Lenzar Demonis Entar

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Lenzar Demonis Entar
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29 BBY (age 74)

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Mark Schueler, born 29BBY on Coruscant, and who is known to some as Lenzar Demonis Entar is a Rogue Sith. He has formerly served with many clans within the Brotherhood.


Early life

Not much is known about Mark Schueler's early life. He was born somewhere on Coruscant in 25BBY, and it is known that he and his family were virtually unaffected as the Empire took the place of the Galactic Republic. What is evident, however, is that the young boy was headhunted from an early age by the Imperial Navy, who felt he had great potential as a fighter pilot.

The Imperial Navy

Mark enlisted with the Empire just after he turned sixteen, in 13BBY. Excelling early on, particularly in the venerable TIE Fighter, Schueler was assigned to the Star Destroyer Tiger as a TIE pilot. At the time, the Rebellion wasn't yet fully active, and the Tiger's pilots found themselves dealing mostly with small pirate outbreaks. By 5BBY, however, things were becoming more serious, as genuine opposition groups were founded. This led to increased losses onboard the Tiger, but Mark was not among them. Instead, he had been transferred to another Star Destroyer, the Majestic, and was commanding one of the six squadrons on board.

The Majestic was one of the Emperor's personal vessels, and so usually held station above Imperial Centre. This resulted in little more than training exercises, even as the Rebels began to cause problems elsewhere in the galaxy. It was not to last, however, as in 1ABY, forces loyal to Admiral Zaarin staged a coup attempt. Mark was among the few Majestic pilots to survive that day, his TIE having been destroyed by a bomb planted by Zaarin some time previously.

Due to his long, distinguished service as a pilot, Schueler was admitted to the Secret Order of the Emperor during his time on the Majestic, eventually reaching the fourth circle.

Eventually, the Emperor transferred his flag to other, larger ships, relegating the Majestic to little more than decoy and escort duties. Mark stayed with the ship nontheless, and eventually took over the role of Wing Commander.

Then came Endor. As news of the battle reached the Majestic's crew, many were driven to despair, whilst others panicked. The usually orderly ship was in chaos. Schueler, by now nearly thirty, remained calm, and suggested that the Majestic hold firm over the Imperial capital until it was known exactly what had happened. The Majestic did just that, and remained faithfully defending Imperial Centre, until eventually moving on to Byss. Weeks later, Imperial Centre fell, and was renamed back to Coruscant by the Rebels.

The next few years were a story of desperation, and Mark eventually grew tired of life on board the Majestic. Taking one of the ship's shuttles, he headed for the Aurora system.

Emperor's Hammer

On arrival in the Aurora system, Schueler found the area to be staunchly loyal to the Empire. It was controlled by an Imperial faction called the Emperor's Hammer. In no time at all, his shuttle was intercepted by a squadron of the Hammer's fighters, and he was escorted onto the flagship, the Sovereign-Class Super Star Destroyer Sovereign.

Explaining his intent, Mark found himself being ferried to the Platform Daedalus, for basic training. This took the veteran pilot little time to complete, as his existing abilities proved to be enough to qualify. After graduating, Schueler was assigned to a squadron on the Sovereign.

Settling into life in the squadron, known by its callsign of Shin, nobody commented on Mark's ability as a pilot. He was largely among equals - the Hammer had always been an elite unit, and even in the depths of space had managed to keep that reputation largely intact.

In time, Mark advanced to lead a group of four Missile Boats. This still didn't prove enough, however, and the now Lt. Commander Schueler wanted to lead a squadron of his own. He had become interested in joining another ship, and, after some persuasion from its commodore, Vice Admiral Mell, eventually transferred to 'Eta' squadron, onboard the ISD Colossus.

The Colossus was a huge change for Mark. The Sovereign had long become complacent and did not treat its elite pilots with the respect that Schueler immediately noted was the case on the Colossus. He soon learned that the other 'smaller' ships of the fleet also respected their pilots. Mark settled in quickly, even taking to Eta's role as an assassination squad very well indeed.

Soon, despite earning another Flight Leader spot, Mark was promoted to command the squadron he would consider home. The 33rd Imperial Close Support Squadron, commonly known as 'Nu'. In this role as Nu Commander, Schueler excelled, eventually earning a promotion to Major as he sought to help expand the Hammer's influence on the surrounding systems. It was during his time as commander of Nu that Mark first joined with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, which was still a fully functioning part of the Hammer.

Joining Galthain of Clan Satal Keto, Schueler was assigned to Delphian Squadron as a Flight Member. His force potential did not go unnoticed, and he quickly rose through the journeyman ranks, reaching Protector in a matter of weeks. The Galthain Quaestor was so impressed with Mark's Force potential that he promoted him to Commander of Delphian, a job that made elevation to Guardian certain not long after. However, this was also the beginning of the end of the developing Sith's career in Satal Keto - not long afterwards he was invited to serve in the Fleet Commander's personal clan, Alvaak. Mark's time in Alvaak was fairly unremarkable, though he did earn another promotion, this time to Jedi Hunter, before joining Arcona.

Meanwhile, political shifts in the TIE Corps led to Schueler transferring from his beloved Colossus, to command 'Crossbow' Squadron on the Star Destroyer Relentless. A technicality demoted him one rank for a little while, but before long he was a Major again.


Mark was approaching his final trials for Knighthood when news came of the Exodus. As a lifelong Imperial officer, Mark thought the choice was easy and chose to stay with a group of Arconans, including a good portion of the Sith of Oriens Obscurum. Like many others, however, he secretly assisted Arconan colleagues who chose to leave with Firefox and his allies.

