Andrelious J. Inahj

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Andrelious J. Inahj
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:

8 BBY (age 47)

Place of Birth:

Dantoo Town, Dantooine

Physical Description





5' 1"


11st (154lb)


Dark Brown



Personal Information

Licon Inahj (neé Stendec)


Parck Inahj

Known Children:

Poppeliamarissia, Etholimarissia, & Mostynn Mimosa-Inahj


Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj


Enoch Ketcher, Pravus, Jac Cotelin

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Chronology & Political Information



Member of House Ektrosis, Clan Taldryan


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:

Sharpshoot II & Tseb'si'tsaerb III

Known apprentices:

Xerlis, Incendus, Vosh Kon, Arcean Furnece



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Andrelious J. Inahj is a Sith Warlord in the service of Clan Taldryan. Andrelious has played many roles throughout his life, from a pilot in the Imperial Navy, but has lately spent the majority of his time as a family man. Still an ace pilot, the Sith is also known as a crack shot with his blaster, a strong lightsaber combatant, and is currently part of Ektrosis. These skills have made him one of Taldryans' most important assets.

Character History

Birth and Childhood

"Your dreams mean nothing, Andrel. They're just the dreams of an innocent child."
―A doctor to Andrel, regarding his dreams

Andrelious J. Inahj was born on Dantooine in 8 BBY to Parck and Licon Inahj. His father was a merchant of various goods and his mother acted as a hired gun, mostly as a bodyguard, during the Clone Wars After the Clone Wars finished and the Empire was formed, Licon retired, though she would usually assist Parck with his business. Soon after Andrelious was born, in around 6 BBY, the Inahj family decided they would move to the Core world of Corellia, where Parck felt he'd be better placed to trade with others.

Licon, however, had a secret. She was Force sensitive, a fact that her Force sensitive father taught her how to conceal from an early age. Not long after Andrelious was born, his mother confirmed that he too was Force sensitive. Licon felt that, in addition to the increased business opportunities, Andrelious would be safer hidden in plain sight on a heavily populated Core world.

As he reached the age of five, the boy began to show an interest in becoming part of the Imperial war machine, playing often on an old combat simulator his father owned. Parck noticed that for a five year old, the young Inahj had an excellent eye, and came close to matching even his own scores - though he was no ace, Parck could hold his own in space, especially in the family's own T-4a Lambda Shuttle. Andrelious was also doing well at school, responding 'correctly' when questioned on various Imperial doctrines.

Although no fans of the Empire, Park and Licon found that Corellian life suited them and slowly settled into becoming loyal, if largely unbothered, citizens of the Empire. News of the Death Star's destruction struck Imperial support throughout the galaxy. Many worlds left the Empire, but most of the Core remained loyal, even if it was thanks to military occupation in many cases. It was during Yavin that Andrelious started to get very vivid dreams, mostly about a planet orbiting some sort of dark star. These troubled him greatly, and he spent many hours with doctors trying to establish exactly what these dreams meant.

By 2ABY, the now ten year old Andrelious had pre-signed up with the Imperial Navy. Not as an officer, as he had hoped, he lacked the connections for it, but as a pilot. Even in the early tests given, he was miles ahead of boys three or four years his senior, amazing the local commanders with his skill. Such skill, they realised, would only help preserve the Empire. Parck and Licon were extremely proud of their little boy.

Then came 3 ABY. Then came the disaster that was the Battle of Endor. News reached Corellia of the Emperor's death, at the hands of the terrorist Luke Skywalker. Or so the official reports went. Andrelious wasn't convinced - he had felt a great ripple in the force. Something about the 'official' story wasn't quite right. As he entered adolescence, Inahj knew everything was going to change. The Empire was already starting to fall apart.

Young Adulthood

"You have done well, young Inahj. I predict great things for you. When the time is right, head for the Aurora system. There, you will find like-minded Imperials"
―Xyril telling Andrelious of his future

Imperial recruitment plummeted, as the Rebels expanded rapidly, as Imperials fought among themselves as much as they fought the enemy. By 5ABY, Inahj was now thirteen, and he was enrolled into the local branch of the Imperial Academy. Once again he easily impressed on all the tests, coming top in many piloting exercises and also showing competence in command roles when given. It was during the early days of his training that he became acquainted with Granta Prackx, a large female who was in training to be part of the Imperial Army.

With pilots quickly becoming a much more scarce resource, Andrelious was pressed into service at the age of just fourteen. Even at that young age, and with his training still very unfinished, Inahj was quickly earmarked as a pilot of the highest calibre and was fast tracked into a TIE Interceptor, serving aboard the Star Destroyer Zathura. Granta Prackx was also assigned to the Zathura, something that delighted the female who was slowly developing a dangerous obsession with Andrelious.

Having done well in a mission against some pirates, including eliminating six Z-95 Headhunters in his Interceptor, the young man was beginning to attract attention. Several senior Imperial agents had noticed something about him - he was gifted in the force. This particularly attracted the attention of a man known only as 'Xyril'. A mystery figure within the Empire, Xyril was, or at least believed himself to be, another Dark Jedi. On being told this, Inahj faced Xyril with dread, not knowing if the aspiring Sith would kill him, or worse.

A TIE Interceptor, much like the one flown by Inahj.

The message that Xyril had for the young pilot was one of prediction, however. The would-be Sith told Inahj that in time he should head to the Aurora System, supposedly a backwater. On checking the databanks, he found the world was not an Imperial planet, but he guessed that the time to head there wasn't yet upon him, so he headed back to the Zathura - Xyril had also promoted him and given him command of a squadron of TIEs. The Zathura was lucky - it escaped the worst of the destruction.

At the signing of the Galactic Concordance, an act that Andrelious considered to be little more than a treacherous surrender, the Zathura was among the many Imperial ships that fled into the Unknown Regions. Andrelious, however, decided the time was right to strike out in his own way and resigned his commission. This decision was only made easier by the fact that Prackx, who had become Andrelious’ lover, was starting to behave in an increasingly obsessive and even abusive manner.

Civilian Life and the Emperor's Hammer

Locating his family, who were still living in Coronet, he offered his help to Parck, who was now reaching the age of retirement. Still, Parck was delighted to have his son working for him, and put him to work flying escort in an old TIE Interceptor, knowing it and its pilot were far in excess of anything the local pirates could muster. CorSec were not too happy at first, having an ex-Imperial pilot and his relatively advanced ship in their space, but soon realised he was harmless, at least to them. For the next few years, Andrel flew routine escort missions, sometimes even flying the shuttle if his father was busy.

By 17ABY, Andrel became dissatisfied. While he was fairly well off thanks to his father's continued successes, there wasn't enough happening. Inahj decided it was time to head to Aurora.

Arriving there, he found it was now the capital world of an Imperial faction calling itself the Emperor's Hammer. Explaining who he was, he found himself rushed through training, and assigned to the Star Destroyer Colossus. Finding his niche in Nu squadron, his ship was taken from in favour of a model of TIE that he’d never seen before, a ship designated as the ‘TIE Advanced’. This TIE Advanced was not related to the one previously flown by Darth Vader, but was likely a model that the Hammer had developed itself after years of isolation from any other Imperial authority.

Serving with distinction, Inahj was quickly promoted, ending up as the Commander of Nu squadron. It was during this time that he finally began to accept his Force potential, joining the Hammer's remnants of the Dark Brotherhood. He found this organisation to be stifling, only managing to advance to the rank of Proselyte, despite showing great potential. As a result of what he considered to be their 'incorrect' training, Inahj took to practicing his dark arts in private, much to the annoyance of his superiors.

Some time later, Commander Inahj was accused of being a spy for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, who had split from the Hammer many years previously. Fleeing the Security Officer and his agents, Inahj hypered away in his TIE Advanced. Deciding to find the Dark Brotherhood for himself, he headed to some coordinates an actual spy had given him some time previously. Those coordinates were for Antei.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

On arrival in the Brotherhood's territories, Inahj was immediately tested, and found to be well in excess of the rating that the Hammer had granted him. Immediately granting him the rank of Sith Battlelord, the Master At Arms told the ex-Imperial of his options. Plumping for Arcona, Andrelious headed to the Dajorra System.

