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General information

Koliss Welcott


Marick Tyris Arconae


Voidbreaker II (Minstrel-class Space Yacht)

Historical information
Formed from:

35 ABY

Other information
Notable members:

House Qel-Droma, Clan Arcona


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Voidbreaker is a Battle Team within House Qel-Droma. One of Clan Arcona’s most recently organized Battle Teams, Voidbreaker was created to serve primarily as a diplomatic and special operations task force for the Clan. Voidbreaker is currently based out of the Minstrel-class space yacht: the Voidbreaker II, and led by Marick Tyris Arconae, administratively, but effectively as Captain by Zig Kaliska


Battle Team Voidbreaker is a special diplomatic unit under the control of House Qel Droma and used to handle sensitive diplomatic missions for Clan Arcona. To this end, it is staffed with skilled diplomats, negotiators, and manipulators to make sure that Arcona’s interests are protected. By deploying Battle Team Voidbreaker, Arcona has often avoided conflict entirely while still accomplishing their strategic goals.

Unofficially, Voidbreaker is also a highly elite special forces group, tasked with Arcona’s most secretive covert operations. Alongside the more public negotiators, Voidbreaker is also made up of a hodge-podge spies, mercenaries, and criminals who handle these missions. The two often work in concert, using covert operations to help official negotiations or otherwise turn them in Arcona’s favor.

The Voidbreaker

Main article: Voidbreaker

The Voidbreaker was both the Battle Team’s main base of operations and primary form of transport. A heavily modified Consular-class Cruiser, the ship is capable of transporting all of the personnel and equipment necessary for the team’s purposes. The Battle Team leader of Voidbreaker is also, simultaneously, the ranking officer in charge of the ship.

The Voidbreaker II

After the destruction of the Voidbreaker, a Minstrel-class space yacht was commissioned to take on the mission and dubbed Voidbreaker II.

Misntrel-class-yacht.png Discretionary Forces (Qel-Droma)
Minstrel-class space yacht
Diplomacy and Naval Operations
Zig Kaliska (Captain)
Leeadra Halcyon (XO)





Cargo Bay


Med Bay


Armory / Training Deck

Mess Hall

Pool Deck

The pool deck, open, outside of combat operations.

A rectangular, full-sized swimming pool stretches out from durasteel hull plating separating the machinery used to power it and the reservoir of water used to keep it filled. A gradual, diagonal slop in the floor transitions from a 3ft deep "shallow end" to a proper 10ft "deep end". Just enough to dive or jump in without hitting your head. Unless you're Sage or Jax, that is, in which case caution is advised. The tile plating surrounding the pool itself is sanded down and matted to allow for decent footing/grip, with rivets carved in to help route excess water towards the appropriate drains. At the head of the pool is a circular hot tub that can fit a small group of crew members shoulder to shoulder.

Since there is no natural sunlight to be found when living mostly aboard a spaceship, the Engineering team was able to outfit daylight-balanced overhead lighting that can simulate and give off faint heat, but not enough to give a true "tan". The lights can also switch to a "sunset" and "twilight" preset that simulates the respective times of a typical planetary cycle.

Since this pool deck was built with direct input from the ships Engineering team, structurally, the infrastructure is very sound. Thanks to this, Zig was able to, with some help from Avery, install and calibrate custom filters that help account for fur getting clogged in the piping. Among other amenities, the indoor pool, therefore, reflects on requests from the crew themselves, making it a popular spot for relaxation between missions.


  • Server Droid manned mini bar with room for DIY drinks.
  • Locker Rooms.
  • Public facing and private showers.
  • Hot tub.
  • Temperature Control.
  • Artificial Lighting with adjustable/variable color temperature.
  • Lounge chairs.
  • A medkit always on standby.
  • Custom filtration system to handle unique crew member physiology (read: Sully's fur).



Starfighter Bay

An add-on allowing for starfighters to dock.

Personal Vehicle Storage

A place where members can park and store their personal vehicles, such as speeders.

Sauna & Steam Room

The Sauna was originally an improvised project on the original Voidbreaker, so when the Voidbreaker II was being commissioned, it was one of the top request from the crew to be included. The Suana has two sides to it: the primary one, made of organic wood, maintains a dry heat while the adjacent steam room helps open up pores and detox.

