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|headquarters= [[DJB Ventrilo Server|The Room]]
|headquarters= [[DJB Ventrilo Server|The Room]]
|formed=[[30 ABY to 39 ABY|34 ABY]]
|formed=[[30 ABY to 39 ABY#34 ABY|34 ABY]]
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'''Dark Jedi Brotherhood DC Rank Characters''' (Sith Empire)  
'''Dark Jedi Brotherhood DC Rank Characters''' (Sith Empire)  
* [[Dossier:3714|Muz]] - Muz, Lionoftarthos, Thrima
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/3714 Muz] - Muz, Lionoftarthos, Thrima
* [[Dossier:1120|Darth Pravus]] - Prav, Esoterik, Waylen, Omancor
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/1120 Darth Pravus] - Prav, Esoterik, Waylen, Omancor
* [[Dossier:8650|Valhavoc]]: Valhavoc, Valhayk, Valhavic, Garvin'cyll, Glehibe
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/8650 Valhavoc]: Valhavoc, Valhayk, Valhavic, Garvin'cyll, Glehibe
'''Knights of Odan-Urr DC Rank Characters''' (Republic)  
'''Knights of Odan-Urr DC Rank Characters''' (Republic)  
* [[Dossier:3714|Muz]] - Morinor
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/3714 Muz] - Morinor
* [[Dossier:1120|Darth Pravus]] - Longbeard
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/1120 Darth Pravus] - Longbeard
* [[Dossier:8650|Valhavoc]] - Valtrop, Reyn'lds
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/8650 Valhavoc] - Valtrop, Reyn'lds
===Operational Ranks===
===Operational Ranks===
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'''Dark Jedi Brotherhood Leader''' (Sith Empire)  
'''Dark Jedi Brotherhood Leader''' (Sith Empire)  
* [[Dossier:11513|Furios]] - Furi'os, Zandraesanis, Matira, Azuranna
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/11513 Furios] - Furi'os, Zandraesanis, Matira, Azuranna
'''Knights of Odan-Urr Leader''' (Republic)
'''Knights of Odan-Urr Leader''' (Republic)
* [[Dossier:11513|Furios]] - TBD
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/11513 Furios] - TBD
* [[Dossier:9811|Teu]] - Ry-en, Skye-dulovic
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/9811 Teu] - Ry-en, Skye-dulovic
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'''Dark Jedi Brotherhood Officers''' (Sith Empire)  
'''Dark Jedi Brotherhood Officers''' (Sith Empire)  
* [[Dossier:7589|Archangel]] - Archnagel, Brodo, Naethia, Maethia, Maori, Liathania, Splotch
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/7589 Archangel] - Archnagel, Brodo, Naethia, Maethia, Maori, Liathania, Splotch
* [[Dossier:2619|Armags]] - Armag, Armags
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/2619 Armags] - Armag, Armags
* [[Dossier:13727|Donblas]] - Actorios, Zarkanas, Arioak
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/13727 Donblas] - Actorios, Zarkanas, Arioak
* [[Dossier:13560|Ernordeth]] - Ernordeth
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/13560 Ernordeth] - Ernordeth
'''Knights of Odan-Urr Officers''' (Republic)
'''Knights of Odan-Urr Officers''' (Republic)
* [[Dossier:4954|Altheseus Levathan]] - Altheseus
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/4954 Altheseus Levathan] - Altheseus
* [[Dossier:7589|Archangel]] - Decarat
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/7589 Archangel] - Decarat
* [[Dossier:4993|Kaayn Salis]] - Kaayn, Sarek-duel, Anary, Lobrimn, Sa'rek, Ghitvekzeer  
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/4993 Kaayn Salis] - Kaayn, Sarek-duel, Anary, Lobrimn, Sa'rek, Ghitvekzeer  
* [[Dossier:7288|Liam]] - Liam'm, Nee'son
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/7288 Liam] - Liam'm, Nee'son
* [[Dossier:12049|A'lora Kituri al'Tor]] - Issra
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/12049 A'lora Kituri al'Tor] - Issra
* [[Dossier:3317|Ood Bnar]] - Oodaran
* [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/Ood Bnar] - Oodaran
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'''Current Roster'''
'''Current Roster'''
* '''Arcona:''' [[Dossier:6705|Cethgus]]
* '''Arcona:''' [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/6705 Cethgus]
* '''Naga Sadow:'''  [[Dossier:9811|Teu]]
* '''Naga Sadow:'''  [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/9811 Teu]
* '''Odan-Urr:''' [[Dossier:10051|Sa Ool]]
* '''Odan-Urr:''' [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/10051 Sa Ool]
* '''Plagueis:''' [[Dossier:5580|Aabsdu]]
* '''Plagueis:''' [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/5580 Aabsdu]
* '''Scholae Palatinae:''' [[Dossier:9118|Evant]]
* '''Scholae Palatinae:''' [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/9118 Evant]
* '''Taldryan:''' [[Dossier:2619|Armags]] (already Officer, no rank change)
* '''Taldryan:''' [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/Armags] (already Officer, no rank change)
* '''Tarentum:''' [[Dossier:756|Sith Bloodfyre]] (already Officer, no rank change)
* '''Tarentum:''' [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/Sith Bloodfyre] (already Officer, no rank change)

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Real World Perspective.
The Old Republic Guild
General information
  • Archangel

The Room

Historical information
Formed from:

34 ABY

Other information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Dark Jedi Brotherhood's The Old Republic Guild refers to both the Sith Empire and Republic aligned guilds under the banner of the Brotherhood. The server that the guild is currently on is: Jedi Covenant

Empire and Republic Guild Information

The Empire Guild Dark Jedi Brotherhood is the where all members have their Empire characters.

