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Mid Rim Territories


Varton system



Rotation period:

13 hours

Orbital period:

547 standard days


Type-I (Breathable)


10 G standard

Primary Terrain:


Native species:
  • Humans
  • Various Species
Primary language(s):
  • Galactic Basic
  • Various languages
  • 10,000 Guard and Support Crew
  • 400,000 prisoners

Severian Principate

Notable locations:

Tenixir Supermax Prison


Severian Principate (Colonized)

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Tenixir the single planet orbiting the sun Varton. The result of all the rocky mass in orbit of the sun converging together, Tenixir is a massive super dense plant. While having a breathable atmosphere, its high gravity has made life upon the planet impossible crushing any organism who would make its way to its surface. Isolated in the heart of Principate space, the sole location of survivable space on the planet is the Tenixir Supermax Prison facility.

Tenixir Supermax Prison

Layout of Tenixir Super Max Prison

Housed inside the gravi-field projected from an orbital station, this prison is the only location of habitable space upon the planet. While the guards and support crew live upon the station, they commute down to the planet’s surface to manage the prison.

Tenixir is home to all of the Severian Principate's criminal population. The prison is divided into four main cellblocks, and a primary management building. The cellblocks are split into different categories of prisoners. Each cellblock is a contained facility connected by walkways to the central management building. Large courtyards are bordered by the cellblocks and the large walls that separate them.

Cellblock Aurek

Cellblock Aurek is home to the political prisoners of the Severian Principate. Those most vocally outspoken against the Principate, largely instigators and protestors, these prisoners are those deemed most likely to unbalance the control of the Principate within their territories.

Cellblock Besh

Cellblock Besh is home to the grunts of the gangs that have been rounded up by Principate within their controlled section of space. Common murders, drug dealers, thieves, these individuals are deemed dangerous but typically seen as low-level intelligence.

Cellblock Cresh

Cellblock Cresh is home to the foreign pirate and smuggler parties that have been caught within Principate space. Raiders, pillagers, marauders that have no love for the Principate, these prisoners have been wanted throughout the galaxy, they just happened to have their luck run up here.

Cellblock Dorn

Cellblock Dorn houses the most dangerous of the Prinipate’s prisoners. Serial Killers, Terrorists, Mad Scientists and most critical, Collective agents captured in the Lyra-3K-a incident. Cellblock Dorn is the most highly defended and protected section of the complex.