There are sensors to detect if an occupant's biometrics drop to a certain level, after Aedile Aru Law passed out while "recovering" one too many times and almost died.

Crew Quarters

Captains Cabin

An amalgamation of art projects line the walls, leaving little in terms of negative space. The once spartan office now features splashes of colorful graffiti, custom “tags”, framed blueprints and schematics, and holographic photo-frames.

A long, decked out workbench had been installed with a cadre of familiar tools and equipment. Above the workstation, a loft bed that was installed with a privacy screen and plenty of ceiling-height room for...reasons.

A recessed storage closet houses all of Zig’s stuff: odds and ends, scavenged parts, half finished or half started projects, and more random pieces of old tech. Beside it, there was a smuggler-like hidden compartment for more...personal things. It was safely locked behind a panel door that utilized her own biometrics and a memorized 48-character keycode to unlock. Skitternet proof.

In the center of the Cabin sits a large wroshyr tree-wood desk gifted to her by Kelviin. The Wookiee and Zygerrian worked together to rig a set of servos motors to allow the desk to rise and convert into what Zig boringly dubbed her “Standing Desk”, dismissing the idea of calling it a “Vari-Desk”. The desk is fitted with twin videscreens on moveable arms.

A mechanical keypad is plugged into an upgraded terminal with access to the holonet, feeds from the DIA, and a tap into the Advanced Inquisitorius Network. Multiple data pads are usually spread messily across the length of the desk. The high-backed chair has unique ball bearings in the legs that allow it to glide back when she needs to use the standing-desk function. The wiring is very tidy and neat, and a pair of guest chairs sit opposite the desk, with the vidscreens being able to clear wide to the sides for meetings.

Allegedly, this setup can be used for holonet gaming, but none have been able to get past Zig’s security measures to prove this theory wrong.

Alaisy's Lair

The cabin floor consists of Wroshyr wood to give it a luxurious and inviting appeal. This particular type has been recycled from Auzituck anti-slaver gunships that fell out of flavor or were too damaged to be refitted. The laser burn marks add a nice touch. The walls have been painted in a matte black, with the northernmost one covered in a blackboard-like layer so that one may inscribe it. On the other walls there are votive candle holders that automatically close up should the ship's gravity generators malfunction. There are three large dimmable light hoops on the ceiling for a soft and warm natural illumination. Also on the ceiling there are large attuning crystals that are set in each corner. A gothic looking brushed metal desk rests against the western side, the table has a makeup drawer with sortation boxes, a vacuum sealable lockable drawer and a jewelry drawer.

Alaisy's holocommunicator is neatly built-into the counter, it has been coupled with analogue buttons that make nice satisfying clicky noises and give proper spring-like feedback. A projected mirror rests against the same wall, attached to the desk. Neutral lights are attached in a vertical strip along the reflective surface on each side. This is to ensure that the light cast on Alaisy's mirrored image is as evenly distributed as possible. In front of the desk stands a mesh executive chair, suited for Alaisy's height. It avoids the usual leather because it would stick to her latex suit.

The bathroom comes equipped with a well hidden away refresher. The same place also has an industrial high pressure oxygen compressor installed so that she can replenish her portable supply tanks. The walls are adorned with high-end black crystalline marble with dramatic gold veining, neatly polished and sealed. There’s a brushed pure copper bathtub with a bottle and glass holder included. Candle sconces protrude from walls on opposing sides.

The bedroom has a projected adjustable repulsor bed to save space and make sure it supports her long frame. Laced curtains made from black satin can be extended from either side. The Sith has requested extra security measures for her cabin including a laser grid to be installed for any nearby connected vents, several security cameras for her eyes only and encrypted security codes for entry.

Lastly, runic markings in Ancient Sith have been spread around the space. Cleaning staff and security personnel have been made aware of their locations.

Sully's Rooms

The friendly Togarian’s room is not very decorative and definitely favored function over form. They have a big, stiff bed with racks for clothing affixed to one of the walls. Their personal armaments are hung by the door on welded hooks and racks.

It’s kept fairly clean by Sully’s own hand, neat and tidied with a militaristic sense of perfectionism. Of course, this usually only lasts a day at most, requiring the process to repeat itself.