Accepted into House Qel-Droma, the new Battlelord took some time to settle in, though he contributed in many operations. However, this initial spell in Arcona was met with boredom and he soon disappeared again, being marked AWOL. He had heard that his father had fallen on hard times, and headed back to Corellia, stabilising things and arranging for a small squadron of fighters to be used as a permanent escort for the now aging Parck. Satisfied, he returned to Dajorra again.

About a year and a half later, Andrel returned, and found that Arcona had been demoted to a house. Feeling a little more at ease now, Inahj took part in a great deal of operations, joining the Arconan Armed Forces. Unusually, despite being a skilled pilot, he opted to join the naval corps, wanting to finally fulfil his long dream of having his own ship. However, he also played, and still played up until his defection, a large role in the training of new Starfighter Corps pilots.

After a while of being part of Arcona, Inahj accepted a mission with the Arcona Contract Bureau. He offered to take one of the many undercover missions. This mission took him to Corulag, where a man by the name of Amalon Y'Thir and his 'company', Galaxy Guard Security Services, had begun to cause problems in Arconan territory.

GGSS were providing security for virtually all illegal deals taking place on Selen, and had also provided manpower for an attempted revolution on Eldar. Therefore, it had been decided the company needed to be brought down. Assuming the identity of Benn Samson, an ex-New Republic special forces Lieutenant who had been disgraced. Inahj carefully worked on his cover. Samson was a bitter man, who hated the Republic for what they had done to him. This part was easy for the Battlelord, but he wanted to make himself more convincing. Adopting a fake accent as he landed, the Sith managed to convince the Republic agents on planet that his papers were genuine, before heading straight to the GGSS headquarters.

He had not long settled into the role he was given, that of leading the group into a more 'mercenary' role. This was because Amalon, and his wife Silrani, wished to make operations against a 'complex enemy' (which was Arcona) to be better planned and directed. This lucrative role gave Andrelious plenty of scope to carry out his true job, that of destroying GGSS. It was only when he began to dig a little into the records did he find a number of important facts: Amalon Y'thir was an alias for Jarsk Bulovian, a man wanted across the galaxy, whilst a lot of GGSS employees were part of his pirate band, the Bulovian Beseigers. Also, a man named Mett Poytess, probably one of Bulovian's trusted Lieutenants, was infiltrating the Dajorra Intelligence Agency.

With this information, Inahj was able to turn much of GGSS against its owners, leading a large team of disgruntled employees to Bulovian's office. Finding that Bulovian had the HQ rigged with a bomb in case he were caught, Inahj activated the bomb, destroying the company and killing Jarsk's wife, as well as the hundreds of other staff at the HQ. Bulovian himself tried to escape on his personal shuttle, but hadn't reckoned for Inahj's Sith powers - the Battlelord snuck onto the ship and destroyed its fake transponder. Inahj hated the Galactic Alliance, but it was of much comfort to him that the Alliance arrested Bulovian, charging him with not only his previous crimes, but the actions that the Sith had performed minutes ago.

Despite his success at this mission, it was some time later that Inahj requested a second contract

After some time, Arcona was allowed to re-form as a clan, bringing back Qel-Droma and Galeres. Initially, Inahj was placed in Galeres, but transferred to Qel-Droma again in time for the Tenth Great Jedi War.

Invasion of New Tython

"Welcome back, Andrel. Get ready for war! No time to explain!"
―Andrelious' greeting on his return.

The Tenth Great Jedi War pitched the Brotherhood against the light siders of Odan-Urr, who had been allowed to affiliate with the Brotherhood some time earlier. Inahj had always hated light siders, thinking them to be little more than hypocritical murderers. Sadly for him, he had been on an extended leave as war was declared, and he arrived as Arcona was preparing for war.

Early on in the battle, Inahj, having insisted on taking his own TIE with him, found the resistance in space to be pathetic, consisting of little more than a few old starfighters. Because of this, he elected to land straight away, quickly meeting up with the rest of Qel-Droma. This was the first time that the Sith had been in a battle of this nature, as he much preferred to be up in space. But he was ready. He had trained for such eventualities, knowing that the Brotherhood would often go to war within itself.

Whilst his performance was nothing of that of the Arconan heroes, such as Cethgus Entar and Ronovi Tavisaen, Inahj did account himself brilliantly, his power in the Dark Side proving to be easily enough to overcome not only the light siders, but their Mandalorian allies as well. Killing many, including several Knighted Urrites, Inahj for the first time collected enemy weapons as trophies of his victory, acquiring not only many different lightsabers, but blasters and other weapons as well. Serving on the front line with the Aedile of Qel-Droma, he continued to slay the Urrites, even rescuing younger Arconans that were under fire. As the battle continued, Inahj beheaded a Zabrak, but he had sensed something different about him. He was right. The other clan, Naga Sadow, and the independent houses had arrived, and weren't sticking to attacking the lightsiders.

On seeing others had arrived, Inahj dived away from the front line, rushing towards his ship. He knew that he would be needed in space now, confirmed by frenzied shouts over the comlink he had kept, suspecting a trap. Climbing into his TIE, he was in space in no time, dangerously launching his ship with use of both repulsorlifts and sublight engines. As he arrived in space, he formed up with one of the Arconan squadrons, making sure he found his old ally Viock. The enemies were now vast in number, consisting of the few fighters Odan-Urr had, supported by Mandalorian ships, whilst the forces from various houses were tangling with each other. Furthermore, various Iron Throne commanded ships were attempting to take control of the situation. All of these ships were viable targets, Inahj decided, though he did not wish to risk the wrath of Muz Ashen by attacking Iron Throne ships.

Focusing mostly on enemy starfighters, the Battlelord was once again in his element, as he eliminated wave after wave of enemy ships, most notably taking out a squadron of armed transports that were attacking the Eye of the Abyss II. Arcona did take many losses, however, their TIE Interceptor squadrons in particular taking a beating. Many good pilots were killed, and many more ejected into space, just as likely to die of exposure or be captured by another unit as they were to be rescued. The Sith, however, continued to fight hard.

Eventually, the vicious fighting began to end. As the dust settled, it was clear that Arcona were victorious.

After the Invasion

"You come here with an offer to fly THAT? How dare you assume I'd give up my Advanced for Rebel technology, Gar! Take your little band of pilots and go."
―Inahj, rejecting an invitation to Void Squadron

Due to the death of Consul Zandro, there were many changes made within Arcona. An upshot of this was the creation of Void Squadron, flying newly acquired 'Stealth' X-Wings. Inahj, being one of the best pilots in Arcona, was invited to take part in this new venture. However, he stunned the entire leadership of the clan by declining angrily.

Immediately before and during Operation: Rolling Thunder, Andrelious served as part of Void, having been requested to do so by the Summit. The Battlelord served with distinction, topping the killboard against the Chiss, as well as undertaking a personal mission that dealt with some pirates that had disabled a DIA satellite.

The aftermath of the Operation led to a number of changes. Socorra was promoted to Quaestor of Qel-Droma. The shift of power within the house led to several openings, as both Void and Shadow Gate were left needing a leader. Bizarrely, Socorra offered Andrelious not the leadership of Void, which went to Cethgus, but the Gatewarden job.

Within hours of his appointment, Andrelious was busy on Port Ol'val. He resumed the alias he had operated under before, a businessman called Jocjo Blueen. Blueen was supposedly a CEO for one of the larger corporations operating from the Shadow Port, which also claimed offices on other worlds. These were of course a front, but they had allowed the Battlelord a fair amount of room to manouevre before.


Inahj had been Gatewarden only a matter of weeks when Port Ol'val came under attack. The triumvirate who normally fought amongst themselves had seemingly formed an alliance. Shadow Gate's safe houses had been seized. Inahj was assigned, along with his apprentice Incendus and Strategos Thanatos Entar, to re-take a Safehouse. The ensuing battle resulted in several deaths, mostly from the lightsabers of Strat and Andrel.

