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Clan Scholae Palatinae
Units Clan: Scholae PalatinaeHouses: Imperium & ExcidiumImperium Battleteams: Krennic & PellaeonExcidium Battleteams: Tacitus Athanasius & Vindictae Immortalis
Leadership Clan Summit:

Imperium Summit:

Excidium Summit:


Scholae Palatinae Military

Major Subordinate Elements: Imperial Scholae NavyImperial Scholae ArmyImperial Scholae Intelligence

Dominon Caperion System

Planets: IsergessVenenumSeraphAlbicosusMyryakurBalaerion

Moons: XejtrokLy'palionRagnathUlressKorgollo Major and Minor

Miscellaneous Clan Scholae Palatinae HistoryLegacy of PalpatineDark PaladinsClan Scholae Palatinae Events
For the Empire!