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|type= Jedi
|type= Jedi
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Alaar Rinn.jpg
Ala'ar Rinn
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

0 ABY (age 44)

Physical Description

Corelian (Human)




1.75m / 5'8"


65kg / 145lbs





Personal Information

Ashan’di Marr


Kor’ee Rinn



Known Children:





Calindra Hejaran

Fighting Style(s):

Sliding Hands

Chronology & Political Information




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"Ala’ar is cocky, intelligent, and disgustingly good looking. The fact that the SOB knows it doesn’t help matters... But time and time again, he has proven his bravery. "
―Commanding Officer's Remarks in Ala'ar Rinn's Allaiance recruitment record

Physical Description

Born in the early days of the Rebellion, Ala'ar Rinn spent his life training amongst the soldiers who made up the ships crews of the Rebellion aligned cruisers, giving him a healthy and athletic physique. Ala’ar has a sportsman-like frame that is made for speed and agility, rather than brawn. He is strong, firm, but flexible and agile.

His dirty blonde hair is cut short, and hangs just above his eyes in the cut of a lifetime soldier. The most striking things about him, however, are his icy blue eyes, the leftovers of his mother's genetic heritage from the slave circles of the outer rim territories.

Matt-black body armor adorns his torso, and his father’s forest green camo-coat from the Endor mission is always about his person. Along with his chest armor, shin, knee, shoulder and elbow pads to protect his joints, complete with a blaster pistol strapped to his hip, next to his two lightsabers, the tools of his trade.

Character History

Ala’ar Rinn was born aboard a Rebel Alliance Medical Freighter a few months before the destruction of the first Death Star to two nascent rebellion officers: the rebel sympathizer Kor’ee Rinn and the Order 66 survivor, Ashan’di Marr.

His formative years were spent around rebel alliance combat crews of whatever vessels his parents were based upon at the time. When the second Death Star was destroyed, a very young Ala’ar watched with awe as the explosion winked over the blue and green forest moon as he stood on the flight deck of one of the Nebulon-B Medical frigates. It was that moment that crystalized his resolved to join the Rebellion in any way he could once he came of age. Indeed, he did, and by his 16th year, he had completed the Alliance soldier training courses.

Known as the "Firecracker" among the ships crews, he grew up to idolize the ideals of the Rebellion. His first real taste of battle was the desperate rearguard defense of a rebel base where he won commendation for his bravery in the trenches. The subsequent months were spent acting as guerillas, launching daring raids on military targets, the strategic bombing of Imperial Shipyards and fermenting rebellion among the native populations of subjugated worlds. Time and time again, he has proven his bravery.

Quirks & Manerisms

As a small child, Ala’ar Rinn had a tendency to bring a certain toy with him wherever he went. As he got older, his infatuation with his childhood things translated into an infatuation with certain gadgets, the latest of which is his mini Data Pad and it's built in music playing application.

Ala'ar will obsess with his song choices until he's found the correct mix for the day. He's actually created several sound tracks just to cope with various situations, and will purposely hang back in any given situation if the sound track isn't quite suited for the situation until he's happy again with a new selection. This can lead to issues with him concentrating on an encounter at the start. However, once he's found his soundtrack and considers himself 'in the zone', he can push himself into tackling even the most daunting of challenges.

Favorite Sound Track

Minus 10 BBY's Compilation Album: Star Wars' Greatest Hits!

All of the Galaxy's favorite songs from the -10s! Yes! Finally, everything we loved by those long lost Alderaan bands like the Stone Temple Pilots' "I'm a Stormtrooper Baby" to Smash Mouth's parody of our Galaxy's most annoying sidekick "Jar Jar" will get your foot stomping while the hyperdrive is engaged on those long journeys cooped up with strangers around the holochess board. -10 BBY's Compilation Album will get the party started before the mutiny gets going!

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