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Taldryan Army
Unit Information




  • Infantry
  • Armored Infantry
  • Special Forces

One Brigade


The Black Watch


Nemo Me Impune Lacessit - "No one Provokes me with Impunity"


Black, Blue, and Green



  • Major General Tironos Athan
  • XO: Brigadier General Borran Magnus
Notable commanders:

Travik Korr (Deceased)

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The New Taldryan Army is one of two major branches of the Taldryan Defense Force, forming the clan's ground and marine forces. Like its naval counterpart, it is currently tasked with the preservation and security of Taldryan. It was previously commanded by Marshall Travik Korr, but upon his death and destruction of the former Taldryan armed forces on Karufr, it was subsequently reorganized into a new, diverse fighting force. It has four regiments - Armored Regiment I, Armored Regiment II, Assault Regiment III, and Assault Regiment IV - and sixteen individual battalions.

This new fighting force is commanded by the Grand General of the Taldryan Army, Tironos Athan.


Taldryan Army Service

The Army service was both independent of, and dependent upon, the Dark Jedi of Clan Taldryan. It's units were made up of entirely non-Jedi personnel and officers, fully capable of operating on their own. However, during large conflicts or particularly important engagements, Clan Jedi may have been assigned to embed with individual units to bolster their strength. All Army units rotated through training modules designed to teach them the best ways to fight with Jedi support, and therefore could easily accommodate embedded Clan members.

The Army's officer core retained operational command of all units, regardless of embedded Jedi. While nearly all of the Clan's Jedi had combat skills, most lacked essential tactical and strategic training, which was not offered until they had reached a moderately high rank or had specialized in combat command. Embedded Jedi often worked with unit commanders during engagements, but they could not overrule the Army officer's decisions. The Jedi themselves obeyed their own chain-of-command as set forth in the House and Clan system, and orders from the Clan command superseded Army orders. While seemingly complicated, the highest levels of Clan and Army command had vast experience in coordinating their forces and when they are deployed, Jedi-embedded units had been incredibly successful.

Taldryan Army

In 36ABY when the Taldryan Security Service was reorganized into the Taldryan Expansionary Force, the Army was perhaps most suited to the increasing responsibility being placed on their shoulders. Owing perhaps to the relatively loose working relationship that the Corps had always maintained with the Force users of Taldryan, the transition would be carried out in an almost seamless fashion. The Army is still commanded by veteran leader Travik Korr, and Taldryan's Army continues to serve a vital role in campaigns throughout the galaxy, and defending its civilian and Jedi populations.

Reorganization Into New Taldryan Army

Blurb about its reorganization.

New Taldryan Army

Taldryan Army
Armed Forces Command
Grand General: TBD
Executive Officer: TBD
1st Assault Regiment
9th Air Assault Battalion "Derriphan" 10th Air Assault Battalion "Typhojem"
11th Walker Assault Battalion 12th Shock Battalion
2nd Combined Arms Regiment
1st Infantry Battalion 2nd Infantry Battalion
3rd Artillery Battalion 8th Armoured Battalion
3rd Combined Arms Regiment
4th Infantry Battalion 5th Infantry Battalion
6th Artillery Battalion 7th Armoured Battalion
Caelus Defense Regiment (Gendarmerie)
1st Caelus Infantry Battalion 2nd Caelus Infantry Battalion
Taldryan Defense Force Taldryan Navy Taldryan Army



Armored Regiment I

Main article: [[Armored Regiment I|Armored Regiment I]]

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Armored Regiment II

Main article: [[Armored Regiment II|Armored Regiment II]]

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Assault Regiment III

Main article: [[Armored Regiment III|Armored Regiment III]]

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Assault Regiment IV

Main article: [[Armored Regiment IV|Armored Regiment IV]]

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Former Taldryan Army


Taldryan's Army is headquartered on Karufr, in the Army wing of the Expansionary Force Headquarters. As one of the four branches of Taldryan's Military, Taldryan's Army falls under the command of Taldryan's Strategic Operations Council. It is represented on the council by Field Marshal TBA and Marshal Travik Korr.

