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Sight Nortorshin
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

11 ABY

Date of Death:

38 ABY

Physical Description







180 lbs







Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

yellow blade

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information
  • Krath
  • Assassin
  • Ship Chief engineer

Chief engineer of AGV Nighthawk


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:


Known masters:


Known apprentices:

Antar Locke



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Sight Nortorshin is a Krath Priest of House Galeres of Clan Arcona and a former light Jedi. Sight lost the fight with his inner demons and returned to the darkside of the force and returned to Clan Arcona.

Character History

11 ABY - 27 ABY

They say that it was raining that fateful day in 11 ABY, the day he was born. It is unknown who exactly his parents were or why they left him on the doorstep of that lower level orphanage on Coruscant. Though it is certain that Sight Nortorshin never thinks of them, to Sight his parents never existed in the first place.

As an albino human his pure white hair, red eyes, and white skin made him a target for the other orphans. They treated him as children treat those who are different than themselves. It was early in his childhood when he was at the tender age of 3 years old that Sight was involved in his first fight. From then on Sight was involved in fights almost everyday with the other children.

When he was 4 years old Sight became aware of his connection to the force and the small crack of differences that separated him from the other children became a large valley. Things went the same for Sight as always as he grew and the years slipped by. It was when he was getting ready to turn 17 years of age that things changed for him.

28 ABY

Being tired of the life of a creditless orphan Sight started to hatch a plan that would get him off planet and to a life of exploring the galaxy. It was on his 17th birthday that he enacted this plan. He waited till the lights went out the night of his birthday, as they did every night in the orphanage. Slipping out of his bed he snuck through the hallways to the front door. He found there the orphanages administrator. Sight did not let that stop him though he used the force and a knife he had to make his escape, leaving a puddle of barely recognizable flesh bleeding out behind him.

He made his way quickly to the freighter yards and found a large freight ship preparing to leave the planet. Stowing away on the freighter he hid himself and waited. His hiding spot was not a good one and he was caught shortly after the freighter left the planet. Sight was put to work to pay for his passenger fare. He worked for one of the ships electricians. He grew to love the job and learned much about how everything on the ship worked, both the physical side and the programed side. He was happy for the first time in his life working on that ship. But that happiness would be short lived as the force had a bigger plan for him than menial work on a freighter.

29 ABY

They were docked on Dantooine when Sight had felt something he never had before through the force, a Dark Jedi. The darkness felt strong, felt right. Sight made an excuse and left the ship with his stuff. He tracked down the Dark Jedi quickly enough. It had seemed to quickly to Sight but he had to see the thing that was causing this feeling though the force.

He followed the feeling to a small transport shuttle. He watched the shuttle for a long time, eventually after sun went down the Dark Jedi came down the landing ramp and walked away into the city. Sight made his move quickly sneaking onto the shuttle and hiding under the floor’s plating. The Dark Jedi returned shortly after Sight had hid himself and immediately felt that something was wrong.

The red blade penetrated the floor plating a foot from Sights head and proceeded to cut an oblong shape around his body. Sight hoped it was over when the red lightsaber blade retracted but he was wrong. The plating proceed to rise up from the floor revealing Sight laying beneath it. It took a bit of talking but Sight managed to be able to convince the Dark Jedi not to kill him.

All though the Dark Jedi left Sight on Dantooine he wanted the man’s power. Hijacking a shuttle he proceeded to search for any Dark Jedi he could. It was not long before he came across the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He was 18 years old at the time and quickly rose through the Krath ranks to that of a Protector in Clan Arcona.

30-33 ABY

Shortly after he had turned 19 years of age the young Krath felt a tingling in his bones and a boredom in his brain. Slipping away from his clan he took a small shuttle and started to search for a way to the Teta system, the birthplace of the Krath order. He would take on many bounty hunting and assassination jobs to earn credits. Becoming all but completely consumed by darkness.

He became known throughout the underworld as a skilled assassin who was kill happy, not caring if his victims were women or even children. He was once known to have slaughtered an entire orphanage in a single night including several newborns that were on the premises. He became a monster that was being hidden and funded by an unknown presence.

