Aiden Lee Deshra

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Aiden Lee Deshra
Biographical Information

Mandalore, Esperion

Physical Description





1.8288 M


76.0025 KG


Medium-Long Black hair pulled back into a ponytail, with a silver streak


Bright Blue eyes

Personal Information

Birth Mother Unknown. Adoptive Mother Bhira Deshra/ Deceased


Birth Father Unknown. Adoptive Father Zeigg Deshra/ Deceased


Clan Arcona Zujenia


Unknown Mandalorians who killed his Family

Lightsaber Color(s):

Midnight's Calling(Silver Blade Lightsaber), Twilight's Return(Amethyst Blade Shoto Saber)

Lightsaber Form(s):

Makashi, Jar'Kai


A pair of Durasteel Beskad Blades, a Bes’bev Mandalorian Flute, Hidden Wrist Blade.

Fighting Style(s):

Shadow Step

Chronology & Political Information

Balance Adherent, Force-User Hunter

Known masters:

Aiden Dru

Known apprentices:

Rosalyn May, Harko Kreetai


dossier: 14294

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Aiden Lee Deshra is a Gray Jedi Knight of Clan Arcona He is peaceful by nature, which at times causes inner turmoil with his duties as a Brotherhood member. Aiden is struggling with his Clan Loyalty and his place as a Balance Adherent due to the betrayal of his previous Clan.

Character History

Aiden Lee joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in 33 ABY, where he was placed in Clan Taldryan under the instruction of Aiden Dru. Through hard work, Aiden rose through the ranks with force.

In 34 ABY Aiden took over the position Aedile of House Dinaari from the previous holder, Nero Inferni.

Soon after Aiden joined the Inquisitorious as an assissin, where he was heavily trained to hunk down and kill or capture the Jedi of Odan Urr. This was a ruse, however, as Aiden was wrking as a double agent for his Clan, until the attack on Karufr.

Early Life


Found abandoned on the planet Espirion as an infant in 15 ABY, Aiden was taken in by the Mandalorian Zeigg Deshra, and his wife Bhira. Nothing but he name Aiden Lee was found with him, so the two Mandalorians raised him in secret. At the age of five, it was discovered that Aiden had a strong connection to the Force. Fearing for the life of their child, Zeigg and Bhira left Mandalore, deserting their posts, and trained their son to defend himself back on Esperion.

Holding no love for Jedi, or Sith, but acknowledging the powers of the Force, Zeigg and Bhira taught their son that the Force was not divided into Dark and Light but held a balance of both aspects. This cemented into his heart, and head his belief in the “Balance”.


In 28 ABY, the Mandalorians discovered the location of the deserters and sent a strike force to take care of their loose ends. After an egregious assault, Zeigg and Bhira fell in combat, but not before transporting their son away. For the next several years Aiden snuck around, training his mind and body, until the day he could find who he really was, and take revenge on the ones who destroyed his family.

Late Teens

Discovered by the Brotherhood in 33ABY, Aiden joined their ranks and has been studying and training with them ever since.

Clan Taldryan

While in Taldryan, Aiden's power with both the Light and Dark side of the Force grew, and he became well known for his early mastery of the Force when using Telekinesis, and Mind Trick. His skills in Makashi made him a formidable foe when engaged in a lightsaber duel. His superiors took notice of his growing skill and offered him the position of Aedile for Taldryan's House Dinaari, where he studied under Omega Kira for some time.

The leadership of Taldryan requested that Aiden infiltrate the Inquisitorious as a double agent for them, as a way to spy on the DC and make sure Taldryan was safe from the growing tyranny of Darth Pravus, the Grand Master. Aiden took to this appointment like a fish to water and found himself immersed further into the darkness and power that the INQ offered him. A latent talent for Force Suppression was discovered, and his more subdued skills in Sense and Precognition flourished. He almost lost himself to the lust for conflict, before bringing himself back into "Balance."

Aiden discovered plans by the Justicar, Jac, to attack and destroy Karufr and all who resided there, namely Clan Taldryan. He managed to get a warning to his Clan before the attack, but as he sent it, he was attacked by four members of the INQ. Aiden fought hard, but the battle took a deep price. He lost his arm, and nearly died from the injuries he sustained. He may have killed his attackers, but he didn't consider it a victory. Aiden managed to get himself into an escape pod and blasted himself to safety.

Clan Arcona, and the Balance

In his pod, Aiden received a Vision from the Force embodiment of the Balance. It reassured him that he was on the correct path and that though it would be difficult, he needed to keep himself within the Balance. The pod was found by Zujenia of Clan Arcona, and Aiden was rescued and healed by Attiryu before her untimely death. Now Aiden strives to keep himself in check while dealing with what he deems as the betrayal of his old Clan, as they never searched for him, even though he sent out the warning that may been their salvation. He continues to work as an assassin for his new Clan, and hone his newfound skills.

Physical Description

Aiden stands tall with a lean, toned body that appears weaker than it really is. His face is narrow and soft with high cheekbones. He has medium length black hair that he pulls into a ponytail except for one stray tendril that curls alongside his left jawline. Streaks of silver can be seen throughout the locks. His eyes are a brilliant blue-green that glow almost with luminescence, and there is a scar just beneath his left eye that looks as if it as carved from a very sharp claw. He also has a severe burn mark on his abdomen which he recieved when he was stabbed by a lightsaber.

Aiden has a few tattoos over his body. As a proud high ranking member of the Inquisitorious, he has a large sigil tattoo on his back. His right pec is tattoo'd with the Mandalorian Sigil, and his right arm is sleeved with tribal sigils.

His left arm has been replaced with a cybernetic limb, decorated with horizontal metallic plates that have been shined and sheened to a brilliant silver gloss. Emblazoned on his cybernetic limbs shoulder is the sigil for The Balance.


After being rescued by Arcona, Aiden took some time to journey and find his Balance again. part of that journey was for him to create new lightsabers. Using metals from his family's old armor and weaponry, Aiden crafted his new lightsabers, which he calls "Midnight's Calling" and "Twilight's Return."