Horizon Crisis

Shortly after the incident on Port Ol'val, a number of the younger Journeymen in Arcona began to show signs of a bizarre infection. This infection, after an initial power boost, began to sap away at the minds of those it held. Though at first the Horizon plague only gripped the Journeymen, it quickly spread and soon Andrelious too was infected, though he was able to keep him mind even as those around him were losing theirs.

Riots began to take place across the Dajorra System. Though he had been on Port Ol'val at the time the first reports of the infection came in, Inahj rushed to Selen, hoping to take advantage of the situation. Instead, the Battlelord found himself forced to slay many young Arconans, as well as others who had taken the chaos as a chance to cause problems of their own.

Had it not been for the efforts of the Dark Council and its agents to find a cure, however, Inahj would surely have gone the way of the many that were slain as they descended into an almost zombie-like state of Insanity.

Moving back to Void

"We must do something about Inahj..."

Inahj, thanks to his efforts during the recent events, was becoming more prominent and more well known within Arcona. Now, he had a little bit of influence, maybe even enough to threaten Socorra and Scelestus, the Quaestor and Aedile of Qel-Droma. This posed a problem for the pair; Inahj was based on Port Ol'val. By remaining on the Shadowport, which was also Qel-Droma's Headquarters. Inahj posed a threat.

Luckily for the Socorra, an opening had been made within Void Squadron with the promotion of former Commander Cethgus Entar to Aedile of Galeres. This was exactly the opportunity that Socorra needed. She offered the position of Void Commander to Andrelious, knowing that he had begun to respect the Squadron's Stealth-X fighters during his time there.

Inahj accepted the position. He had become very weary of the 'sneaking around' on Port Ol'val, and welcomed the chance at something that he considered a little more exciting.

On arrival to the squadron, Andrelious immediately developed a good working relationship with the Squadron's Executive Officer, Snabbie. Snabbie had been Cethgus' right-hand man, but had little knowledge of Andrelious. This all changed within hours, as the Battlelord climbed into his Stealth-X, and immediately set a new record for a challenge that involved shooting drones.

Soon after Inahj was appointed into the Commander job, Plagueis fell under continued attack by remnants of Zoraan's forces. Andrelious and Void were sent to lead the initial attack, destroying many of Zoraan's key assets.


As the conflict with Zoraan concluded, Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae retired from the position of Clan Rollmaster. After some brief consideration, Inahj applied for and was granted the role.

As Rollmaster, Andrelious is in charge of administering the training of Arcona's Journeymen. He has so far excelled in this role, helping Kanis Da'uul, among others, to advance through to Knighthood.

During his time as Rollmaster, Andrelious was elevated to the rank of Warlord of the Sith, for his year long service as Rollmaster and for his efforts during various Arconan skirmishes. Now firmly considering himself an integral part of Arcona, Andrelious vowed to remain for all time, and help prove once again that Arcona were still the strongest unit.

Kookimarissia Mimosa

"Bring it on, you Alderaan bitch!"
―One of the first things Andrelious said to Kooki

During a rare downtime, Andrelious was among the large amount of Arconans who headed back to the Dajorra system. Officially, this was to regroup and replenish lost supplies, but the majority used this time for some rest from the constant fighting.

It was during one night in a cantina in the Arcona Citadel that Inahj met a recent recruit by the name of Kookimarissia Mimosa. Immediately the two fell out: Kooki was from Alderaan and despised the Empire that Andrelious had served for many years. For his part, the Warlord considered that Alderaan, as a staunch supporter of the Rebellion, had deserved its fate. However, he couldn't quite bring himself to tell Kooki this; something inside him told him not to. Instead, he masked this reluctance to declare his views behind a mask of hostility.

Kookimarissia Mimosa

After a brief scuffle, in which Kooki was slightly hurt, Inahj warmed to the female, noticing her doing the same with him. The two were of a similar age, older than many around them in Arcona - most new intakes were in their teens or early twenties. Before things could proceed as far as a romantic rendezvous, however, the fighting started up again, leaving Inahj worrying about the Protector's safety during her first combat engagement.

A while later, Kooki was elevated to the rank of Guardian. It was around this time that Inahj began to realise that he had feelings for the woman from a world that his beloved Empire had destroyed. He even felt a little guilt about his past.

After further meetings, both on-duty and off, Andrelious requested the presence of Kookimarissia in his office. The pair shared stories briefly - both had had their home planet blown up and had nowhere to call home, although Inahj was firmly settled into his role as part of Arcona, and Kooki appeared to be finding her own feet too.

The pair began to consider things - had destiny drawn them together? Andrelious certainly thought so, and asked the Alderaanian an interesting question...

Following this 'rendezvous', as Inahj had called it, Andrelious and Kookimarissia began a romantic relationship.

Over the next few weeks, feelings blossomed between Inahj and his newfound lover. As Kooki was granted the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, having created her own lightsaber, Andrelious found himself unable to be away from her, a feeling that was clearly reciprocated. In turn Andrelious became less bitter towards others in his clan, particularly Atyiru Caesus Entar, Kooki's master. After some time, Kooki got involved in a brief scuffle with Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae, with the Primarch cracking her ribs. Atyiru was able to intervene before the Zabrak could injure her further, but the damage was done.

As his lover's wounds were healed by her master, Andrelious reached for a box from his cloak, producing an engagement ring. He proposed to Kookimarissia, so sure was he that the Alderaanian was the one for him.

Kooki was delighted to accept the proposal, having fallen for the ex-Imperial as much as he had for her. The couple now had a wedding to plan, and immediately requested Atyiru's aid in doing so; the Miraluka agreed to help her apprentice and new fiancé, except for colour coordination.

Serving with Soulfire

"There's no way I'd have served in the old Soulfire. Too many Mandalorians. But now I see things have changed"
―Andrelious, on joining Soulfire

As the number of qualified Dark Jedi pilots dwindled, it was clear that Void Squadron was no longer sustainable as an active unit within House Qel-Droma. The Summit led a reform of the Battleteams within Arcona, offering six options to each member of the Shadow Clan. Andrelious, after some thought, headed to the Soulfire Strike Team, to serve alongside fellow Void veteran, Nadrin Erinos Arconae.

Previously during his time as Commander of Void, Andrelious had been disparaging towards the Galerean team, but realised that it had changed and was no longer a home just for Mandalorians. Within Soulfire, Andrelious served a dual role, usually taking point during an operation, and also driving or flying any vehicle that the Strike Team found themselves using.

It was not long before Soulfire were called into action, joining new team Nighthawk on the ship of the same name for Operation: Sojourn. It appeared that the main operation was conducted by other parts of Arcona operating from the Darkest Night, whilst Soulfire would play a minor role. However, it became clear that the Darkest Night was a distraction. Soulfire, transported by the Nighthawk, yet again proved themselves to be among the best in the Brotherhood, infiltrating a Hapan Comm Relay, before recovering the 'Blood Cups', a flower that apparently held the key to the operation: keeping the Cythraul alive. Later on, however, it transpired that the entire operation was a political move and a test.

A surprise..or two

"I'm having your baby Andrelious"
―Kooki, announcing she was pregnant

Once the dust had settled from the mission to the Hapes Cluster, Andrelious and Kooki reunited almost immediately after a brief scare when the Warlord heard that the Darkest Night had been boarded. During a rendezvous outside Estle City, confessions and bombshells began pouring from the Alderaanian female. After being shown her fiancé's new hip flask, Kooki confessed to being responsible for the death of her Grandmother many years ago. Andrelious, who was no stranger to killing, quickly shrugged this off.

However, little could have prepared him for what his lover said next. As she mused about the idea of joining House Odan-Urr due to her strong compassionate feelings for Andrelious, she declared that she was carrying the Rollmaster's child. The news only increased his love for the Alderaanian, and he immediately re-iterated his vow to protect Kooki..and their unborn child.

Some time later, after an operation for Soulfire, Kooki went for her first scan. At this fairly early stage of the pregnancy, only Nadrin was aware, although Andrelious suspected that Kooki had also told her Master, Atyiru, without his knowledge.