34 ABY

it wasn’t long after Sights fall out and escape from whatever had been hiding him that several local outer rim law enforcement agencies separate from the New Republic linked Sight to a string of brutal murders starting in 30 ABY. They issued a bounty for him to be brought in alive. a few of these agencies are believed to have ties to the Sith but nothing has been proven. Sight found out quickly about this bounty through his underworld connections and went on the run.

35 ABY

A group of bounty hunters finally catching up to him while he was hidden in the cargo of a freighter. The ship was in deep space in the middle of a run when the bounty hunters boarded the ship. The engine cores overloaded causing the ship to explode shortly after the ship was boarded. Sight had managed to escape the doomed ship moments before the explosion claimed the lives of everyone on board that he hadn’t. Lost in his darkness and stranded in an escape pod on an unknown course the force began to work inside of Sight.

The escape pod landed on a planet that had three sith factions at war with each other upon it. Not wanting to join with any of the Sith Sight hid in the jungles of the planet his own darkness eating away at him inside until he acknowledged the light growing inside himself. Throughout his time stranded on this planet Sight went from being a being consumed by darkness and a need to kill to a neutral force user with one foot in the light one in the dark.

36 ABY

Drodik and *Raiju Kang find Sight on the planet and bring him with them back to House Odan-Urr where Sight joins the house. He begins training to become a Light Jedi while actively participating within the house in conflicts such as Khar Delba, where he received a large scar on his face from being tortured by the One Sith.

37 ABY

Sight takes command as Tetrarch of Strike Team Ooroo. Taking his position seriously he starts planning missions for the future. finding is mental state deteriorating he resigns his post to gain better control of his mental facilities. Taking a leave of absence from his house he traveled alone to regain control of his mental facilities. He fought with himself for nearly a year slowly loosing his way from the light and returning to the dark.

38 ABY

Having decided to not return to House Odan-Urr or the light Sight made his way back to where he had come from Clan Arcona upon arriving he entered House Galeres. Shortly after arriving at House Galeres Sight was assigned to work with NightHawk as their chief engineer. On the Nighthawk in the engineering department there are 3 critical systems engineers and 2 auxiliary systems engineers and Sight as chief making a total of 6 in the department which Sight leads.

Physical Description

Born in the year 11 ABY Sight was abandoned by his parents because he was an albino, having pure white skin and hair with red eyes. He wears pure back loose fitting robes with a deep purple trim. His cloak is a dark grey in color with a light grey trim. He wears black leather gloves that fit tightly and thick black leather boots. His boots have extra layers of armor and leather around his ankles and Achilles heel. The boots go up his legs stopping just below his knees and have an armor plate in the front protecting his shins. his body is covered in well defined muscle from a lifetime of fighting, having less than 7% body fat. His Hair is slightly below shoulder length and usually keep up in a ponytail.

Below his right eye he has a scar that runs from the bridge of his nose beside his eye moving down and to the right side of his face till it stops about an inch below the other side of his eye. Sight has a scar running from the top corner of his left check bone directly below the outside corner of his eye to the back corner of his left jaw bone. the scar extends to the bottom of his first layer of skin and is approximately 1/2 inch wide.

Skills and Abilities

  • As a Ships engineer, Sight is a skilled mechanic
  • He is skilled in bladed weapons, as well as martial arts, and lightsaber combat
  • He loves to use explosives in combat and is skilled in modifying and building them
  • Sight is an skilled force healer
  • Sight is skilled in the force ability, Blackness, and equally skilled with Force sight


Sight has been fighting for most of his life and all of his adult life, he is not easily scared and doesn't shy away from combat, he does not show cowardice or fear to the enemy. In most situations if there is a hope of winning he will choose to fight. He is not afraid to kill and will go for the kill quickly having spent 6 years as an assassin and bounty hunter. He is well organized and dedicated to his house and strike team. He tries to show only an outward appearance of being emotionless at all times even though he feels deeply about most things.