Tseb'si'tsaerb III

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New Order era.
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Tseb'si'traerb III
Production information

Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttle


JV-7 Escort Shuttle


180,000 credits

Possession Item:

ID 45746

Technical specifications

30 meters


32.3 meters


32.4 meters

Max speed (space):


Hyperdrive rating:



Rated 120 SBD


Rated 85 RU

  • Heavy Laser cannons (3)
  • Laser Turret (rear) (1)
  • Projectile Launchers (2)


  • Iron Legion (Former)
  • Clan Taldryan
  • Mimosa-Inahj family
Known owner(s):
  • Iron Legion
  • Mimosa-Inahj family
Known commander(s):

Andrelious & Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj

Current Status:


Earliest sighting:

34 ABY

Latest sighting:

35 ABY

Present for battles/event:

Attack on Karufr

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Tseb'si'tsaerb III is a JV-7 Escort Shuttle owned by Andrelious and Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj. It is generally used to transport the Mimosa-Inahj family, but also sees occasional use in missions for Clan Taldryan.


Originally, the ship was designated IL-ES-GLX 4, and was, along with the rest of its group, constructed at Arx Fleet Systems.

IL-ES-GLX 4 was assigned to the part of the Iron Legion fleet that attacked Karufr, the homeworld of Taldryan. During the attack, Kooki, who had evacuated her twin daughters, Poppy and Etty, spotted the ship landed near the Mimosa-Inahj homestead. Finding a single Iron Legion officer onboard, the Alderaanian dealt with him.

Once Andrelious was reunited with his family, the soon-to-be Dinaari Aedile launched the ship. As he moved to get away from Karufr, he picked up several of his clanmates, who were scattered throughout their homeworld.

Masquerading as IL-ES-GLX 4's commanding officer, Kooki aided the captured vessel in passing the Iron Legion's ongoing blockade of Karufr. The Suffering, the lead ship in the attack, fell for the ruse, allowing the Mimosa-Inahj family and their passengers to escape with the ship intact.

Once the survivors of the attack on Karufr regrouped, Andrelious declared his intention on keeping the shuttle for his family. Rejecting its military designation, the ship was renamed to Tseb'si'tsaerb III. The original Tseb'si'tsaerb, and its successor were both shuttles that had belonged to Andrelious' father, Parck.



The original laser cannons were stripped out soon after the Mimosa-Inahj family's acquisition of the vessel in favour of heavier lasers. These new lasers pack a greater punch, but are a much greater drain on the ship's power generators.


A JV-7 Escort shuttle usually requires multiple pilots. With numbers being a problem, Andrelious had an advanced autopilot system installed in the shuttle. As well as being a more than capable co-pilot, the autopilot system is also able to fly the ship on its own, though it is unable to operate the weapon systems. As part of the system, Andrelious and Kooki have rigged their datapads to allow them to 'summon' their ship.


Whilst the cockpit is largely unchanged, the rest of the interior has been greatly modified. The passenger area has had most of its seats removed, allowing a large playing area for the Mimosa-Inahj twins. However, the anchors for the seats have remained in place, allowing the shuttle to hold its original number of passengers should a mission call for it.

IFF Transponder

As with many smuggler vessels, Tseb'si'tsaerb III has a changeable IFF transponder. This allows the ship to pass a Taldryan ship, one belonging to the Iron Legion, or, for trips into the core regions, as a vessel belonging to Inahj Intergalactic, Andrelious' father's company. Andrelious keeps the IFF codes fairly up to date, leading to Tseb'si'tsaerb III going under many different names should the mission call for it.