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Cyris Oscura
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Unknown (estimated at 540 BBY)

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1.96 meters


186 lbs


Black (Graying)


Yellow (Sith)

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Cyris Oscura is an ancient Human male Dark Jedi and an enigmatic figure within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Countless chilling stories revolve around the man who styles himself the Black Hand, yet few concrete facts are known about him. What little is known was lifted from ancient Republic archives. Ever an obscure, reclusive individual, his presence within the Brotherhood was always erratic and could disappear without a trace for years at a time. No one knew what he did in his time away, but rumors abound.



The Cradle of Fear

"And there he was, death incarnate. Like a ghost, he strode through the carnage unaffected, unchallenged."
―Survivor of the slaughter of Tanaab

There is very little information in the archives concerning Cyris Oscura in the days before the Dread Cult and the Battle of Velrahn. The very first mention of the Black Hand arrives at the same time as his cult exploded on the galactic scene in 524 BBY. It is suspected that Cyris Oscura was an alias, but no real name appears in the records, no date or place of birth, not a single mention of his family. Myths and legends surround the Dark Jedi but none offer tangible insight into his true origins. The most widely accepted theory suggests that he may have been a fallen Jedi Knight who had been banished from the Order. Indeed, many historians presume that the Jedi had conspired to strike his true identity from records. These same historians ventured that this menace was connected to one or multiple members of the Jedi Council.

And so, in 524 BBY, in an unwarranted series of attacks, the Black Hand and his Dread Cult effectively blindsided the Republic and sacked several Jedi compounds across the Outer Rim. The was so sudden and swift that the Jedi Council was unable to intervene in time. In fact, by the time word of the attacks reached them, their temples lay in ruins. Dozens of Jedi and countless civilians were killed in these attacks. Survivors described a battalion of black-clad Force users, misrepresented as Sith assassins at the time. Without warning, these attackers slaughtered Jedi and civilians indiscriminately. One man stood out from the rest: a sinister young Human male, no more than twenty years of age, with eyes of ice that strode calmly through the battle, unaffected by the carnage around him. It was said that dark aura emanated from him. The accounts were the same at each targeted compound. And at each compound, this man--by all appearances, the leader--would disappear into the temple’s vault for hours at a time. When he finally emerged, he would order that each enclave be razed to the ground, and razed they were.

The attackers would disappear shortly thereafter, leaving no clue as to their identity. No demands were made. No threats were issued. None knew where from where they came from. They were ghosts. They appeared, they murdered and then disappeared once more. In the years that followed the initial attacks, the Dread Cult became the boogeyman of the Republic. Their leader came to be known as the Black Hand, for where he appeared, death was sure to follow. The attacks escalated, but the Jedi would adapt to meet this new threat. Reinforcing security throughout the galaxy, they forced the Dread Cult to alter their tactics. The Black Hand met his match during an assault on Dantooine, where he came face to face with the Jedi Master Amon Val. This would be the first of many encounter and the Jedi became a thorn in Oscura's side, rising up to thwart his plans on many occasions.

Downfall At Velrahn

"As the darkness engulfs you, the weak submit to fear. The all-powerful embrace it."
―Doctrine of the Dread Cult

Facing setbacks and sudden defeat, the cult fell into turmoil. Each cultist more desperate than the next to scurry favor from the Black Hand, and establish their own dominion, they turned on one another. The in-fighting and a circle of betrayal decimated their numbers. Indeed, it would be the end of the cult itself. In a naïve power play, one Kaldrus Xyler, Oscura’s chosen executioner, disclosed the coordinates of the Dread Cult’s enclave. It was a ruse, aimed to lure the Jedi Order and the Black Hand's enemies to their very doorstep. Eager to subdue Oscura and his killers, the Jedi mobilized a literal army of knights and masters under the leadership of Jedi Master Amon Val. On the volcanic world of Velrahn, they discovered that the Dread Cult had colonized the ancient Sith stronghold of Ashvroth and enslaved the primitive alien inhabitants of the world. For weeks, battle engulfed sky and earth. The cultists had amassed their own army, an imposing cohort of Dark Jedi and cutthroats ready to fend off the Jedi, and though their numbers were fewer than that of the Jedi, they fought with unparalleled fire, pooling their immense power together. The Black Hand was notably absent from the battlefield, and yet, for a time, it seemed that the Dread Cult would be victorious even without their leader. Using their primitive slaves as living shields against the benevolent Jedi proved to be an effective tactic. The Dread Cult's cruelty was matched only by their ferocity. In the eleventh hour, the Black Hand betrayed them all. Without warning, a violent tremor sundered the planet’s surface. The ground around Ashvroth heaved skyward and the earth split around the combatants. Crimson light poured from the gaping crevices and in one final flash of blinding light, the ancient stronghold exploded. The cultists, being closest to the blast, were wiped out. Hundreds of Jedi were also caught in the blast radius and instantly obliterated. The detonation and the ensuing volcanic aftermath would pump enough dust and smoke into the atmosphere that the planet sits in perpetual darkness to this day.

Where Ashvroth had been, only a gigantic crater remained. At its epicenter, a single, broken spire remained, standing ominously over the ruined landscape. Fearing that the Black Hand's treachery knew no bounds and unwilling to sacrifice more lives, Emon Val took it upon himself to investigate the tower. There, he discovered the remains of an ancient Sith artifact, the cause of the blast, and its guardian, the Black Hand himself. The Black Hand would reveal that this had been his plan all along and that the Jedi Council would learn to fear. They locked lightsabers and a savage battle ensued, spanning the height of the tower.

Amon Val emerged from the tower victorious.

The Truth Denied


The Rebirth


Madness In The Dark


DJB Facts

Over the years, Cyris Oscura became an influential member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He is responsible for a large quantity of the club’s artwork (including awards, warbanners, lightsabers, avatars and the initial concept for today’s robes). During his tenure as the fourth Combat Master, he established the groundwork for many of today’s ACC mechanics, which would be expended upon by his successors.

The Black Hand

A title given to Cyris Oscura as the master of the Dread Cult, some 500 years before the battle of Yavin.

Outstanding Achievements

  • Designed the majority of the DJB's award graphics
  • Designed several noteworthy custom lightsabers, including Jac Cotelin's.
  • Designed the initial design and system for the Warbanners.
  • Project Overhaul: Established many of the ACC's features and mechanics, including a variety of match lengths, the weapons guide, and venue selection.
  • Project Epiderm: Designed many characters skins for the video game Jedi Outcast.

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Xizor Combat Master
14 ABY - 15 ABY
Kaine Mandaala Herald
18 ABY
Muz Ashen


  • Cyris Oscura was once master of the stronghold of Ashvroth on the outer rim planet of Velrahn. These places have since been razed to the ground.
  • Cyris Oscura was the master of a fanatical young woman named Sariss Damodred, who is now deceased.
  • Originally known as Rokaill, the character of Cyris Oscura was eventually molded and brought to life.