room. After getting home he realized that his parents had been evicted. No notes were left behind.Damaper was officially alone. He wandered the village hoping someone would take him in. After realizing no one was going to he left the village and wandered the planet, alone.

Being Found

After 5 years of wandering the planet and stealing food and clean water. He had come across a ship; it looked like it was in a battle and shot down. He went in and looked around for any supplies that were still intact and usable. When he walked out with the supplies in a worn bag he was a dark figure standing in front of him. The figure looked down asking him a few questions, such as if he was okay and where his parents where, their voice sounded feminine. Damaper answered with sadness as he looked away from her. The woman looked down at him, realizing he was all alone. She offered him a home in the Clan Scholae Palatinae, Damaper accepted the offer. He hoped he would make a new family among the brotherhood. He now serves the woman, known as Alara Deathbane, as her apprentice.

Finding Troy

Troy the Lynx

Damaper was on Ohmen, wondering the area when he heard a strange noise. Being the curious boy he was he headed towards the noise. That was when he found a small creature, with feline features. Damaper walked towards it, it was very very small, meaning it was most likely just a baby. The feline saw him and backed up scared. He looked around and didnt see any signs of its parents. Damaper lowered himself to the ground, trying not to scare the poor creature too much. The feline slowly crawled up to Damaper, its back right leg dragging. Damaper realized the creature's leg was broken. When the creature was close enough Damaper picked them up carefully, calming the feline the best he could. The feline purred in his arms, showing its affection towards Damaper. Smiling he brought the creature to the nearest vet clinic. After the vet took care of the feline they brought them back out. They told Damaper that they were a Lynx, very rare to find. Damaper said that he would take care of the creature to the best of his abilities. Damaper realized that the two had more in common, then most would think. He then decided to name the feline Troy, and the feline accepted the name with a few licks to his face.