Command Structure

Day-to-day operations command of Taldryan's Army falls to Travik Korr, but he is supported by a great deal many more capable officers below him in the chain of command. Taldryan's Army is divided into multiple regiments, each focusing on a varying type of surface warfare. Each regiment consists of over 2500 men, each commanded by a Regimental CO with the rank of at least Major General, and supported by a Regimental Staff.

The Army is arranged into tiers of unit sizes, with each unit carrying its own chain of command, and officers to support it. This organization structure is one of the many strengths of the Army, and all officers are encouraged to show initiative, making Taldryan's Army deadly and extremely quick to react to changing situations on the battlefield.

Unit Structure

Army Organization Table
Regiment (2645 Men)
1st Battalion 2nd Battalion 3rd Battalion 4th Battalion
Alpha Company Beta Company Gamma Company Delta Company
Alpha Company Beta Company Gamma Company Delta Company
Alpha Company Beta Company Gamma Company Delta Company
Alpha Company Beta Company Gamma Company Delta Company
Each Battalion consists of 661 men, comprising 4 Companies of 165 Men, broken up into 4 Platoons & 16 Squads

11th Spacebourne Infantry Regiment

  • It's a bird!

31st Armored Infantry Regiment

  • No, it's a plane!

47th Reconnaissance Regiment

  • You guys are drunk.

Massassi Tribes

Through the efforts of Grand Master Jac Cotelin, Taldryan have become the home to the last of the Massassi Tribes still living in the galaxy today. Through a carefully brokered peace following the invasion of New Tython, Cotelin managed to convince a reawakened tribe of Massassi warriors to bind themselves to Taldryan. Given control of a minor continent on Karufr to resettle, the Massassi Tribes of Taldryan are now fully devoted to the Clan, and are constantly on the lookout for more of their lost cousins.

In times of war, the Massassi are called upon as heavy infantry, owing to their particularly savage martial culture. However, the tribes exist as the sole exception to the rule of a professionally led Army, as the warriors will only take commands from a member of the Clan.

(Rewrite since the arrival of the Typhojem))

The Derriphan

Main article: [[The Derriphan|The Derriphan]]

The Derriphan are a tribe of Massassi Warriors who were discovered frozen in stasis and utilized by Taldryan as a force of shock troops . The tribe were awoken from their sleep by Jac Cotelin and Telaris Cantor under the supervision of then Quaestor Shaz'air Taldrya. The Derriphan were formerly pledged to Sith Lord Marka Ragnos but were then stolen by Lord Okemi, the forbearer of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, nearly 5000 years ago.

The Derriphan are now bound to Taldryan, the binding passed from leader to leader by means of an arcane ritual performed by the Clan’s Krath adherents and the Summit. The Massassi come highly trained and disciplined and have been well equipped by the House to act as a force of shock troops under the direct leadership of Taldryan’s Dark Jedi.

The Typhojem

Main article: [[The Typhojem|The Typhojem]]

Opening little intro into the Taldryan Massassi Tribes.

Special Forces


Taldryan selects it’s special operations personnel in a number of different ways;

The first method: all Taldryan Army recruits are tested upon enlistment, and any male between the ages of 18 and 30 who scores in the top fifth percentile and meets the physical standards is automatically entered into the army's Special Forces.

The second method: already established army personnel are recruited into the Special Forces division. Only the strongest and most skilled of Taldryan’s troops are selected from potential candidates to undertake the grueling training and relentless tests of Taldryan’s Special Forces Academy. The largest number of these recruits come from Infantry divisions, though it is not unheard of that recruits are drawn from different divisions.


Special Forces units are tasked with ten specific missions: unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, direct action, guerrilla warfare, information operations, assassination, combat search and rescue, hostage rescue, security assistance, and force sensitive operations. They are sent to the Special Forces Academy to participate in a demanding two month long small unit tactics course. Immediately after the completion of the small unit tactics phase, recruits are given survival, evasion, resistance and escape training, followed by lethal hand-to-hand combat techniques, and finally advanced weaponry and demolitions instruction.

