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Like all science fiction settings, Star Wars benefits from a wealth of made-up substances to flesh out its world. These range from fantastical metals, to unique building materials, and fuels to keep advanced technology running. While there is the occasional conventional material that crops up, most of the good stories seem to recognise that the galaxy will have largely moved on from them. Even in the used future of Star Wars, several thousand years of development, FTL travel and multi-species trade will have turned up better alternatives to what we have today. These are just a few examples, citing what they do and their use in relation to the setting.

Natural Resources

Aurodium Utilised as currency on the Outer Rim when formed into ingots.
Carbon A nonmetallic element used in duraplast, durasteel, carbonite, and carbon dioxide.
Chromium An element used in metallic objects, useful in blocking out radiation.
Ytterbium An explosive mineral used in the creation of laser cannons.
Hyperbaride A common superheavy element essential to turbolaser technology.
Tritium An element used as cheap reactor fuel when mixed with liquid hydrogen.
Quadranium An extremely strong material commonly used in the construction of fuel tanks.
Hrucium An element used in heavy industry that distabilizes after use.


Mandalorian iron (Beskar) An extremely durable iron ore typically used by the Mandalorians.
Lommite A metal ore frequently used in the construction of transparisteel, durasteel, starfighter canopies, and dura-armor.
Zersium An ore used with the under-armour of stormtroopers to add insulation and reduce the thermal discomfort from a blaster bolts.
Halite An ore mined for its salt deposits.
Hibridium A rare ore used in the creation of starship cloaking devices.
Mirkanite A valuble mineral found in the lava flows of Mustafar.
Doonium A metal ore typically used in the construction of starship hulls.
Norax An ore utilised in industrial construction efforts.

Gemstones & Crystals

Hypergem Aperiodic diamondoids formed in the cores of neutron stars.
Velmorite A yellow crystal found only on the planet Velmor.
Nova crystal A valuble commodity used as a form of currency.
Prismatic crystal A precious stone valued by most planetary economies.
Qixoni crystal A crystal of a dark red colour.
Tumanian pressure-ruby An extremely rare gemstone, blood red in colour.
Dembaline A pearl-like gemstone produced by creatures on Dac.
Kyber crystal A form of lightsaber crystal.


Tibanna A rare substance used as a conducting agent in blasters and other energy weapons, producing greater energy yields and thus greater amounts of damage.
Cyanogen A gas which is poisonous to most species, save for a few such as Celegians.
Hurlothrombic gas A substance which will produce a state of fear in organic beings exposed to the compound.
Heglum An alternative gas to helium utilised in dirigibles.
Korfaise A gas commonly utilised as coolant in starship engines.
Cryogen A conductive gas which is inert until mixed with oxygen. Used to freeze organic substances.
Azetal A gas utilised in torches and cutting equipment.
Nagnol gas A gas noted for its ability to disrupt starship sensors.

Composite and Refined Materials


Deuterium An element used as both fuel and explosive weaponry throughout the galaxy.
Proton fuel An extremely combustible fuel that could be stored in metal tanks and ignited by blaster fire.
Hypermatter An exotic fuel utilised to keep vast starships and stations operational.
Rippinnium One form of sublight engine fuel.
Rhydonium A fuel found on the remote planet Abafar.
Baradium nitrate A form of fuel which, in its liquid state, is less prone to accidental detonation.
Peragian Fuel A fuel which is only found on the asteroid field of Peragus II.
Anthracite A solid fuel occasionally utilised with some starship engines.


Metal Alloys



Composite Building Materials