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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Kel Dor




1.82 meters


83 kilograms


black with silver irises

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Character History

Infancy to Youth

An orphan that the Barab Do Sages acquired. Rumors say that the Barab Do Sages killed Kolm Hik's parents because of his affinity with the force. With their numbers quickly dwindling due to the jedi taking almost all the force sensitive Kel Dors, this only gave more weight to the stories. He wasn't taught about good and evil, he was taught about right and wrong. Having no family ties he remained focused quickly exceeding expectations that were stacked upon him from his masters. Through all his training he never felt that he belonged. Questions led to answers, which would trigger new enigmas. He spent many hours in the archives looking for something that kept eluding his grasp. He would speak to his masters trying to wrech free the knowledge he needed. When he exhausted one master he quickly went to another. His eagerness gnawed at his very core consuming his interest of all else. Life seemed to lose its taste, he felt numb to the world around him. Kolm left the Sages shortly afterward in search of the answers he desired.

Youth to Teen

On this journey he found himself in the middle of what was thought to be an unoccupied area and there stood a human. This human was an apprentice named Tibious. After a short unevened match Kolm was knocked out. The Master emerged from a hut. He was disappointed because he knew that Kolm was the apprentice he needed and not Tibious. In the end he decided to train both of them in the ways of the dark side. Kolm floated in and out of conscience for days. When he awoke the final time Master begun his training. One thing that surprised Kolm was that every time he asked Master a question he never replied with a riddle. Every answer was simple, honest, and made since. This only enhanced his resolve to learn. One lesson stuck out the most to Kolm, "Peace is a Lie, there is only Passion. Through Passion, I gain Strength. Through Strength, I gain Power. Through Power, I gain Victory. Through Victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.". He grew to love this lesson because every part of it made complete since to him. As some time went on he quickly reached the level of Tibious. One day during their hand to hand training Master was teaching them the effectiveness of throws. While they were supposed to be sparing Tibious took full advantage of Kolm. Catching him off guard and throwing him over his shoulder cracking his femur bone. While Kolm was on the ground grabbing his leg, Tibious decided to end him right there. Moving closer to the injured Kolm he raised his foot high to crush Kolm's skull. At that instant Kolm used his hand in a slicing motion to snap Tibious' ankle. Once broken his full weight colapsed onto the bone. With both students lying on the floor, Master smiled with satisfaction knowing even though Kolm was in emence pain he still had the survival instinct to take down his opponent. Only given two weeks to heal they were both ushered back into training. Neither fully healed, but they continued.

Teen to Man

As time passed and they had graduated to training sabers. They wouldn't kill but were able to leave bruises and sometimes draw blood. They went through the motions and techniques. Weeks were exhausted in the many hours learning, sparing, learning again and sparing again. One such of these days Tibious came to Kolm smiling. He revealed to Kolm that he killed their master "You lie" are the only words he could muster. With the smile widening on his face Tibious relayed the events that led to him acquiring their master's lightsaber. Brandishing both weapons one training and the other lethal with just a touch. Kolm knew this was no jest. The Master had so much knowledge to teach, now gone. As he felt the growing rage, he quickly recalled the sith code he loved so much. He could feel his muscles begin to swell, the air around him began to crackle with the force fighting to be released. Releasing all of his rage he pounced onto Tibious. His anger flaring again to maximum. Kolm was emerced into the force. His advisary was begging him to wait. Hearing this Kolm paused. Tibious cried explaining he didn't want to die, but when he saw that those words made Kolm pause even further he took his master's sword and tried to cut off Kolm's right arm. At the last possible second Kolm moved his arm but it was to late the saber had carved a "S" in his forarm. Kolm quickly disarmed the human, picked up his master's saber, ignited it while retorting "Then blame your mother when you see her." Then literally cut him down the center exposing guts and bone for a second before they were carterized. On that very day Kolm Hik had died and what had took his place was Scorn. He collected what little belongings he had from the hut he took one last look to the only place he almost called home. Then began his journey in search of another master to complete his training. 'The Force shall free me.' Months had passed and he learned of a place called the Dark Brotherhood. He knew the force had guided him here to complete his training. He knew here he was home.......

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