After this training has been completed, the soldiers must choose which of the five Special Forces specialties they will receive instruction in: Officer, Weapons, Medical, Communications, and Engineer. This specialty training is crucial to the successful operation of the teams and is therefore very long and intense – generally it takes 60 weeks. Finally, all soldiers receive direct instruction by Taldryan's Dark Jedi combat instructors - they are given extensive knowledge in combating the Jedi arts, and are trained to resist most forms of mental control. The training is finalized with a series of large-scale, live-fire training exercises, after which the recruits are added to the active Special Forces pool.


The structure of the SpecForce Division is unique among the armed forces. Instead of forming regiments or platoons that operate together, SpecForce squads are able to act entirely independent of each other. This makes it possible for rapid strikes to be carried out on short notice. Whole operations are completed more quickly than a standard regiment could even prepare for transport. SpecForce squad commanders often have much higher ranks than standard infantry team leaders. It’s not unheard of for majors or even colonels to lead small units into battle. All squads report directly to SpecForce Command on Karufr, and receive near constant oversight from the Director of Special Operations.

Special Forces teams typically consist of eight to twelve men of mixed specialties, commanded by a Captain and Master Sergeant. They are stationed throughout Taldryan's territory and can be deployed anywhere they are needed within hours. They are one of the Taldryan's greatest assets, and have proven their worth in battle many times over. Special Forces units have reported incredibly few mission failures, leading many Army officers to become much more willing to use the elite troops when a situation arises. In addition, many teams have proven themselves very capable of killing Dark Jedi, leading SpecForce command to designate specific teams as Jedi Capable - this has become the highest honor a team can earn, and is therefore sought after with a vigor by every active team.


SpecForce tactics are based around one central philosophy: never do what the enemy expects. Guerrilla tactics are standard operating procedure, and capturing or holding territory is rarely a SpecForce soldier’s job. Instead, their efforts focus almost entirely on assessing, hindering, or outright destroying enemy forces.

To meet the demands of every battlefield, SpecForce unites are specialized to carry out missions under specific environments and conditions; where one team specializes in jungle combat, another trains urban revolutionaries. But regardless of specialization, mobility and adaptability remain key weapons in any SpecForce squad’s arsenal.

Dark Fire Brigade

The history of the Dark Fire Brigade(DFB) pre-dates Taldryan’s own, and many would argue that the original Dark Fire Brigade reformed as the House Dinaari – one of the forebears of Taldryan. Never forgetting its roots, Taldryan honored its history by proclaiming their top SpecForce squad as The Dark Fire Brigade

The DFB are the elite of the elite, they are a near-legendary SpecForce squad that is deeply embedded into Taldryan’s history. The DFB almost exclusively cooperates with Taldryan’s Dark Jedi during the most hostile of conflicts.

Rank Structure

Army Ranks Table
Officer Ranks
OR-10 OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1


OF10 Sleeve Design OF10 Epaulettes


OF9 Sleeve Design OF9 Epaulettes
Major General


OF8 Sleeve Design OF8 Epaulettes


OF7 Sleeve Design OF7 Epaulettes
Lieutenant Colonel


OF6 Sleeve Design


OF5 Sleeve Design


OF4 Sleeve Design


OF3 Sleeve Design
Second Lieutenant


OF2 Sleeve Design
Officer Cadet


OF1 Sleeve Design
Enlisted Ranks
ER-10 ER-9 ER-8 ER-7 ER-6 ER-5 ER-4 ER-3 ER-2 ER-1
Sergeant Major


ER-10 Sleeve Design
First Sergeant


ER-9 Sleeve Design
Master Sergeant


ER-8 Sleeve Design
Staff Sergeant


ER-7 Sleeve Design


ER-6 Sleeve Design


ER-5 Sleeve Design


ER-4 Sleeve Design
Private First Class


ER-3 Sleeve Design
Private Second Class


ER-2 Sleeve Design


ER-1 Sleeve Design

Uniforms & Standard Loadout



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