As the scan began, it became clear that Kooki wasn't carrying a single child. She was carrying two. Identical twins. On discovering that he was to be the father to not one but two babies, Andrelious immediately fainted. When he came to, it was his turn to spill the beans. Kooki quickly mentioned that there was no history of twins in her family. Another remark that Inahj made troubled her, too. He had said that the Inahj family did not traditionally carry middle names, immediately causing the Alderaanian to question why Andrelious had one. The Warlord confessed that he was once an identical twin, but his brother-to-be, who his parents had named Jongstram, had not survived the pregnancy. Instead, Andrelious had been given both names to commemorate what could have been.

Wives, Daughters, and Civil War

"Mr. Inahj, you may want to have a look at this..."
―A medic, giving Andrelious unexpected news.

Shortly before getting married, Andrelious and Kooki went to a routine DNA screening appointment. The couple had hoped that Atyiru would be available, but were sent to one of her trusted Force-blind assistants, instead. There, the parents-to-be found out that they and their children were clear of any abnormalities.

The day of the wedding came, and Andrelious and Kooki married in Estle City, watched by Atyiru and Riverche. During the proceedings, Kooki dropped the statement that she was expecting the couple to adopt the surname Mimosa-Inahj, rather than simply becoming Mr. and Mrs. Inahj. The last minute change surprised the Rollmaster slightly, but he soon became used to the idea, happily adding his new wife's surname to his own. As the wedding proceeded, the ex-Imperial noticed something was deeply troubling the party, especially Atyiru, but kept his worries to himself, not wishing to ruin his special day with such concerns.

Just days later, the newly named Mimosa-Inahj couple found out what had been bothering their friends. Clan Arcona erupted into full civil war as the Consul and Proconsul headed to Antei. The two Quaestors, and their allies, faced off against the Arconae. The rivalry ran deep, polarising the entire Dajorra System to its core. Andrelious and Kooki took no time at all to decide to fight alongside the Shadow Clan's veterans, seeing the conflict as an opportunity to destroy, or at least unseat, the Galeres Quaestor Cethgus Entar.

Once the Summit returned and the Civil War had come to an abrupt halt, Andrelious was relaxing in the Citadel's Cantina, along with Atyiru and his new wife. Kooki, who was feeling fairly tired, felt a wave of pain coursing through her body. The twins were on their way.

Cursing and shouting at her husband, while relying on her Master's medical skills, Kooki gave birth to two tiny but healthy identical baby girls. Andrelious immediately fell in love, even feeling a warmth towards his elder daughter, who had fled outside as her half-sisters were born. A quick examination from the Galeres Aedile determined that the twins were largely healthy, but would need a little support in their first few days of life as they had been born seven weeks premature - such an event was common with twins.

Naming the twins Poppeliamarissia and Etholimarissia, following both the Inahj tradition of no middle name, and the addition of 'Marissia' as per recent Mimosa tradition, Andrelious and Kooki offered godparent status to the others present. Both readily accepted, with the girls' father opting to offer Nadrin Erinos Arconae the role of godfather at a later date.

Attack on Nicht Ka

Andrelious didn’t have long to adapt to being a father when the call came that the Brotherhood was attacking Nicht Ka. The goal was clear: to secure the hexagonal fortress that was rumoured to contain the lightsaber of Warb Null, among some other artefacts from the days of the Sith Empire. As leader of Soulfire, Andrelious was on the frontlines. With the help of Kooki, who was operating as part of the Arête Battleteam of Qel-Droma, the Sith managed to gain access to the fortress, securing it for Arcona with the help of the rest of Soulfire. Andrelious continued to perform well even after completing his mission at the fortress.

Despite some trouble from Taldryan and a resurgent Tarentum, Arcona’s victory at the fortress, coupled with other successes against the One Sith forces, was enough that they were granted control over Nicht Ka and its rather limited resources. For his part in the battle, Andrelious was once again decorated as a hero, though for the first time as part of Clan Arcona.

Faust’s Revenge

During a quieter time, Andrelious had completed an important mission for the renewed Arcona Contract Bureau. This mission had required him to eliminate an Imperial-class Star Destroyer belonging to the mysterious Faust Corporation, an organisation that were troubling the Shadow Clan and were believed to be a front for something far more sinister.

After a surprisingly hard fought campaign, it was discovered that the clan’s medical supplies had been cut off by attacks on the front company SCEPTER. With supplies now at a critical low, Atyiru, in her role as CEO of SCEPTER, called an emergency meeting to discuss the situation.

As the meeting began, a shatter of transparisteel silenced the Miraluka Aedile. She had been shot, and was severely wounded. With the lack of bacta in the Dajorra system, the situation looked bleak.

After a brief trip to the Nighthawk, Andrelious called Soulfire together. Despite the variety of skills and personalities that he had available to him, he largely drew a blank with regards to the identity of Atyiru’s would-be assassin, even after hearing that they had been identified as a Zeltron.

Whilst visiting the comatose Atyiru, Andrelious was approached by a man calling himself Sephilios Braxant, who claimed to be a high level investigator for the [[Dajorra Intelligence Agency. Braxant quickly set about accusing Andrelious of having something to do with the shooting, something which incensed the ex-Imperial greatly. Additionally, there was something about Braxant that unsettled Mimosa-Inahj, but he could not place exactly what.

Later on, after hearing that a member of the Arcona Starfighter Corps had disappeared in the Dajorra Asteroid Field during what had been a routine patrol, Andrelious began to suspect foul play. This was confirmed when Riverche intercepted a partial message from the same area.

Following what was their only lead, Andrelious headed to out the asteroids in his own ship, and discovered an enemy Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer that had been cloaking among the many rocks. Escaping that threat, Mimosa-Inahj decided that his next move was to return to that Star Destroyer, along with his team. He had the team's slicer, who had been examining IFF codes from the registry at Giletta Spaceport, copy a Faust code onto an Arconan shuttle, the intent being to sneak aboard. The plan appeared to work perfectly as the enemy Star Destroyer, which was discovered to be called the ‘’’Oath Breaker’’’, allowed Soulfire to dock.

An unexpected reunion

"Well, well, well, just look who it is. My little Inahj."
―Granta Prackx

On arrival on the enemy ship, Soulfire found the flight deck to be devoid of any personnel. Thinking they would have an easy time of it, Andrelious lead his team into a nearby turbolift. Unfortunately for the ex-Imperial, he soon discovered that the lift had been booby trapped, and was captured, along with the rest of Soulfire.

The next few hours were a blur. A man called Pepco interrogated Andrelious, and the rest of the team. This quickly made Andrelious want Pepco dead, but as he and the others had also been heavily sedated with Tranqarest, there was little he could do.

After further interrogation sessions, Andrelious awoke, feeling as if the Tranqarest had worn off. As he came to properly, he spotted a datapad in his cell with an interesting message, telling him that his cell was unlocked and that he was indeed free of Tranqarest. With a start, he escaped, ambushing the nearest two guards, killing one and forcing the other to assist him. With the help of his own captive, he released Wes Biriuk, Achilleus and Riverche, finding that the lower ranked members were held on a different level. He was impressed to discover that his old apprentice had managed to overpower the ship’s Captain, despite being only a Dark Jedi Knight.

Once he had made his way to where Soulfire’s equipment was being stored, the former Imperial was shocked to discover that his lightsabers had disappeared. The female that was helping them, Xyrilia Queslyn, confirmed that this was unusual, and that the sabers had been there and were now apparently unaccounted for.

Some time later, after fighting off several groups of Stormtroopers and reuniting with the remainder of Soulfire, Andrelious discovered what had happened to his lightsabers. They were in the hands of Granta Prackx, a tall, flame haired female who had served in the Imperial Army. She had also been Andrelious’ lover during his teenage on Byss, before the Empire assigned them to different parts of the galaxy. It had been thirty years since he had seen Prackx, but it soon became clear that the woman had missed him immensely Shortly after a rather rushed reunion, Andrelious ran into yet another face from the past, this time his apprentice, Vosh Kon.