The Republic Guild Knights of Odan Urr allows for those to who wish to play Republic characters to still enjoy the benefits and fellowship of the Brotherhood, and acts as a foil to the Empire guild in PvP.

Both guilds are located on the This is located on the Jedi Covenant Server.

Guild Webpage

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood TOR Guilds utilize a website powered by Enjin for game specific communication and planning. A Calendar for Operation and PVP Event Times, Forums, listing of Crafters, and listing of Raid Groups can all be found on this page.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood TOR Guild Webpage


The lifeblood of communication for the DJB's movements through The Old Republic galaxy will mainly be from the guild chat in the game but there are other places as well.

TeamSpeak 3

Members will use this service for Operations, Flashpoints, and PVP activities. Its highly suggested that all members use this service.

If you are having issues running the game and Teamspeak at the same time and you can not talk while in The Old Republic, run your Teamspeak client as administrator.

Current Information - DJB Voice Server

In Game

A custom channel was created called Brotherhood on the Empire Side to assist in getting Club Members invitations to the guild. To set up the channel, in The Old Republic, right click the chat tabs, click Create Custom Channel, and then type Brotherhood.


Clusters of Earth

The main awards earned for playing SWTOR are Clusters of Earth (refer to the link for additional information). These awards are automatically counted to your rank in the GMRG.


Members need to have at least 2 people from the actual DJB site, to qualify. A screenshot of the flashpoint quest complete box, the warzone scoreboard at the end of the scoreboard, or a group photo of the members who took down the world boss where everyone are next to each other, must be taken, and then submit it to the form on your admin menu.

Pendants of Blood

Refer to the Pendants of Blood Wiki Article for specific Guidelines. Guild or Server first achievements should be communicated directly to the Fist Staff.


  • Have fun!
  • Treat your fellow Guild Members respectfully
    • Racism, Homophobia, and/or Sexism will not be tolerated
  • Do not kill steal. Use common courtesy and move onto the next group of NPCs.
  • Groups may be formed from members all from the same DJB Unit, however excluding individuals from an Operations or Flashpoint group based on their DJB Unit is not permitted.
  • Ninja looting is not allowed.
  • If your character has not been active for more than 90 days and not a DJB Member, your character will be kicked from the guild to allow more members to be active.
    • Most DJB Members will be allowed to remain after those 90 days, but those that haven't logged in over 90 days can still be removed to allow more active members at the discretion of the Fist

Being in the Guild is a privilege, not a right. If you are a disruptive member to the rest of the Guild, the Overseer or Guild Leaders can have you removed.

Guild Bank Usage

  • Most importantly, recognize that the Guild Bank is fully funded and stocked by other members. Be respectful in the items you remove, someone had spent their time earning them and chose to donate them to the Bank to help other Guild Members improve their characters. Make sure you are putting them to good use.
  • The general intent of the Guild Bank is that it will be used for Character Equipment upgrades (either Crafted or direct items). If you remove an item to use for an upgrade it is good practice to replace it with a similar item in the future, "paying back" your withdrawal for future members who may one day be in the same situation as you were.
  • Do not remove and sell items (on the GTN or to NPC Vendors) from the Guild Bank for credit profit on your own character. If you are low on credits and need a loan contact a Guild Officer, they have greater access to the Banks Credit funds.
    • The chances of an activity like this resulting in a significant Net Loss to the Guild Bank are high when sold on the GTN, and are guaranteed when sold to NPC Vendors.

General Raid Guidelines

  • Need rolls are for your Character present in the Raid only, companions of that Character do not apply.
  • Be on 15 minutes before raid time
  • Show up with repaired gear and stims
  • Be on Teamspeak
  • Don't go AFK during boss fights
  • Don't loot the boss unless the Raid Leader says so
  • Prepare to be raiding for 2-3 hours
  • All decisions by the Raid Leader of the group can only to be overturned by the Praetor to the Fist or the Fist of the Brotherhood

Raid Loot Rules

These rules are designed for newer members joining a raid group, or a highly geared team joining another eight players to down the 16 man raids.

