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Exodus era.New Order era.
Shadow Nighthunter
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

14 ABY

Physical Description

Half-Human, half Sephi




5ft and 8in




Dark Brown





Personal Information


Lightsaber Color(s):

Red and silver

Lightsaber Form(s):
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Chronology & Political Information
Personal Ship:

The Shadow Wolf

Known masters:


Known apprentices:


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"If it is to end in fire, then we will all burn together. If it is to end in Darkness, then I shall perish alone."
―Dark Jedi Knight Shadow Nighthunter

Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter is currently a Sith Warlord of Clan Scholae Palatinae, House Imperium; and currently resides in the House as its Quaestor. Once known as Rowan Night, the death of her love, Marcus Strider, and the betrayal she felt from the Jedi caused her to pursue her lover’s dream of joining the Dark Brotherhood where she became Shadow Nighthunter. She hopes to become a feared and respected figure in the Brotherhood and in the galaxy itself. Ever since she arrived at the Brotherhood, she finally has discovered the true meaning of the Force. Extending her knowledge at the Shadow Academy and helping her fellow brethren out, she’s finally found a place she can call home.

Character History

Shadow's homeworld of Coruscant


Shadow was born in 14 ABY on the planet, Coruscant to parents, Devon and Crystal Night. Her name was Rowan at the time and was an only child. Her mother, Crystal, was a Sephi who worked at a cafe while her human father, Devon, was a smuggler for anyone who was in need of his services. With the money that Devon and Crystal were making and the arrival of their little girl, everything seemed just perfect. That would soon change when they'd hear a knock at their door later on.


When Rowan reached her third year, her father started taking her on a few of his smuggling trips. He taught her the basics of piloting a ship, of course without letting her take the ship out for a run herself. When she reached the age of five, Devon started to teach her different fighting moves for self-defense that he had picked up from others. She caught on easy and practiced every day, when her mother was working. When her father's missions were too dangerous, she would spend time with her mother when she wasn't at the cafe. Her mother taught her how to read, write, and even took her to animal auctions, hoping that her daughter would become an animal lover like her.

One day, six year-old Rowan was spending time with her parents when they heard a knock on the door. As Devon opened it, he revealed a gentleman in strange robes and a weird weapon on his belt. He introduced himself as Jedi Jared Relan, and that he was here for Rowan. After he explained that he had sensed Rowan through the force and that he felt her worthy to train, Devon and Crystal were both full of awe and concern for their daughter. They had always sensed that something was different about Rowan. She was already good at the combat moves her father had taught her and when she would go to the animal auctions, her mother noticed that Rowan could interact with the animals as if they could understand each other. After they discussed some of these things with the Jedi and themselves they finally agreed to let Rowan go. To them, it was for her own good. Her mother thought it best for Rowan because she saw it as something better than letting her little girl go with her father on his trips all her life.

With that decided, both parents helped little Rowan pack up things that she may need and said their good-byes. Then right before their eyes, she was gone.

Shadow as Jedi Apprentice Rowan at the age of 14

A New Beginning

Jared Relan took Rowan to his home on the far side of Coruscant. There, Rowan trained with another kid about her age and his mentor, Jedi Tyler Nordith. His name was Marcus Strider and he had started training a year before her. As Rowan grew older, her attachment with the force became stronger and her training with her father had also helped her when it came to learning hand-to-hand combat. Relan was quite impressed with her ability to learn just about anything quickly along with her determination. When Nordith saw for himself how Rowan was progressing, he decided to have Relan put his apprentice to the test against his own. Relan accepted the challenge as a way of putting all that Rowan had learned to the test. Both Jedi decided to have both apprentices challenge each other the day of Rowan's twelfth birthday, which was a week from then.

Rowan herself had been wanting to test herself against Marcus for some time. She could use a challenge here and then. So when the day of the challenge arrived and her master told her the news, she was thrilled. As the two apprentices met in Relan's huge training room and took their places opposite of each other, Rowan was anxious to start. When Relan announced for the battle to start, both apprentices met at the middle already taking swings and kicks from each other. When they were told to stop, both apprentices were covered in bruises and cuts. To Rowan's surprise, Marcus was still standing. Nordith and Relan knew then that both apprentices were evenly matched, and therefore both knew that they had taught them well.

Love Strikes

After two years had gone by, Rowan had grown stronger, smarter, and had gained a beautiful figure. She continued to train and when she was done, she'd take time to fly in the ship Relan had given her, though it was really from her father for her fourteenth birthday, and would just enjoy being free. Because she chose to fly at night and sometimes fly low and scare people like a wolf jumping out of the shadows, she called it The Shadow Wolf. At times she'd fly to the animal auctions her mother used to take her to. She'd spend hours there, looking for one that would suit her best if she were to have a pet of her own.