At this point, Kooki, who had convinced Nadrin to take her to the Star Destroyer, also ran into the enlarged group of Dark Jedi. The Alderaanian was not happy about Prackx - she had only discovered Andrelious’ relationship with her from an old photo that her husband had insisted on keeping with him, but respected that she had helped save Andrelious from the enemy.

With Prackx, who was now a powerful Dark Jedi herself, switching sides, the crew of the ‘’’Oath Breaker’’’ were completely unable to stop Soulfire, with Kooki in particular able to channel her anger and hatred, into cutting down trooper after trooper.

Rescuing the twins

" really want to kill him? What in the name of Palpatine has B'nar done to you?"

As the Arconan group made their way to the main hangar, a larger battle was taking place outside. Cethgus, the Quaestor of Galeres, was leading elements of the Arconan fleet against the enemy, and had engaged them in a close quarters naval battle. The fact that Andrelious and others were still on board the enemy Star Destroyer had not deterred the Iridonian from ordering the attack.

During the escape, Andrelious found out that Pepco and his men had known about the attempted boarding all along - a Whipid who answered to the name of Rotidor had managed to infiltrate his way into the strike team. Now, he was back on the side of the One Sith, but he did not last long, as Andrelious, aided by Prackx, executed the alien in short order and continued to make their way off the ship. In the end, the team made it back to the shuttle that Soulfire had originally used with moments to spare, and were only just clear when the ‘’’Oath Breaker’’’ sustained too much damage and was destroyed.

With the escape made, Andrelious and the rest of the Arconans rushed back to Selen, a vision of the twins in danger having alarmed the Soulfire Captain and his wife. On their return, they found that the twins, having been left in the care of the recovering Atyiru, had been kidnapped when the Galeres Aedile had run into Sephilios Braxant, who, rather than being the DIA agent he had claimed he was, was in reality a powerful bounty hunter. Another Arconan had managed to catch up with Braxant and the twins, and had been allowed to take the infants to the relative safety of Ood Bnar.

Once they had caught up with Ood and retrieved the twins, Andrelious called for volunteers for the next mission: Atyiru needed help. Nadrin was given no choice; as godfather to the twins, Andrelious demanded he help defeat the man who had threatened to harm them. Several of the group, both Force sensitives and soldiers, chose to volunteer, whilst Revs was vocal in his refusal.

Thanks to Galeres' members, Atyiru’s location was known: a building in the heart of Estle City. Andrelious wasted no time, commandeering a group of the Army’s hover tanks and quickly flying to and entering the building. The group took very little time in reaching the top level, with a little help from a slicer's disabling of the building’s power and Kooki’s ongoing motherly anger.

On arrival, they found a bound Atyiru, and Sephilios Braxant, who was already in an intense fight with some Galereans. Despite the strength of his opponents, Braxant was keeping them at bay. However, with the arrival of a large cohort of reinforcements, he was soon brought down and placed in captivity.

Freeing Atyiru, Andrelious handed command of the situation over to her, expecting her to demand that Braxant was spared. However, to his surprise, the Miraluka permitted him and Kooki to execute him, demanding only that they made it quick. After cutting a few of his fingers off, as revenge for a threat levelled at the twins, something which irked Atyiru to the point that ‘’she’’ threatened to kill Braxant instead, Kooki shoved their defeated enemy into Andrelious’ waiting lightsaber blade.

With Braxant dead, and the Faust forces rapidly being defeated or driven off, order was soon restored.

Back to the front line

"Frakking Plagueian traitors!"
―Andrelious, during the fighting on Korriban

Things had barely settled down when fresh orders came in from the Dark Council. It was time to invade Korriban. As Soulfire leader, Andrelious used his clout to have Kooki returned to the Galerean team, tired of having to head to Port Ol’val to see his wife.

Korriban soon proved to be dangerous. The One Sith were mounting a determined defence, backed up by mysterious Imperial forces, as well as the majority of Clan Plagueis, who had defected to join Darth Esoteric. The situation was made more complicated by the fact that Darth Ashen was attempting to perform a rite to make himself immortal, and had been opposed by former Grand Master Jac Cotelin. This had divided the Brotherhood. Arcona and Naga Sadow, supported by Tarentum, found themselves facing not only Plagueis, but Taldryan, Scholae Palatinae and Odan-Urr as well.

Working his way, along with his team, through intense fighting, Andrelious honed his skills with a blade, felling Force user and soldier alike.

As Soulfire reached their goal, a temple that was said to hold the scrolls that Ashen required to perform the rite of immortality, the fighting only became more and more aggressive, as even the loose alliance between the Clans on opposing ‘sides’ began to unravel.

Eventually, Andrelious, whilst duelling a Jedi from Odan-Urr, fell victim to a rocket attack from an enemy heavy infantry soldier. The rocket flung the Warlord high in the air, slamming him violently into the remains of another temple. Kooki easily despatched the rocketeer, but it was too late. Andrelious was badly hurt.

Recovery and Retirement

"I’ll still be around. Just not as much."
―Andrelious to the new summit

Andrelious awoke several days later to a large amount of news. First of all, he was informed that Arcona had let the Ashenite faction to victory, but that Ashen himself had abdicated in favour of Pravus. Furthermore, it transpired that Cethgus had defected to Clan Naga Sadow. He then expected to be told that Atyiru was Quaestor, but was instead shocked to discover that the Miraluka had an even bigger role: she was now Consul. Despite this, the Archpriestess had insisted on treating Andrelious herself, determined to keep the Warlord alive, even if only for the twins’ sake.

Andrelious, although he initially tried to return to leadership of Soulfire, was given enforced medical leave by Atyiru, instead. After a brief argument, he admitted that he did not feel well enough, either physically or mentally, to immediately return.

As a result, Andrelious and Kooki, both still formally members of Galeres but now considered to be reservists, headed to their own home high in the mountains of Selen.

Times of Change

"You want to ally with who?'"
―Andrelious to Atyiru

After being left largely alone for a while, Andrelious, along with Kooki, found themselves being called back into action. Pressed back into Soulfire by executive order, Andrelious found that he, along with the rest of the Clan, were returning to New Tython space for the first time since this invasion. This time, however, it was as allies of the now Clan Odan-Urr. Andrelious was far from happy, but nonetheless assisted the light siders with their defence against their resurgent O'reenian enemies. At the end of the battle, the Warlord was deemed to have performed well enough to earn a place on a newly created council. This council's role was to ensure that the alliance forged between Arcona and Odan-Urr would always endure.

Flight Before Fight

"So it comes to an end."

With things in Arcona rapidly changing, Andrelious had had enough. He began to meet in secret with a group of mercenaries that were particularly skilled at deception. In no time at all, a plan was hatched. The mercenaries feigned an attack on the Mimosa-Inahj homestead, choosing their timing to coincide with Kooki being at the Citadel, with the twins in tow. To the outside world, the attack appeared to have destroyed the homestead, killing Andrelious in the process. Kooki, with Atyiru's blessing, vowed to track her husband's killers down and left Arconan space. Meanwhile, Andrelious had led a group of Arconan and Urrite soldiers into a trap on Sukhur, killing all but one.

In reality, the attack had been a pretext to escape to Karufr, the capital planet of Arcona's hated rival, Clan Taldryan. Taking with him reams of classified data, Andrelious applied for asylum, stating that Kooki, along with some other defectors such as Granta Prackx, would be along later. After some deliberation, the application was accepted. Andrelious and his family were welcomed into Taldryan.

New Home

Settling quickly into Taldryan, Andrelious was placed in House Dinaari. He found he fit into the clan almost immediately, finding many of the summit were also former Imperials. Almost immediately, however, Taldryan came under attack from a group masquerading as Sphinxian Satellite Technologies. In the end, it turned out that Sphinxian Satellite Technologies was little more than a front company. In time, Andrelious assisted his new clan with dealing with the threat, earning the respect of many of his new colleagues.