The most obvious personality quirk on display is a desk where every gift or keepsake Sully's ever held onto is placed. Their datapad sits wherever it fits.

If any guests come in and put something on display in Sully's room, it is guaranteed that it will remain there until the original person removes it. So while Sully may not decorate, but anyone else is welcome to.

Zuza's Flat

Still new to the crew, Zuza's room isn't as decorated as she'd like it to be someday. Being constantly on the move from ship to ship led to there being little to decorate a room with. However, the bedding is galaxy coloured, and the walls are painted a deep green. Zu has managed to acquire herself a nice fluffy grey rug that is placed beside the bed. Knick-knacks from travelling sit on the shelves and desk, including a few scales, crystals, pretty rocks and a large canine tooth. The desk is the basic one that had been provided, although it already has a small dent in it from where she'd dropped a blaster on her first day on the crew. It is usually deftly hidden under all of her combat gear.

A few printed holo-photos are taped onto the wall behind the desk: one of her as a teenager and her father beside a dead Krayt Dragon, and a more recent one is of her dad pulling a face at the camera. The others that are up are just scenic, with few more photos tucked away in a drawer. Beside these, she has left the roll of tape stuck to the wall. Her refresher is also just left how she had received it, other than for a few mats to step onto when exiting the shower.

Aru's Rooms

Aru's room does not have a bed, as he spends little time actually aboard the Voidbreaker II. Instead, there's a red and white velvet couch he can nod off on if he needs to. On the opposite wall to the door, a bar counter made of reinforced glass with neon red district lights illuminates an aquarium filled with exotic fish. On that counter, Aru keeps a portion of his personal collection of vintage bottles. Behind the counter, a big viewport window allows for a great look at the great expanse of outer space.

In the middle of the room there's an holoprojector with heat vents. When it's not being used for communication, it projects realistic flames and lets off comfortable warmth. Beside the holoprojector, there's also a side table, custom tailored to mimic the Sabacc tables in Star Cluster, Nar Shaddaa, along with an auto shuffler and credit counter. On the left wall, there's a wooden cabinet with a rare collection of tabac, used by the Aedile when he wants to impress his guests. The refresher has been decorated with grey marble and most of its space is occupied by a personal sized jacuzzi tub. On the walls there are steam ejectors and warm lights.

All around the room, there are multi-channel three-dimensional speakers that include placement on the ceiling. Aru leave a curated list of jizz music playing, but sometimes will switch it up for ambiance. The lights can also be voice-controlled thanks to some modifications made by Zig, with the promise she'd leave him alone afterwards.

Archian's Digs

The room is dark, but with very bright lights from the lamps positioned next to a large wide desk, where a microscope and a laboratory glassware is always ready for a distillation of the new herbal and poisoning mixtures. On the side of the desk is a hanging bag with needles, strings and medical materials and equipment with a large book pinned to one of the table's leg. At the opposite side of the room is placed very low bed, without any pillows just with the hay placed on it. Close to the bottom end of the bed could be seen a glass terrarium, which can be extended with size. Inside of it is a small rock cave, bowl with water and container for food. Behind the terrarium are bags which smell like dry herbs to rotten meat.

From the top of the room is hanging a wooden nest, with an egg in the middle of it, in the corners of the tops are made different holes from which you can see a straw coming out. All around are nails and hangers with different plants on them. Next to door is a holographic body which can be changed for different species for medical checks and studies. At the door alone is a shield, with arrows shot through it, and bow under the bed. At the wall above bed are drawings of different creatures, with measurements and diet descriptions written at them.

All his weapons and armors are placed under the table in the big chest made from bones. At the top of it you can see the all edges and corners topped with different sizes of teeth. Bottom corners are ended with big claws.


The following details the roster of Voidbreaker members serving in active roles on the ship with their own quarters, as well as the ADF personnel assigned to the ship.