One day when Relan let her take the day off, she flew to a new animal auction that came to town. Anxious to see what new animals the auction had, she didn't notice that someone had followed her on another ship. After many hours of looking and even calming some of the frightened animals, she was walking back towards her ship when she felt a presence about a few feet behind her. She whirled around expecting to find some drunk trying to entice her to go home with him when instead she found her rival, Marcus Strider, standing right in front of her with a leash in his hand that led to something she couldn't quite make out behind him. As she was getting ready to question her training rival, he pulled on the leash and a Kybuck came trotting out from behind him. She had never seen one as beautiful as this one before, and was instantly in love with the creature. As she went to stroke the Kybuck, eyes had locked with Marcus'. That's when she knew that they this had been an act of love. So, to make things even, she hugged him and kissed him.

Since that day, Rowan and Marcus had been madly in love with each other, going places together and even asking to study together more often. Relan started to suspected that they were having a relationship with each other and did his best to ignore it while Nordith thought that if there was a relationship that it was a good way to cover up their Jedi lives from unwanted attention. So, the two lovers continued to be together.


Rowan had never felt so happy ever since Marcus and she had fallen in love. When Marcus was away with Nordith on training missions and Rowan wasn't training, she would spend time with her kybuck, which she had begged Relan to let her keep in a small courtyard of his home, and remember the day when Marcus declared his love for her.

Then, one night when Marcus came from one of his training missions, she noticed that he had changed. As she reached into the force, she felt a rage inside him. When everyone was asleep, she snuck to his quarters and found him packing up his things including his newly built lightsaber. When she asked him what was wrong, he told her how Nordith and he had gone to a part of the city full of nightclubs and bars to show him examples of fighting from street fighters when a young woman was being beaten up by a bunch of drunks. He had wanted to help her, but Nordith stopped him before he could. When he asked Nordith why he couldn't help her, Nordith told him it wasn't his place to help and that it would draw too much attention to the Jedi if they did. He then told Rowan how mad he felt and how he was leaving for the Brotherhood that they had heard of during their lessons. Marcus told Rowan how corrupt he thought the Jedi were and asked her to go with him. Fearing of leaving behind what she knew most of her life, she refused to go and asked him not to leave. He had made up his mind and told her he was going to look for the Brotherhood. So, to make things easier on both of them, they decided to keep in touch without their masters knowing. Then, Marcus kissed her good-bye and left.

Love's Consequence

Rowan and Marcus kept in touch for four months until a month went on without a single message from him. Worrying he had been hurt in some way, she decided to look for him. His last known position had been on Tatooine where he was looking for a new ship to look for the Brotherhood. As she took off, she didn't notice the two figures slip into the Shadow Wolf.

When she arrived in Tatooine, she found him in a cantina talking to what looked like a trader of some kind. When the man left, she quickly went and sat next to Marcus. After the two talked for a while, they decided to go out to talk in a much more quiet place. As, they rounded the corner of the building, two figures jumped out of the shadows and ignited their lightsabers. Both Relan and Nordith struck Marcus and killed him. Shadow, overwhelmed with sorrow and fear, carried Marcus's body to her ship and took off, leaving the two Jedi on Tantooine.

Joining The Brotherhood

Fulfilling A Dream

After burying Marcus' body on his favorite planet, Naboo, Rowan felt helpless and weak. Remembering Marcus' dream of joining the Brotherhood, she decided that she would fulfill it for him and one day avenge his death. Joining the Brotherhood in 29 ABY at the age of fourteen, she made herself a promise to grow stronger and more powerful as a Sith. Propelling herself through the ranks, she hoped to finally join those who are powerful and feared so that she may finally get her vengeance and be at peace at last. ]

A Place To Call Home

When Rowan Night found the Brotherhood and became a Sith in House Scholae Palatinae, she rid herself of her old identity and became Shadow Nighthunter. Before she had found the Brotherhood, she had gone back and picked up her kybuck and had brought it with her. Now, her kybuck lives in a secretive area where she sometimes goes to care for her kybuck who she called 'Roheryn'. Along with her kybuck, she brought Marcus' lightsaber and keeps it safe in a vault in her quarters. She had finally found a place where she belonged.

The Twins

"Those two will be the death of me."
―Shadow remarking about her cousins

Shadow wasn't the only one in her family who joined the Brotherhood. When she heard that the Jedi were possibly recruiting her childhood cousins, Sabin and Altair Night, she paid them a visit and after telling them about all that has happened since she joined the Brotherhood, they joined as well and became Death Nightwatcher and Vengeance Nightstalker. As time past, the two eventually failed to take part and often goofed off and eventually became rogues only to come back and prove that they are just as good as Shadow. That however changed again when they decided to leave and live their own lives, promising to never speak of the Brotherhood to anyone.

