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Sith Bloodfyre
Biographical Information
Birth date:



Redondo Beach, CA


Central Utah

Physical Description


Skin color:

white boy, little tan.


1.8288 meters (6' 0")


108.86 kg (240 lbs.)




Blue/Green (depends on the day, really)

General Information

Longboarding, Jiu Jitsu, Stuff

Canon contributions:

A lot of Tarentum Stuff, Clan and Order Powers Projects, Sunday Tournaments, former GMRG revamp, lots of stuff.

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This is about the real life person behind Sith Bloodfyre

Brief History

I was born in SoCal, I'm a Paramedic, done with my Bachelor's in Emergency Services Management. Still working on the fire certs, though.

DJB Facts


  • Sith has led several projects that have altered and benefitted the Brotherhood in many ways. Chief among these projects are:
    • (Brotherhood-wide)
      • Sith History
      • Clan Powers creation
      • Order Schools creation
      • Gaming Nights evolution (including Sunday Invitational Tournament)
    • (Tarentum-specific)
      • Clan Powers (Necromantics)
      • The Keepers (history and use within Tarentum)
      • Land Grants
      • Clan-specific Titles (reborn from past Clan practices)
  • Sith is the last person to have held the position of Sith High Warrior, since GM Jac Cotelin felt threatened by the awesome powers and sex appeal of the former SHW, and had the position disbanded.
  • Sith is considered by some to be the "Prince of Darkness" and the "Harbinger of DOOOOOOM!" of the Brotherhood. Before the selection of Xanos Sadow as Deputy Grand Master, some believed Sith to be working towards gaining that Council position, and began gossiping about the "end of the Brotherhood" that would come should he be appointed as DGM. Sith believes Jac Cotelin to have been the original source of these rumors, and has thus labeled Jac as "dumb."
  • Sith was one of the eight individuals who formed the Krath Phyle "Mystics of the Black Arts," a now-defunct team that once held the best Krath that Gladius had to offer (when the Houses were all Order-specific). The Mystics were regarded as the best writing talent that Gladius had at initiation, as well as throughout the tenure of the Phyle. At present, Sith is the only member of the original eight to remain active within the Brotherhood.

Past Positions

  • Founder and Leader of the Rite of Sin
  • Aedile of Gladius
  • Quaestor of Gladius (twice)
  • Rollmaster of Tridens
  • Aedile of Tridens
  • Quaestor of Tridens
  • Proconsul of Tarentum
  • Consul of Tarentum (twice)
  • Aedile of Tarentum
  • Quaestor of Tarentum
  • Trainer in the Antei Combat Center
  • Combat Master in the Antei Combat Center
  • Guardsman in the Grand Master's Royal Guard
  • Praetor to the Deputy Grand Master
  • Praetor to the Grand Master
  • Left Hand of Justice
  • Sith High Warrior


  • Sith is the Grand Chamberlain of Tarentum, and a member of the Tarentae.
  • Sith has been a member of all three Orders throughout his tenure within the Brotherhood, and has gained fictional benefits from his time spent within each Order.
    • He began as a Krath, due to the limitations on Orders of that time (he didn't have any of the games to play). Later, he moved to the Obelisk to help compete in Khobai's ORoS, and then to the Sith for the Second Sith War. Bloodfyre has remained a part of the Sith Order ever since.
  • Sith was the first person to have served Tarentum as Consul twice; Anshar became the second. He is the only person to have thrice served as head of Tarentum, either as a Clan or House.
  • Sith is currently the only person to have served in each position of the Clan Summit, and within the Houses of Gladius and Tridens. Welshman was close on his heels in that regard. Cestus remained, but is now a distant memory.
  • At one point, certain members of the Brotherhood were "competing" to see who could hold more positions at one time than Sith (who, at that time, held the positions of: Consul of Tarentum, Sith High Warrior, Praetor to the DGM, Left Hand of Justice, Trainer in the ACC and member of the GMRG before resigning from most of them to serve exclusively as Sith High Warrior).
    • Sith did not hold any record at that point for most concurrent positions, as some people believe. The "competition" was more of a friendly rivalry between Sith and certain friends (most notably Señor Kaek, who did end up holding more positions at one subsequent point). Kir knocked his socks off, as well.
  • Sith was the last in the line of Sith High Warriors, which began as a position known as the "Sith Advisor."
    • As High Warrior, Sith was responsible for the re-design of the gaming nights, and the inception of the Sunday Invitational Tournaments, which were meant to be a "hold over" until the Credits and Prestige system was introduced; the Tournaments lasted much longer than intended.
  • Sith despises the rank "Dark Jedi Master," and instead, prefers to refer to himself as a Sith Master (or, alternatively, a Master of the Sith Order). He does, however, prefer the acronym "DJM" to alternatives such as "SM."
  • Sith was responsible for the creation and evolution of the Clan and Order Powers projects since its beginning under controversial DGM Mairin Astoris. He created the first drafts of every Clan's powers with the exception of Naga Sadow, which was the first Clan to really jump at the chance to create their Clan's powers.
    • Each Clan's powers stayed relatively close to their original form, until the revamp initiated by Grand Master Muz Ashen. The Order Powers, however, have undergone several redesigns, and are probably nothing like they were initially.
  • Sith is the only Non-Sadow Heir to be gifted with a Bottle of Sadow; he was given so personally by Trevarus Sadow.