Arx Capital Exchange

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The Arx Capital Exchange, or ACE....


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Arx Capital Exchange Shipyard

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Arx Capital Exchange Holding Corporation

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Arx Capital Exchange Commodities Limited

Arx Capital Exchange Commodities Limited, or ACE Limited for short, is the organization's resource and logistics brokerage arm. ACE Limited directly mines and sources raw materials that feed the industrial capacity of the Arx Capital Exchange Shipyard as well as stockpiling critical war material for the Iron Forces. ACE Limited is uniquely positioned for this function, as the segment owns mineral rights for doonium on Lothal, Umbara, Samovar, and the Socorro Asteroid Belt. Likewise, ACE Limited is heavily invested in the exploration and extraction of kyberite veins in order to mine and utilize kyber crystals. Between this stock of doonium and kyberite, whose stock is only known by CEO Ghosan and the Dark Council, ACE is prepared to be self sufficient if need be in keeping the military industrial complex operational even if Arx was under a full-scale blockade.