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Exodus era.New Order era.
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Soona Eil
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

22 ABY (age 16)

Physical Description





1.57m / 5'2


50k / 110





Personal Information

Naari Eil


Jaran Eil


Shanti Eil, Pekran Eil, Malavi Eil





Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Apprentice Blacksmith


Exodus, New Order




11584 (Under NPCs

Character Sheet:


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Character History

Early Life

Soona was born as most Togruta were born on the planet Kiros. The only difference was having the misfortune of being born to parents who preferred to live well on the outskirts of the settlement. While it made for idyllic, peaceful living, when that peace was broken, it was ‘’really’’ broken.

Slavers, down on their luck and in need of a quick infusion of cash to pay a loan, found themselves on Kiros. Not the wisest band of slavers, seeing as they were functionally broken down on a colony world, but armed and practiced in their trade, it was nothing for them to capture the Eil family and spirit them away in the dark of night back to their ship.

It was luck, or the machinations of the Force, that these slavers were able to get the Eil family offworld. The first buyer for the entire lot was a general purpose shady merchant working for a Tapani baron. He offloaded the adults and the younger children to others, and that’s where Soona lost track of her family. She had the strange fortune of remaining property of the Baron and his people.

A pretty young woman, her current owner saw opportunity, and so she joined the other consort slaves. This ‘’prestigious’’ selection saw her getting cosmetically augmented against her will, to better suit the depraved tastes of the usual sort of buyer. The same ‘’doctor’’ who augmented her was also the same who administered the Bacta treatments that healed the scars from her frequent lashings. She would not break easily.


It was any other day in the consort pen. At the least they could say they weren’t laborers as they had to remain as pretty as possible, but the pen itself was little more than a shipping container repurposed to keep the consorts where they belonged.

Their owner came to them with no pretense, as he usually did, grabbed Soona and attached her very least favorite shock collar and chain, and told her she was being sold.

When she got to the bazaar, she was greeted by an older armored man with gray hair, and wrapped eyes. He looked towards her, but not so much at her, and declared he’d take her. Since she’d been informed she’d be a purchased bride, Soona prepared herself mentally for her new life as the bride of a blind Mandalorian, until things went drastically different than she’d expected.

The slaver, upon sharing a drink with the buyer, began choking on his drink. At first she thought nothing of it, until she saw the buyer’s off-hand in a clenched gesture at his side. Her new suspicions were clarified moments later when, after the slaver was fully dead, the buyer introduced himself as Raziel, clothed her in his cloak, and asked where the rest of the slaves were. On her explanation, he took his lightsaber and in a whirl of controlled violence, cut the rest of the slaves from their captivity.

Physical Description

Soona is a soft violet Togruta with vibrant pink markings on her montrals and head tails along with white skin patterning on her face, across her high cheekbones, and down her delicate nose and chin. She was cosmetically enhanced, leaving her with curves disproportionate to her rather slender torso and waist, and a small angular glyph tattooed on the back of her neck. Her red eyes show kindness and patience even as her back, arms, and legs show the fine line scars of a lash. She wears her short, dainty stature with pride because she will never ever look intimidating.