Calm Before the Storm

"Pravus will regret the day he hurt this family!"
―Andrelious, after the attack on Karufr

After the threat from Sphinxian Satellite Technologies, things became fairly quiet. Andrelious settled into family life, helping Kooki raise the twins as they grew from babies to toddlers. He was occasionally given a mission by the Inquisitorius, who had granted the Sith the position of Grand Inquisitor on inception. These missions often involved dealing with enemies of the Grand Master, Pravus. Andrelious was generally happy to undertake these missions: his targets were Jedi, or members of a species that Pravus had deemed 'undesirable'. He would not, however, target other members of Taldryan, regardless of their alignment or species.

However, things changed. Acting on orders from Pravus, Jac Cotelin, one of Taldryan's greatest heroes and a former Grand Master himself, led a devastating Attack on Karufr. The attack was carried out whilst the Mimosa-Inahj family were asleep - Cotelin had ordered the attack even whilst members of the clan who had been loyal to Pravus remained on the planet.

Kooki was able to get the twins to safety, finding safe passage from the world aboard a captured Iron Legion ship, but Andrelious was slowed down by the machinations of a Grand Inquisitor, Enoch Ketcher.

Eventually, though, the family were re-united, and, thanks to the fact that they had rescued a number of other Taldryanites on their way off the beleaguered planet, Andrelious was granted the position of Dinaari Aedile, under its new Quaestor, Raiju Kang.

With their home system destroyed, Taldryan were left with little option but to go into hiding. Andrelious, in his new role as Aedile, assisted the Clan as best he could, even helping them acquire several new ships to replace their destroyed fleet. Andrelious often found himself in conflict with Raiju, who considered himself a Jedi and did not approve of his Aedile's more aggressive methods.

After Raiju and a number of others were ambushed during a Dinaari mission, leading to the Quaestor's disappearance, Dinaari was officially disbanded. Andrelious was moved to Rollmaster.

Shortly before the twins' 3rd birthday, Kooki had some news for her spouse. She was expecting their 3rd child. Andrelious was delighted with the news, and secretly hoped that he would get the one thing he did not yet have: a son.

A New Enemy

Pravus and his Inquisitors continued to trouble the clans. The Lotus, a resistance movement that had been formed against the Grand Master, was starting to gather strength. The Lotus leadership approached Andrelious with a mission: he was needed to lead the fighter screen in a daring attack on the Suffering, Pravus' flagship.

During the battle, a third faction arrived on the scene. Andrelious, spotting their unusual ships, initially thought them to be little more than a large pirate clan. He largely ignored them as he helped cover a strike force as they evacuated from the Suffering.

The mission appeared to be a success. As the Grand Master's flagship exploded, Andrelious hypered away, his mission complete.

It was only later that he was told that the new arrivals were a group calling themselves the Collective, a group of cybernetically enhanced beings that had one clear goal: the annihilation of Force users.

With the threat to the Brotherhood's existence obvious, the seven Clans forged a tenuous alliance, meeting with the Collective on Nancora. Despite a long, drawn out battle, resulting in many losses for both sides, the Collective's leadership managed to escape the planet unscathed, leaving them as a continued threat.

The Family Grows Again

"He's here! He's here!"
―Poppy and Etty on meeting their new brother

Shortly after the incident on Nancora, Clan Taldryan found themselves back under the Consulship of Rian Taldrya. As part of several sweeping changes, the Miralian significantly reshuffled the summit. Andrelious was offered the role of Aedile in House Ektrosis, nominally under the command of Justinios Drake.

Under Drake, Ektrosis was reorganised into the Sphere of Research and Intelligence, connecting with what was left of the Taldryan Intelligence Directorate. The first order of business was to recruit a suitable scientist to lead the nascent organisation. A man called Kagu Shi was identified, but a heavily pregnant Kooki, who was indeed carrying Andrelious' son, was given the mission, against the Aedile's advice. Nontheless he waited quitely at home with the girls for news. Kooki successfully infilitrated into Shi's operation, but that was the good news ended; she ended up killing the target and burning down his main facility, setting the SRI back significantly.

For the next SRI operation, Andrelious himself was selected to lead an attack on one of Shi's secondary facilities. The attack went well, but the amount of resistance at the facility was far higher than Drake had estimated. As a military man, Andrelious, with help from a hand picked team of soldiers from Taldryan's military, managed to successfully capture the facility, but the scientific equipment that was the main goal of the mission was completely destroyed. All that was left was a set of datapads.

Within hours of completing the mission, Andrelious came home to find Kooki in the beginnings of labour. With help from his mother, Licon, as well as a midwife, Andrelious soothed his spouse as she gave birth to the latest addition to the Mimosa-Inahj family. The baby boy was named Mostynn even before he had been born, after Kooki's father.

Even with so much to do with a new baby, there was no time for Andrelious to take much paternity leave. Once again the SRI came calling with an assignment. This time, Justinios had identified another potential director, an ex-Collective cybernetics expert called Torin Morgath. The meeting was arranged at a busy plaza on Chyron, but Andrelious, not convinced by the woman's sincerity, decided that it would be better to capture her rather than attempt to reason with her.

Morgath hadn't even attempted to properly talk to Andrelious before the meeting proved to be a trap. After a sniper killed one of the Sith's men, the rest engaged in a fire fight with other Collective operatives. Andrelious himself chased after the fleeing Morgath, who attempted to escape in a speeder. After a chase that led out into Chyron's swamplands, Andrelious deliberately rammed his target, leading to her capture. Once again, however, the mission was messy and drew further attention to the SRI.

All Change on Chyron

As the SRI slowly established itself, Andrelious was turning his interest towards developing another project within Taldryan. Naming it ‘Project Starlight’, Mimosa-Inahj, along with a few others, sought to re-establish the once dominant House Archanis, which had fallen apart many years previously. Andrelious envisioned the new Archanis as an elite military unit drawn from both Taldryan’s Force users, as well as skilled mundanes from the clan’s military.

Things looked to get off to a good start when Andrelious was allowed to proceed with the project and was named Quaestor of a newly restored Archanis. He appointed Aldaric, a Chiss who’d recently arrived from Arcona, as his Aedile.

However, things quickly took a turn for the worse shortly after the acquisition of the Escort Carrier Verrijzenis, which was going to have served as the Archanis command ship.

As Archanis established itself, a political crisis had begun in the Caelus system. The ageing ruler of the system, Astor Ky’lien, was murdered by his son, Drayen. Drayen, Force sensitive and imbued with powers from a mysterious amulet, was finally making his move and attempting to take the system over, his plan to assume control over not just the Caelus system, but Taldryan as well. To this end, he captured the Consul, Rian Aslar, and ordered the Caelus Security Force to demand the surrender of all Taldryan efforts.

Andrelious, seeing what was happening, defeated the small force that attempted to have him surrender, and rendezvoused with Drayen’s sister, Ceyra, who was currently under the protection of a CSF officer named Jiq Morvit.

Explaining the situation to Ceyra, it quickly became clear that Ceyra was not part of Drayen’s plans, and was as much in danger as Taldryan. Andrelious immediately took it upon himself to rescue the situation. Using the Force to get Ceyra past the CSF team that had come to take her into custody, Andrelious took Ceyra and Morvit and proceeded to the location that Drayen was holding Rian, defeating more CSF forces en route.

After briefly hitching a ride aboard the Taldryan flagship, the cruiser Paragon, Andrelious headed to 200 Stellaris, with Ceyra and Morvit still in tow. Mimosa-Inahj ordered the pair to stay back, whilst he intervened in the fight between his Consul and Drayen. After a brief struggle, in which Drayen was able to blast both Taldryanites with the power of his amulet, Andrelious managed to defeat and kill Taldryan’s latest threat.

With such a prominent role in the battle of Chyron, Andrelious quickly became both highly respected within the clan and a hero within the Taldryan military, and also the CSF, which was to be disbanded and its membership enrolled within Taldryan’s military instead.

Taldryan’s victory came at a great price, however, as an agent of Drayen’s was able to fatally sabotage the Paragon, the cruiser crashing into the city below.

A sudden change of scene

Despite his popularity, Andrelious had a number of high profile clashes with the rest of the Taldryan leadership. He had wanted Ceyra Ky’lien to take running the system over, and she did indeed succeed her father, but Rian allowed many democractic reforms. He also strongly disagreed with the decision to replace the Paragon with a Secutor-class Star Destroyer, rather than an Imperial-II class Star Destroyer.

