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This Page is being made to help the members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood to make sure that if problems arise from issues with either Operating System issues, Graphics card issues, or just the game itself. Listed below is anything we at the Gaming Staff, the Fist of the Brotherhood, and anyone within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood has seen so far. This page will be edited and updated only by the Fist and his staff or anyone that is an Administrator for the Wiki.

With any of the Lucas Arts Games, it's always a good idea to start here for troubleshooting - Help Desk at Star Wars

Jedi Academy Known Issues:

  • OpenGL fix - GLDirect
  • VMI Error: The only time you should ever get this error is with Windows Vista, as any older game this OS hates running some games, the remedy we have found was to not just double click the shortcut, and play normally. Right click and select "Run as Administrator" this will cure the issue as long as you do know the password for the Administrator account.

Jedi Outcast Known Issues:

  • When adding a DB server to the favorites list, use the numbers above the letters on your keyboard (not the num pad numbers).
  • For Steam users, here is the placement for custom maps: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\jedi outcast\GameData\base\

Republic Commando Known Issues:

  • Ports that need to be open for on-line game play - Ports for RC
  • Issues with Steam and RC (quickest way, send in a support ticket through steam) [1]

X-Wing Alliance Known Issues:

  • All necessary information regarding Multi-player play - XWA MP Help