Fabio Zanloni

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She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid.
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Fabio Zanloni
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Personal Information
Lightsaber Form(s):

Ataru, Juyo

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Rogue Jedi


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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“I am Fabio, Fabio Zanloni. Fabio like Fabulous.”

Fabio is a fierce Mandalorian Warrior. At the very young age of six years his family was killed by a group of Jedi and he swore revenge. Very quickly he discovered his force powers and sought for tutelage and guidance at the Jedi Academy of Luke Skywalker. Due to his unbound rage and inability to maintain control over his feelings, he was banished. Soon he found his home in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood where he made a lot of friends.

When Fabio was in the Shadow Academy, he was fought over by the envoys from many of the Seven Clans which existed at the time, with every unit of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood desperate to enlist him. In the end, it was Fabio who made the decision, going Rogue because he believed that there was no Clan that deserved his exclusive services. Fabio instead did what Fabio does best and agreed to lend his strength to all the Clans of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.


Fabio Zanloni

Fabio is well known for his formidable looks and personal intensity, and is also known to be fond of mental stimulation. He has sometimes been praised for his lion-like aspects. He has shoulder-long blonde hair. His skin is of a bronze tanned tone, showing his love to do workouts or other athletic activities outside. His eyes are seas of a bright blue colour, getting women drown willingly in them. Both women and men have often commented how out of breath Fabio makes them feel when they train with him. His male attributes are often not unnoticed. Very often women would comment about his relentless stamina. Wherever he appears there may be women sighing softly - and sometimes men too.

Fabio is the typical example of: “You don’t get older, you get more interesting.”


“im the coolest guy ever”

Fabio is a communicative, athletic and on top magnetic man. He is a thinker and communicator whose words and ideas inspire others to take action. He has a reputation for being changeable and flirtatious. He enjoys speed and and is often impatient. In matters of love he is usually one to make the first step.


“You look Fabio!”

He enjoys physical activities, especially those that give him the opportunity to show off in person the abilities which have won him countless admirers. He loves speeder bikes, and is always a fan of any activities that are fast and hard. Besides those his next favorite hobby are women. Lately he also started a career as author. Despite much laughter from male rivals, Fabio’s books rushed off the shelves, with his first selling out in the first morning after its release. At his second book launch, extra security were needed to control the army of female readers that came hoping for a personal autograph.

Famous books so far:

  • Pirate of Space
  • Mysterious and Wild
  • Mandalorian Love
  • Fit as Fabio

His most recent book published this year is:

  • Hot and steaming - a cooking Guide by Fabio

Armour and weapons

“Are you a Dark Jedi?” - “Meet me after Dark, and I will show you, Babe.”

He wears a customized breastplate made of translucent metal. Despite better materials suited for combat, he prefers to show off his broad muscular chest. His lower body is heavily secured by strong armour made of the best materials available to him. Occasionally he also wears the typical Mandalorian jetpack.

His chosen weapons are usually a Dlarit NR3 Submachine gun and a Dlarit NR2 Combat Pistol and his charming appearance. Still having been trained as a Dark Jedi he also uses lightsabers with blue crystals. His prefered Lightsaber Form is Ataru - next to Juyo; he is especially proficient in the latter of the two, drawing strength from the inexhaustible reserves of his raw male energy.

As casual clothes he prefers tight black pants and a muscle shirt. Though often he prefers to abandon the shirt, showing off his muscular bronze tanned chest.


Recently a rumour has been spreading - a rumour about a marriage proposal by Fabio to an unknown woman. It has been reported that Fabio had offered the woman a huge ring with the biggest diamond ever, but the woman started to sob, crying out: "No Fabio. You.. are a man that should never be married to a woman! It would be a too great loss! As much as I would love to marry you, but I cannot destroy the lives of so many women! You must stay the way you are,... because you are too much for just one single woman alone!"

Fabio was saddened by this, but he agreed - his love is too big for just one woman.

Love and Romance

Fabio is the most romantic male in the Universe. His words melt the hearts of women. He is basically the dream of every woman. His eyes seem to read every wish from her lips and he knows how to fullfill them.

DJB Fun Facts

  • It is said that even Sildrin Sadow may have a picture of him hidden in her locker.
  • This Wiki page has probably the highest "eye rolling"-factor in the DJB
  • Fabio Zanloni is a mixture of James Bond, Fabio Lanzoni and the generic Mandalorian warrior.