However, despite being elevated to Dark Jedi Knight, Schueler soon began to find himself being drawn to the 'Rebel' Dark Brotherhood. Crossbow were a recon squadron, giving little job satisfaction to a pilot who was used to far more exciting roles. Mark made a decision: it was time to leave the Empire. During a routine reconnaissance sweep for Crossbow, the Major, on completion of the mission, altered his TIE Defender's jump coordinates. Rather than return to the Relentless, he headed to a backwater planet in the Outer Rim, ready to meet with one of Firefox's agents.

Everything Changes

"Welcome to the family, brother Demonis!"
―The Entar family, on accepting Mark

Even after the early disappointment of being demoted back to Jedi Hunter, Mark quickly passed his trials, again, and was placed in command of what was left of Pandragon Squadron, the only active team in the badly depleted Oriens Obscurum - many Sith had stayed loyal to the Emperor's Hammer. At this time, Schueler, wishing to further his journey into the dark side, was approached by the Entar family. He was offered a place in their ranks, which he readily accepted, taking on the 'Entar name' Demonis.

Things went well, with the newly renamed Lenzar even earning Sith Warrior within weeks of his Knighthood. However, again, shifting politics and a shortage of Sith left the Entar in high demand - he was first made Quaestor of Caliburnus of Scholae Palatinae, where he stayed only briefly before headhunted to be Quaestor of Tridens of Clan Tarentum.

In Tarentum, Lenzar, cut off though he was from his Entar brothers and sisters, led the Sith House to victory in what became known as the Third Sith War. For this, as well as his general performance as a leader, he was promoted again, this time to the rank then called Sith Warmaster. Further good performance, mostly in helping to expand Tridens' influence back to almost pre-Exodus levels, led to another speedy promotion, to the third Equite tier. At the time this was confusingly called Sith Warlord.

As he became deeper rooted in the dark side of the Force, Lenzar's loyalty to the Entar family grew. He began to entirely reject his pre-Entar name, violently responding to anyone who dared address him using it. Despite this, he was rarely in contact with the Entars themselves - most were loyal to Arcona.

Lenzar's final acts as part of Tarentum were to help them achieve a close second to the dominant Clan, Taldryan, in the Sixth Great Jedi War. During this event he was one of many to become affected by the 'Force infection' that gripped the Brotherhood, only returning to Firefox's side after Okemi's influence was defeated. However, the elders of Tarentum were not forgiving and attempted to issue charges of treason against the Entar. Forced to flee, Lenzar used some old contacts to negotiate his defection to Clan Naga Sadow, where he came the first non-Krath member (and Battleteam Leader) of House Marka Ragnos since the edict from Khyron that had forced Houses to follow a single order path. During his travels he picked up a trio of other Sith, forming the Night Falcons squadron under the then Quaestor Muz Ashen.

However, soon after establishing the Falcons as a successful unit, agents of the former Tarentum Consul, and now Sith High Warrior, Sith Bloodfyre, came after Lenzar, claiming he was a spy for the Krath order. Lenzar had been working as a Magistrate to Bloodfyre's predecessor, Xanos Sadow, but was now forced to follow the Krath order instead. He reversed this change a couple of months later, but the damage was done - he was no longer considered worthy of the elite of the Sith order.

The fallout from flitting between orders left the Entar with little enthusiasm in the Brotherhood. He had been appointed to Rollmaster of Marka Ragnos, and later, to the entire Clan, but became dissatisfied. Eventually, his Brotherhood career ended much the way his piloting days in the Hammer had: he hypered away from his colleagues at the end of a particularly tricky mission against forces of Taldryan.

After the Brotherhood

Exactly where Lenzar went next was a mystery to many. Reports existed throughout the galaxy of an old dark Jedi, who would be found flying a TIE Defender or fighting off soldiers with a lightsaber engraved with his name. Lenzar found work as a hired pilot, his TIE Defender proving very effective even as the New Republic, and Galactic Alliance, attempted to release newer fighters. The Entar worked for whoever had the credits - so long as the work was not against what was left of the Empire. His old Imperial loyalties resurfaced to the point that he eventually returned to the Hammer, where his knowledge and power in the Force allowed him to obtain a role in their Admiralty.

Serving back among the Emperor's Hammer for many years, Lenzar, now usually using his birth name again, reached the age of sixty and began to tone down his duties, eventually retiring in 30 ABY.

Returning to the family

After retiring officially from Imperial service, Lenzar spent most of him drifting around the galaxy, his Admiral's pension more than enough to cover his meager expenses. Eventually, the call came from the Entar family, with whom he'd left emergency contact information, that the family were threatened by two other Arconan families, the Erinos and d'Tana. Along with Enahropes, and some other long gone members of the Entars, Lenzar returned to Arconan space, assisting the Consul Wuntila in defeating the other two families. After doing this, he was fully restored as a part of the Entar family, and decided he would live quietly in the family's estate on Gethsemane.

Now almost sixty-five, Lenzar stuck to his vow, and, although once again technically on the rosters of Arcona, was not called upon for the ensuing conflicts, such as the Horizons crisis or Eleventh Great Jedi War.

Past Roles

Positions Held
Before Position After
JKast Quaestor of House Caliburnus
20 ABY
Brujah Tamalar
Rekio Corsair Tarentae Quaestor of House Tridens
20 ABY - 21 ABY
Doni Tzu Tarentae
Kalika Rollmaster of House Marka Ragnos
22 ABY
Position disbanded
Position created Rollmaster of Clan Naga Sadow
22 ABY - 23 ABY
Shimura Xhedias Keibatsu