Feeling very underwhelmed and increasingly distant from Rian’s leadership, even in spite of his recent successes, Andrelious resigned as Quaestor, and also chose to leave the clan, taking Kooki and the children to the Aliso system, home of Clan Plagueis.

Not feeling right

Having taken such an active role in Taldryan, Andrelious immediately informed Ronovi, Plagueis’ Dread Lord, that he intended to live a much quieter life from now on, albeit that Ronovi and the summit could call on him when needed. Ronovi, who had met Andrelious many years previously, agreed, and left the Mimosa-Inahj family to it.

Andrelious and Kooki were not called into action until an incident in the Lyra-3K-a system reignited war with the Collective.

For once, Andrelious didn’t seem enthusiastic about the upcoming fight. When the enemy was the Collective, Andrelious was often among the first to volunteer, but this time, he had to be virtually coerced into action. It didn’t help when Kooki was assigned to a different mission.

As the incident unfolded, Andrelious started to feel himself feeling increasingly desperate to get back to his children, who were left in the care of Parck and Licon back on Aliso.

The Brotherhood managed to win the day, but as the Plagueians regrouped, it soon became clear that Kooki was not among them. Andrelious had not sensed her death in the Force, but he could not sense her nearby. At first, he wanted to arrange a search and rescue mission, but after not being granted permission, found that he actually felt relieved.


"She may well have become a danger. To me. To her own children."
―Andrelious considering what Kooki may have become

With time alone for the first time in many years, Andrelious started to consider his relationship with Kooki. He remembered how she had hated him at first, after finding out that he was an Imperial. He looked back at things the Alderaanian had said, and the way she had treated him. The more he thought about things, the more he realised that their relationship had been at times unhealthy, with Kooki often saying, or even doing, increasingly cruel things. She was also incredibly jealous, having been known to threaten other women for simply greeting Andrelious in ‘too warm’ a manner.

The fact that Kooki wasn’t confirmed as dead or alive also troubled Andrelious. Seeing what the Collective had done to Evant, who was de facto the second most powerful individual in the Brotherhood filled the Sith with paranoia that Kooki would also be turned against the Brotherhood.

Those harrowing facts left Andrelious with little doubt. He dropped the ‘Mimosa’ from his name, resolving that Kooki was little other than the mother of his children; he left their names as they were, and did his best to make sure that they remembered their mother in a positive way.

With three young children to care for, Andrelious reached out to his parents and was surprised by their offer: they moved to Aliso to provide their son with full-time support and childcare.

Conflict, and coming home

Things had barely calmed down from the previous skirmish with the Collective when the news came that Arx, the capital planet of the Brotherhood, had fallen under attack. Andrelious, still very against helping the Dark Council after what happened to Karufr, was nonetheless sent to the front line, along with the entirety of Plagueis.

The combined forces of the Iron Legion and the Clans managed to repulse the attack, but with great losses.

After returning to Aliso, Andrelious tried to take a more active role in Plagueis. He applied for various leadership roles, feeling himself to be ready, but was turned down in favour of others, including members of other clans. He did not take well to these rejections, deciding that it was a sign that he’d made a mistake in leaving Taldryan.

With little in the way of attachments or connections with the membership of the Dread Clan, Andrelious resolved that he would return to Taldryan, where he once again took residence on Elysia in the house he’d once shared with Kooki.



Fairly short for a Human male, Andrelious is not the most imposing figure among the ranks of Taldryan. The fact that he is quite overweight adds to the fact that he does not look much like a fighter.

Sporting blue eyes and chestnut hair that is starting to turn a little white at the temples, the Warlord looks every day of his mid-forties.

In the past, Andrelious dressed almost religiously in his TIE pilot suit, but will now often adopt a set of robes, or dark coloured civilian clothing, depending on his surroundings. He still insists on shaving regularly, remembering the strict requirement to be clean shaven from his Imperial days. On longer missions, however, he will often end up sprouting a fair amount of stubble.

Dark side decay is not as apparent as with some, but a closer look at the former Imperial’s eyes show that they are indeed tinged yellow. Additionally his eyes will turn a deep shade of crimson when he is angered.


For the first few years of his time in the Brotherhood, the word ‘bigot’ was an accurate way to describe Andrelious. His old Imperial prejudices against women and aliens was obvious, to the point that he found it incredibly difficult to work with either. Additionally, even those that Andrelious could work with in any meaningful way described the Warlord as ‘cold’. He had enjoyed being a pilot immensely, and deeply resented any situtation where he was not flying.

However, since serving as Arcona Rollmaster, Andrelious has mellowed greatly. He is now far more tolerant of others, at one point having found himself able to call quite a few of his former Arconan colleagues a friend. Though his old views occasionally still bubble forth, this is now generally something that can no longer be said to define Andrelious.

He still drinks fairly heavily, even carrying a personalised hip flask with him at all times. Again, however, often he will now drink with other colleagues within Taldryan. He also still insists on eating higher quality food, having spent far too long eating the muck that the Imperial Navy provided.

With his cold demeanour having changed, Andrelious will now occasionally make an attempt at a joke. His humour style is extremely deadpan, and incredibly sarcastic.

There was once no doubt how he felt about Kooki: he was deeply in love with her, and, some say, more than a little afraid of her, too. He even used to quickly correct anyone that forgot that he added her name to his own on marriage. Now that he has come to realise how abusive the Alderaanian was, however, he has completely removed her from his life, albeit still recognising that she is the mother of his 3 youngest children and that she may one day return and wish to take a role in bringing the children up. He remains very sceptical that this will happen, and has also vowed to do what it takes if she returns with any kind of hostile intent towards him or the children.

Whilst a lot calmer and warmer than he once was, Andrelious can still be incredibly unpleasant. He is not one to tolerate failure or disobedience from anyone under his command, expecting any orders he gives to be followed competently and fully. Failure to do so, whilst unlikely to result in execution, is usually met with some form of retribution, especially if a more level headed person is not around to ‘keep him in check’.

On missions and in battle, Andrelious is still as brutal as he ever was: he is far more direct and seems to enjoy causing enemies pain. He particularly gets a thrill from causing slow, painful deaths, such a slicing an opponent’s windpipe and leaving them to slowly suffocate.


Inahj brings a large variety of skills to the table. He is considered to be one of the finest pilots that Taldryan has to offer, earning him great respect among the clan's Starfighter Corps. On top of that, he is also skilled with operating the various consoles of larger ships. These skills served him well when he was part of Soulfire, allowing him to act as their vehicle specialist.

Additionally, Andrelious is a crack shot, especially with his favoured E-11 Blaster, whilst he has also become a formidable duelist with a lightsaber, and can often be seen sparring with others with a training blade.

As for his specialties in the Force, the Warlord has become adept at bending the minds of others, particularly in the art of persuading them that he is disarmed. He has also mastered Force Lightning.


Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj

As Rollmaster, Andrelious was nominally in charge of Mimosa's training, just like with every other Arconan Journeyman. However, as the pair began to get to know each other, the ex-Imperial was forced to admit that he felt something for this particular journeyman. The result of this was that Atyiru Caesus Entar was given a larger amount of control over Kooki's training than would otherwise have been granted.

After time spent together it became clear that Kooki meant a lot to Andrelious, with the two humans having become a couple shortly before the Krath's elevation to Dark Jedi Knight.

After the fateful spar with Cethgus that resulted in Andrelious becoming engaged to Kooki, the couple now share a quarters in the citadel, the Warlord remarking that he 'didn't give a frak' about any regulations forbidding him to do so.

Having married Kooki, and having fathered her twin girls, Andrelious remained close to his wife, even as she was moved to the Arete battleteam. He would often visit her on Port Ol’val, an act which would often annoy the Qel-Droma leadership. This friction was eventually the claim that Andrelious made to insist on Kooki being returned to Galeres.

After the events on Korriban wounded Andrelious, he found himself relying on his wife's fighting ability far more, and became a little fearful of her power - she was beginning to best him when they sparred, including a notable occasion in the throne room shortly after Atyiru's elevation.