Zigheadshot.png Zig

Character Sheet
The newly appointed Captain was formerly the Chef Engineer officer, which has been a challenge for her to fully leave behind. She is doing her best, though, and has the confidence of what remains of the Voidbreakers active crew behind her. Tinker, Martial Artist, and friend where she can be.
Lee-Coffee.png Leeadra Halcyon
Executive Officer

Character Sheet
The former Captain still leverages her Pantoran charm and knack for diploamcy and leadership to provide guidance on both the Bridge and for the members of the crew.
Sulith Voidbreaker Face.png Sulith Bekett
Security Officer

Character Sheet
Togorian Security Officer, lifter of heavy things, and master-hugger.
Eilen Face Voidbreaker.png Eilen Jath
Starfighter Squadron A Leader

Character Sheet
Hybrid fighter-pilot, saboteur, and small-time criminal. Generally a dork.
Aruheadshot.png Aru Law
Head of smuggling and piracy operations

Character Sheet
Human force disciple, gambler, and former apprentice to Alaisy Tir'eivra
Zuza-headshot.jpeg Zuza Lottson

Character Sheet
Tiny, but fierce, the newest member of the Voidbreaker makes her presence known with an optimistic smile.
Jax-Hearthrob.png Jax Erinos
Senior Demolitions and Linguistics Officer

Character Sheet
Mandalorian, Soldier, and utter poetry nerd. The longest-tenured service member and officer of the Arconan Armed Forces on the crew, he lends his decades of leadership and training expertise and advises wherever possible on anything from day to day operations to combat operations to one-on-one counseling with the crewmen. Prone to writing like he's running out of time and eternal victim to infrastructure too short for him.
Nathan-headshot.png Nathan Breeze
Engineering Officer, Medical Support

Character Sheet
A talented Engineer and Medic that the Captain has affectionally dubbed: "Pantman" - a not so obvious reference to his half-Pantoran, half-Human pedigree - and "Breezy" a play on his last name.
Doon.jpeg Doon Sulvir
Weapons Officer

Character Sheet
A Weapon Specialist with a mind of regulating Force Users, having seen first hand the destruction they have wrought.
Edemaheadshot.png Edema R'uh-Kalinor
Weapons Officer

Character Sheet
Merc, Mandalorian and Blade for hire (also can fix your guns/toys).
Voidbreaker.jpg Archian

Character Sheet
Kelviin-Headshot.png Kelviin
Mechanical Officer

Character Sheet
The ships resident Wookiee mechanic. Optimistic and friendly, he speaks through a datapad voice translator. Loves puns, hates violence.
C1nd3r.png C1-ND3R
Engineering and Maintenance
A modified C1-series Phoenix Astromech Droid - "Cinder"- as she prefers to be identified as, is a self-made astromech droid that had the unfortunate fate of being left for scrap metal after her original owner abandoned her when a smuggling operation for the Collective failed. Found by Zig at an auction, the barely functioning droid was rebuilt from the ground up, and the Zygerrian Scavenger even managed to restore her memory module. She could not find it in her to wipe Cinders memory, so instead she gave the dutiful droid a new home and purpose. Thanks to an upgraded processing unit, Cinder manages to retain her memory and personality better than most, and can handle a lot of unique tasks that her new master has asked for her help with.

Cinder proudly enjoys being a part of the Voidbreaker II crew and has taken on the task of maintaining "Captain Zig's" office, running routine maintenance checks on various equipment around the ship, and most importantly helping manage the paperwork by assisting with the digitization and upload process from the clans archaic, analog systems. >

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 1.41.22 PM.png CHARACTER NAME
Pilot / Navigation
A <species, gender> Pilot and navigator working on the Voidbreaker. <Insert quick personality/background stub.>
Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 1.41.22 PM.png CHARACTER NAME
Flag Lieutenant
A <species, gender> administrative officer that handles the paperwork and works with any captain assigned to the Voidbreaker to assist with continuity and logistics. They have a working knowledge of all systems, even if they themselves cannot do things like engineering or piloting, but can help make sure things run smoothly should the Captain and crew be away.. <Insert quick personality/background stub.>
Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 1.41.22 PM.png CHARACTER NAME
A <species, gender> engineer working on the Voidbreaker. Insert quick personality/background stub.

Auxiliary Roster

The Auxiliary Roster consists of members that are part of Voidbreaker Battleteam, but don't maintain permanent roles or quarters on the ship itself.


History of the Voidbreaker.

Order of Captains

The order of captains, from founder to present.