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Erik Cato
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

YEAR ABY or BBY (age Expression error: Unrecognized word "year".)

Physical Description







Light Blue

Personal Information




Known Children:





Small sect of wealthy slavers and gamblers known as the Initiative.

Lightsaber Color(s):

Armory Saber. Twohanded hilt with red blade.


Lightsaber, vibroknife.

Chronology & Political Information


Personal Ship:

Currently seeking one as top priority.

Known masters:

To be determined

Known apprentices:



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Character History

Eric Cato doesn't remember much of his past. He knows that he was kidnapped from his family at a young age, however he doesn't know who his parents were or where they came from. He was brought to a mobile dueling pit facility being run by an elite crime organisation known as the Initiative. It moved from one location to another to avoid detection, having discovered a map list of dozens of useable landing areas. He was raised as a dueling slave, forced constantly to prove himself in battle or suffer heavy consequences and possibly death. As he survived his trials and continued to grow into a capable warrior, he discovered he was different from the other warrior slaves. He became aware of his force sensitivity and heightened reflexes. By his late teens, he and several other slaves formulated a plan to escape. They broke out of their cells, captured a small but fast freighter and left a path of destruction behind them as passing revenge. After parting ways, Cato spend a few years as a very capable mercenary for hire, seeking knowledge of the Force. Eventually his findings lead him to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood where he seeks to improve his abilities and gain power for personal independence from any future oppression.

Early Life

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Physical Description

Athletic build, dressed in fitted matte-black clothing and a cloak for concealment. His face is recognizable by its tiny scars, prominent cheek bones and thin lips. Short, militaristic black hair is combed back to reveal a sharp under-shave. The eyes are pale blue with a hint of gold when not bearing the mark of the Dark side. His voice carries a broken, aristocratic lilt and a low tone as part of his upbringing among a secret sect of slavers.