Metalla fabrica

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" A self working droid factory left unattended now that's a good plan "
―Hilgrif of the hive
Metalla fabrica
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Scans of the base

This CIS-designed base was created for the purpose of manufacturing droids. It has, since the end of the Clone Wars, fallen into disrepair. Pieces of metal originally purposed for droids have now been used as roofing and wall material. long distance scans there seem to be some remaining towers with J-1 Proton Cannon and a active loading crew of b1 battle droids . Some of the other towers around the base have DSD1 dwarf spider droid in other towers of the base. the base has a mine to the east of it. The base has, despite the clear signs of neglect, seen signs of usage as more recently create droids have been spotted around the factory. They remain on stand by, but appear to be able to be reactivated at a moment's notice. . The base looks like it keeps a set amount of active droids on stand by that include 1 Battalion of b1 battle droids, 1 company of b2 super battle droids, 2 squads of droidekas,1 squad of sniper droidekas and untold number of inactive droids as the scans can not read the power signature after they turn them off from there testing of the new droids. the central roof looks like it might contain a missile turret that shoots Pistoeka sabotage droid buzz droids at enemy fighters. Final scanners have noted the presence of an old shield generator, but field reports have suggested against the possibility of it working in good operation due to advanced age of the model used.The base is most likely ran by a super tactical droid who is the overseer of Metalla fabrica.

Scans of the mine

Large network of tunnels in the mines make it easy to get lost in the red dark tunnles. the mine looks like it has some Autonomic crust-piercer droids and PK-series worker droid moving ore to the factory using hoversled the scans have shown the droids do not keep good maintenance of the mine as some parts of the mine have collapse on themselves,

Scans Around the Base/Scans of Surrounding Area

Around the base looks like mostly flat ground covered in large dark red rocks and light green sand for like for 200km around it but on the east side of the base is a small barren dark red mountain with the entrance of the mine in it scans have pick up some burrowed droids in the green sand in low power mode so unable to pinpoint them from what we can tell they are randomly scatter this way out of sight and looks like most of the local pirates and raiders avoided coming near this base