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==  Vessel Complement  ==
==  Vessel Complement  ==
The Waylay has the capacity to hold two squadrons. Currently, she has no assigned fighter craft and is awaiting her full complement.
The Waylay has the capacity to hold two squadrons. Currently, she has no assigned fighter craft and is awaiting her full complement.
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Production information

Sienar Fleet Systems


Immobilizer 418 Cruiser



Technical specifications

600 Meters


300 Meters

Max acceleration:

1,210 G

Hyperdrive rating:



Deflector shield created by more than a dozen shield generators


Rated 960 RU

  • Taim & Bak GX-7 quad laser cannons 20
  • SFS G7-x gravity well projectors 11
  • TIE Series starfighters 24
  • Shuttles 4
  • Crew 2,807
  • Gunners 24
  • Officers 427
  • Enlisted 2,380

80 Troops

Cargo capacity:

5,500 Metric Tons


1.2 Years


Fleet Interdictor


Iron Throne

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The Waylay is a heavily modified Immobilizer 418-class Cruiser that serves as the primary fleet interdictor platform for the Iron Forces. She provides a critical capability in the defense of the Arx System, ensuring no enemy escapes fool-hearty attempts to infringe upon the sovereignty of the Iron Throne. A capable warship in her own right, serving with the impressive and vaunted 6th Task Force, the Waylay is one of the most recognizable capital vessels of the Iron Forces.

Vessel Info


Constructed by Sienar Fleet Systems for the Galactic Empire, the Waylay was laid down in the shipyards of Corulag. Built off of the hull of the Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser, the Immobilizer 418 Cruiser class were extensively modified and took a significantly longer production cycle than their sister-hulled variants.


The Waylay had a colorful, if not impressive, history before it came under the command of the Iron Throne. One of the original ships of her class, the Waylay was designed by Grand Admiral Zaarin and commissioned above his Research station, the highly classified Imperial testing center that saw the proliferation of the designs for the Tie Defender and Tie Advanced. Zaarin would go on to lead an ill-fated coup leading up to the Battle of Yavin. With the defeat of Zaarin, most of his erstwhile forces were relegated to the far edges of Imperial Space due to the lack of trust given to them by the Imperial Navy. Of the surviving crew and officers who did not perish in the purges following Zaarin's defeat, those assigned to the Waylay were all refused transfers. Relegated to spending the remainder of the careers in a forgotten and ill-maintained vessel with limited combat capabilities outside of its unique gravity-well technology.

With the creeping decay and withering of Imperial territory after the Battle of Endor and the ultimate defeat at the Battle of Jakku, the Waylay only escaped destruction by being so far afield and forgotten by the Imperial High Command at large. How the Iron Throne ultimately acquired the Waylay is a mystery, like most of the Iron Throne's acquisitions, shrouded in secrecy and hidden away from the Dark Brotherhood at large. Indeed, her existence was only confirmed during the war against the Collective when a fleet interdictor became an acute need for the protection of the Arx System and as a defensive asset for the Iron Forces at large.


  • Current Commander TBD


The Waylay serves the critical and unique function of a fleet interdictor. This highly specialized craft has been a key chess-piece in Moff Rhell's strategies to quietly prevent enemy ships from escaping the wrath of the Iron Navy through hyperspace. This capability ensures if enemy craft do pierce the Arx System, they cannot retreat. By employing her energy wells, she ensures enemy vessels are pinned in place while the rest of the 6th Task Force destroy them.


The Waylay, like the rest of the newly constituted Iron Forces, was reorganized to face the threat of the Collective. As such, she has yet to take part in any battles of renown or earn for her exploits in war. However, like all Iron Forces capital ships, she has been actively engaged in the defense of the Arx System and has been used to keep the various Clans in check.

Vessel Complement

The Waylay has the capacity to hold two squadrons. Currently, she has no assigned fighter craft and is awaiting her full complement.