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Wiki links

Linking DJBWiki articles together is very important. These easily-created links allow users to access information related to the article they're reading and greatly add to DJBWiki's utility.

When to link

The easiest way to learn when to link is to look at DJBWiki articles for examples. If you're trying to decide whether to make a link or not, ask yourself "If I were reading this article, would the link be useful to me?"

How to link

When you want to make a link to another DJBWiki page (called a wiki link) you have to put it in double square brackets, like this:

[[Dark Brotherhood]]
If you want the display text of the link to have a different title, you can do so by adding the pipe "|" divider (SHIFT + BACKSLASH on English-layout and other keyboards) followed by the alternative name. For example:
[[Astronicus Aurelius Sadow|Tron]]
Please check your links to ensure they point to the correct article. For example, Tarentum points to the article about the clan in general, while Tarentum Prospectus is the title of the article containing in-depth information about the clan's government and military.

There are also disambiguation pages; these are not articles, but pages which contain links to articles with similar titles.


You can also put the article in a category with others in a related topic. Just type [[Category:]], and put the name of the category between the colon and the brackets.

To make a link to a Category page (for example, as a reference for further research), simply put a colon (:) at the beginning of the "Category" tag, like this:


The above code would produce the following:


It is very important to put articles in the correct categories so that other people can easily find your work. The best way to find which categories to put in is to look at pages on similar subjects, and check which categories they use. For example if you write an article about a star ship, you may look at an article on another type of star ship to see which categories could be appropriate.