Kooki and the twins accompanied Andrelious after his defection to Taldryan.

A family picture from before the attack on Karufr


For the most part, Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae and Andrelious had what could be described as a relationship of cold, quiet tolerance, rather than a warm alliance. The two had often conflicted during summit meetings, mainly due to Inahj insisting on referring to the Galerean as a Zabrak. Such a comment grates on the Entar. Despite this, the sheer length of their times of service has made the pair respect each other's abilities, and the sheer loyalty of Cethgus has helped inspire even a veteran like Andrelious in developing a loyalty of his own.

However, things changed after Cethgus sparred with Kooki. After the initial threats, Andrelious was ready to jump in and fight the Primarch himself, only being stopped by the quick thinking of Atyiru. Thanks to the injuries that the Quaestor inflicted on his lover, Andrelious now considers the Iridonian as much an enemy as those from other clans; before he would have considered teaming up with Cethgus if necessary, whereas now he would happily wipe him off the face of the galaxy if given half a chance.

With the news that the Iridionian had defected to Clan Naga Sadow, Andrelious’ opinion was changed little, though he was pleased that he would no longer have to deal with Cethgus.

Nikola Valtiere

"Your apprentice. It's a shame we didn't have more like him at Endor."
―Andrelious to Nadrin, regarding Valtiere

As Void Squadron Commander, Andrelious was exposed first hand to the abilities of Valtiere. The ex-Imperial liked what he saw; the young Nikola proved to be an excellent pilot, and, along with Snabbie, was often the first that Andrelious would call upon should Void be limited in numbers.


Socorra became part of Arcona around the time of the Invasion of New Tython and at first, Andrelious was impressed with her. He had also found himself being a little attracted to the exotic female - there weren't many females in service of Arcona at the time, and those that were were often aliens. . However, Inahj's opinion began to change as the Socorran female was granted positions of power. As a Sith, he wanted that power, and now saw this woman as a threat to his own rise. Over time, he gained the trust of others, and was eventually able to gain a position in House Qel-Droma, where Socorra served first as Aedile, then as Quaestor. However, his machinations towards the female were halted, first due to her relations with others on the Summit, and secondly thanks to Andrelious' elevation to Rollmaster.


"€œOne day you will be ready to take me on, my boy. But for now, I suggest you be content with Knighthood."
―Andrelious giving his student one final piece of advice.

Incendus Layon Krayt was assigned to Andrelious literally days after his arrival to Arcona. The then-Battlelord selected him, sensing something that he liked within Krayt's soul. The pairing immediately got off to a good start as Inahj was impressed by the young Iridonian, seeing an excellent Sith in him. The pair developed a close relationship, much like other pairings within Arcona and the rest of the Brotherhood. They were assigned on several missions together, often with Incendus 'tagging along' to learn something from his master.

Over time, Krayt's power grew to the point that he was ready to demonstrate that he was capable of becoming a Knight. The final trial was as it always was; assemble his lightsaber.

It was then that the Sith nature of the partnership became clear. On being shown his student's finished weapon, Inahj sensed a hostile intent; his student was going to attempt an assassination. A quick lightsaber duel ended with Andrelious hurling his student into furniture, before leaving him with his thought, as well as a number of bruises.

Once Incendus had been Knighted, he disappeared for a few months, only to return with a bang shortly before the fighting on Nicht Ka. His performance there and on Korriban was enough to have Andrelious petition for the Iridonian's elevation to the Equites; a request that was granted.

Nath Voth

"You and your master are well suited. You're an insolent little bitch."
―Andrelious to Nath, during the latter's training

Things between Nath Voth and Andrelious are best described as frosty. The Sith took an immediate disliking to Voth as she was paired with one of Andrelious' enemies, immediately tagging the Iridonian as someone to not be trusted.

The pair, along with Nath's apprentice of the time, were assigned to work together during the 'Homecoming' crisis of 37ABY, fighting and killing many Death Walkers. Andrelious was even secretly impressed with the Krath's fighting ability, but chose to say nothing.



Andrel's lightsabers from his time in Arcona

Inahj's older lightsaber, which he hasn't named, is forged from the hull of an old TIE Starfighter. The Sith wanted something unique, and knew that, whilst its design is nothing special, the material it is made from is. Sporting the regular crimson blade used by the majority of Sith, this lightsaber has claimed many a victim, most notably members of House Odan-Urr during the Tenth Great Jedi War.

Shortly after his elevation to Warlord, Andrelious crafted a second lightsaber. The hilt of the weapon is coloured jet black and crimson, and is adorned with the logo of Arcona. At the same time that he created this weapon, the ex-Imperial added the Arconan logo to his original lightsaber.

Despite not requiring two lightsabers due to his use of the single saber form Djem So, Andrelious still ensures that both weapons see plenty of use. His older, silver hilted weapon is still used in combat, whilst he reserves his black hilted lightsaber for delivering the killing blow.

Warb Null's lightsaber

After the battle on Nicht Ka, Andrelious was awarded use of the lightsaber that had belonged to Warb Null, but generally still kept hold of his own two blades. This changed after the return of Granta Prackx - the powerful female took both of her childhood sweetheart's lightsabers in an attempt to 'keep part of her Inahj close'. As a result, the Warlord switched to carrying the long hilted weapon, and has adapted his style to take its unique design into account.

When he defected to Taldryan, Andrelious left Warb Null's lightsaber behind. He quickly constructed lightsabers identical to the previous designs, except for the Taldryan logo in place of Arcona's.


Andrelious is a crack shot with blasters and can fire almost any blaster with a high accuracy rate. Despite this, he used to prefer to use an E-11 Blaster Rifle, as once used by stormtroopers across the galaxy. His blaster was wrested from a stormtrooper that had attempted to stop him when fled the Colossus. As with his lightsabers, Andrel neglected to name it.

During the incident on Arx, Andrelious traded his old E-11 in for an NT-242 rifle, feeling that the fight against the Collective required a much more powerful weapon.

Personal Ships

Inahj still kept hold of the TIE Advanced that had served him well for many. As a result, he developed a closeness to it often seen in Rebel pilots.

Unlike his other possessions, which the Sith just considered to be mere objects, his ship did have a name - SharpShoot, based on the fact that it was most accurate craft he has ever flown.

When SharpShoot was in need of repair, he insisted that it was serviced by his favoured mechanic, a young human called Firmus Jeel.

SharpShoot did not see as much use during Inahj's appointment to Void Commander, as the Sith had become increasingly attached to the Stealth-X fighter, despite its 'Rebel' origins.

Once he became Rollmaster, Sharpshoot once again became his favoured mode of transport. This situation persisted even after he resigned from the role and became captain of Soulfire.

However, meeting and marrying Kooki and starting a family called for a bigger ship. The family used clan ships, both in Arcona, and Taldryan, until the fall of Karufr. During the latter stage of the battle, Andrelious and Kooki managed to steal a Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttle. Naming this Tseb'si'tsaerb III, after his father's ships, Andrelious now uses this ship to transport his family.

Sharpshoot was among the many ships lost during the Attack on Karufr, and with no way of acquiring another TIE of that particular design, Andrelious instead arranged for a TIE Defender, a lethal model of TIE. This ship was immediately named Sharpshoot II, and has since seen action for both Clans Taldryan and Plagueis.

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Scelestus Gatewarden of Shadow Gate
29 ABY
Tsainetomo Keibatsu
Cethgus Entar Commander of Void Squadron
29 ABY
Nikola Valtiere
Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae Rollmaster of Clan Arcona
29 ABY - 31 ABY
Sight Nortorshin
Nadrin Erinos Arconae Captain Soulfire Strike Team
31 ABY - 32 ABY
Nadrin Erinos Arconae
Aiden Lee Deshra Aedile of House Dinaari
34 ABY - 35 ABY
Position dissolved
Vodo Biask Taldrya Rollmaster of Clan Taldryan
35 ABY - 36 ABY
Quejo Aedile of House Ektrosis
36 ABY
Position re-established Quaestor of House Archanis
36 ABY
'Position dissolved'