  • If a heavily geared member that is short by three or less pieces of top-tier gear for a full set agrees to help gear newer raiders through raid attendance, the geared member will be permitted a pre-raid assignment of a single specific drop. Newer raiders will roll on all other class drops, from which the geared member will refrain from rolling.
  • All pre-raid drop assignments will be announced before the start of the raid.
  • Pre-raid drop assignments will be limited to one drop per person per raid lockout.
  • Nothing prohibits the geared member that obtains a pre-raid drop assignment from rolling on off-spec and companion rolls.
  • These rules apply only to the highest-level tier in-game.
  • Raid leader will keep a tally on who has been receiving tokens of gear.

Note: These rules are for raids that are DJB only. In pick up raids it is highly encouraged that you roll for all loot either through the need (if you need it) or greed (if you don't need it but you like the look or want some extra money) options, or use master looter and everyone rolls for the loot if they need it or roll for if they want it for money.

Rank Structure

Administrative Ranks

These ranks have oversight to the Guild as a whole, but do not overrule the Guild Leader on game driven (operational) decisions such as raiding schedules, loot, etc. Their purpose is to ensure that the TOR Guild’s aims and directives coincide with those of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Club itself.


The GM/Fist Rank is an Administrative Rank only. This person is a current or previous Grand Master of the Brotherhood, or someone directly appointed by the Grand Master to fill this role. They have full administrative control of the DJB Guild. This includes setting permissions for each Rank and setting the access to the Guild Bank for each Rank.


The DC Rank is an Administrative Rank only. These individuals who hold this rank are the current Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, and Fist.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood DC Rank Characters (Sith Empire)

  • Muz - Muz, Lionoftarthos, Thrima
  • Darth Pravus - Prav, Esoterik, Waylen, Omancor
  • Valhavoc: Valhavoc, Valhayk, Valhavic, Garvin'cyll, Glehibe

Knights of Odan-Urr DC Rank Characters (Republic)

Operational Ranks

Guild Leader

This title refers specifically to the in-game Guild Leader. They are specifically responsible for the Guild, and ensure that the DJB TOR Guilds are staffed and running properly. They are also tasked with helping run regular competitions for their guild. Their job includes the following:

  • Maintains the guild bank
  • Brings competition ideas for TOR players to the Fist and P:Fist.
  • Work to ensure resolution is determined for guild conflicts.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Leader (Sith Empire)

  • Furios - Furi'os, Zandraesanis, Matira, Azuranna

Knights of Odan-Urr Leader (Republic)


Officers are just a step below Guild Leaders. These members function as secondary leaders, recruiters, and keep track of the membership in the guild. Officers will be the main point of contact for many members, and will be assisting the Guild Leaders in competitions and events. They will also regularly communicate on the Guild Forums and answer any questions or concerns members may have. Their job includes the following:

  • Are the first people to come to if there are conflicts, either with DJB vs DJB members or DJB vs others.
  • Promotes Guild activity (Leading and Forming: Operation Groups, Flashpoint Groups, PVP Groups)
  • Lists planned Guild activities on the DJBTOR.com Webpage Calendar.
  • Invite new members and update the Guild Listing with their Dossier & Main Character names as applicable.
  • Promotes Members to ranks per this wiki's guidelines.
  • Enforces TOR Guild Rules, such as no racism or sexism
  • Brings competition ideas for TOR players to the Overseer

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Officers (Sith Empire)

  • Archangel - Archnagel, Brodo, Naethia, Maethia, Maori, Liathania, Splotch
  • Armags - Armag, Armags
  • Donblas - Actorios, Zarkanas, Arioak
  • Ernordeth - Ernordeth

Knights of Odan-Urr Officers (Republic)


Lieutenants are individuals focused on recruitment within the TOR Guild. Each Unit has one Lieutenant which their Summit nominates, this person may be changed at any time with Summit Approval. Additional Lieutenants may be chosen by the Guild Leader at their discretion.

  • Primary function is to ensure timely invitations of members to the TOR Guild
  • Lieutenants will update the Guild Note section to include Dossier Name and Dossier # after inviting a new member
  • Lieutenants will be able to promote members based on the Rank Guidelines provided on this Wiki.

Current Roster


Any level 55 who has made it clear that they intend to run raids with the TOR Guild. Contact Lieutenants, Officers, or the Guild Leader for movement to this rank.

DJB Member

A Member of the TOR Guild who has a Dossier # associated with their character. No time spent at Recruit after joining.


After 30 days at the Recruit Rank the individual gets full member privileges. Members at this rank do not have Dossier # associated with their character.


New Guild Members.

In Time Out

This member has been put into 'time out' by another guild leader for breaking the rules of the guild. This rank has no access to any of the guilds functions.


  • Emperor's Hammer
  • Rebel Squadrons

Additional Information


  • First guild to have a progression group to defeat Eternity Vault and Karagaa's Palace on 8-man Nightmare mode on Keller's Void.
  • First guild to complete Eternity Vault and Karagaa's Palace on 8-man Nightmare mode in under 2 hours total, earning the titles "Unyielding" and "Infernal".
  • First guild to defeat Kephess on Hardmode on Keller's Void
  • First guild to have the Nightscythe (Achievement Vehicle) on Keller's Void
  • Has 5-manned Eternity Vault on Story Mode


  • Originally dubbed "Project Retro" by the FIST staff.