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Former Taldryan Military - Taldryan Expansionary Force

Branches of Taldryan's Military

Taldryan Navy

Main article: Taldryan Navy

The Taldryan Navy is the backbone of the Taldryan Expansionary Force. Given the distances traveled, and the objectives required, no feat of martial strength is even possible without the might of Taldryan's fleet to ensure the safety of the operation. The Navy is responsible for system defense, planetary assault, space superiority as well as transport of our forces, and the interdiction of enemy forces. The Navy's day-to-day operations function independently of Taldryan as a whole, requiring little to no oversight from TalSOC. The Navy is also the home to the Taldryan Starfighter Corps, and the Taldryan Marine Corps. Both of these units are exist within the Navy's ranks, but have their own command structure and chain of command.

Taldryan Army

Main article: Taldryan Army

Taldryan's Army makes up one of the most significant pieces of the Taldryan Expansionary Forces, being responsible for ground-based military operations, and occupying enemy territory. The Ground forces of Taldryan are generally considered to be the least glamorous of the military branches, but respected as one of the most integral. The Army consists of multiple units divided by their strengths, consisting of infantry, mechanized infantry and reconnaissance Regiments. Taldryan's Army is also home to its elite Special Forces the Darkfire Battalion.

Taldryan Intelligence Directorate

Main article: Taldryan Intelligence Directorate

The Taldryan Intelligence Directorate was the first of its kind within the Dark Brotherhood. The Directorate is responsible for keeping Taldryan's Leaders, both Military and Jedi, appraised of developments within the Brotherhood and the galaxy at large. The Directorate is divided into three divisions, TalSIG: The Signals Intelligence Division; focusing on observing, intercepting and analyzing communications from throughout the galaxy and Taldryan's own agents. TalSEC: The Counter-Intelligence and Domestic Security Division; focusing on ferreting out enemy infiltrations and seditionists within our borders. And finally TalSIS: The Secret Intelligence Service; focusing on infiltrating enemy organizations within the Brotherhood, various pirate and criminal organizations, and galactic governments.

Taldryan Quartermaster Corps

The old adage that an Army runs on its stomach is as true now, as anywhere in history. The Quartermaster Corps is Taldryan's answer to that universal truth; ensuring that the flow of required resources and supplies to our troops is maintained, and that our fighting troops have access to the best possible equipment that money can buy. The Quartermaster Corps is made up of trained officers and recruits from across Taldryan's territory, who work with house equipment and pair with private business to ensure the supply of Taldryan's combat units.

Recruitment & Training

Main article: Taldryan Military Institute

The most important part of building and maintaining a successful armed forces, is in the training of recruits and the selection of the leaders and officers within it. As most of Taldryan's recruits are drawn from the various planets under Taldryan's command, it is vital that they receive the best possible training and indoctrination they can. That is why legendary Taldryan Consul Kir Katarn saw fit to commission the Taldryan Military Institute (TMI), modelling it after some of the most successful military institutions throughout the known galaxy. Implementing courses in tactics, leadership, weapons and even ethics, the TMI is Taldryan's best hope for the future of its military, and the well-being of all its forces.

Divided into multiple schools of training, the TMI is responsible for taking raw recruits, and producing the crewers, soldiers, pilots, and most importantly leaders, that will continue to serve Taldryan for many years to come.

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