"Alara and Shadow: A childhood never had." Credit to Ana-Bu

Long Lost Sibling

When Shadow was sixteen years of age, a new girl by the name of Alara Night had joined Scholae Palatinae, and revealed herself to Shadow to be her sister. Shadow had a hard time accepting that she had an older sister, and was astonished when she had learned Alara's tale. When she had learned of her parents giving Alara over to the pirates, Shadow had been tempted to believe her parents had given her to the Jedi just to be rid of her. However, the Force assured her that her parents had given her to the Jedi's care for her benefit. Though she was unhappy with what her parents had done to her sister, she still loved them.

For a while, Shadow and Alara, who became known as Alara Deathbane , got to know each other better. However, their time together was short-lived, for Alara ended up leaving without warning. For a while, Shadow had missed her sister, since she was the only family member that she was sure would stay with her. However, as years would pass on, she'd force herself to move one, unaware that her sister would return.

Evant Taelyan and Shadow Nighthunter

Finding Friends

Though her family had left her, Shadow wasn't all alone. With Scholae Palatinae as her new family, she made friends with many of its members. Besides her master, a fellow Sith named Kazumi was one of the first to befriend her, and the two of them worked hard together to climb up the ranks. She also became great friends with a Sith by the name of Evant Taelyan. The two share interests in knowledge and artifacts and both can be seen at the cantina together enjoying a drink and each other's company. Later on, she became good friends with Aquarius and later Brandon Tarsus, both of them her apprentices in which she trusted considered as family.

Dark Jedi Knight Shadow Nighthunter


Silver Wings

"Sure, as if all of a sudden I’m an angel of mercy come down to save him. I’m quite the opposite."
―Shadow speaking in regards to her killing a Silver Wing after interrogation

While still working her way towards knighthood, Shadow was called along with four other Dark Jedi of her House to take care of an invading threat on Antenora. A patrol was taken out at an abandoned temple in one of the canyons. Shadow Nighthunter and her group went to investigate and deal with the problem. After an ambush, they had discovered that the invaders belonged to a cult known as the Silver Wings as shown by a silver dragon insignia on their hands. The group found the cultists and their leader establishing a new home at the temple and went on to eliminate them as ordered. Shadow had the chance to show off her sniping skills, along with her skills with both lightsaber and dagger.

Achieving Knighthood

With Rayne aiding her during her trials, it wasn't long before Shadow Nighthunter left the life of a Jedi Hunter for a new life as a Dark Jedi Knight. Having retrieved a force crystal from Dathomir for her lightsaber along with her efforts during the Scholae Palatinae invasion of Rhelg during the Dark Crusade, she had proven herself ready for the title. Shadow considered this accomplishment as proof of her leaving behind her past as a Jedi for good. Hoping to do more for her House during the invasion, she gladly put her lightsaber to good use and joined her fellow Dark Jedi Knights on the battlefield.

The Dark Crusade

As the Brotherhood went from planet to planet, fighting the One Sith and taking control, Shadow followed her brethren to war. The young Sith had seen the crusade as not only a chance for her to serve her House, but to become more powerful. Shadow had also started to have a new outlook on her goals, the Knight personally not knowing what she really wanted from the war itself other than the success of Scholae Palatinae. Though power was something she hoped to achieve, she had no other reasons for fighting alongside her brethren. The idea of simplicity from her days training as a Jedi had stayed with her. However, she always kept a lookout for any news or opportunities that might've appealed to her in regards to gaining power and serving her House. The only success she truly had during the Crusade was when her House conquered Korriz from the One Sith. Towards the end of the Crusade, she focused more on the survival of her apprentice and his training.

Master and Apprentice

After achieving knighthood, Shadow took on a Krath just a year younger than here by the name of Aquarius. The two became close to the point they were like sisters. However, that all changed when Aquarius left on the eve of becoming a Jedi Hunter, having expressed an interest in seeking a life outside of the Brotherhood. Shortly after, Shadow took Brandon Tarsus under her wing, finding interest in the mercenary for his interest in perfecting himself in combat and his growing devotion to HSP. Having a sense of honor just like herself, Shadow found Brandon to be a compatible student and enjoys his company both while training and during free time, the two of them discussing fighting tactics and history.

Surviving the Madness

"Tarsus! Get out of that snow, you klutz! Come on! You’re an Obelisk, not a snowman!"
― Shadow to her apprentice during training in winter

Of the two apprentices, Shadow had, Brandon Tarsus was always the one to drive her insane. The mercenary was a natural clown, and Shadow being a serious person most of the time, had trouble training him. From either creating trouble in the forest during training or playing pranks on the Sith, Shadow did her best to be patient. Being a prankster herself at times, Shadow found herself being dragged into her apprentice's plans, and sometimes she even gave him advice. Yet, she had much respect for the mercenary and even admired his strength and brutish behavior at times. It was only her Jedi patience that helped her to remain sane. When it came to Tarsus' knighthood, Shadow couldn't be more proud to have been the mercenary's master, and expected great things from him as a Professional.

The Re-Clanning of Scholae Palatinae, Temporary Absence, and Return

"It seems I haven't been missed. Probably best I wasn't."
― Shadow when she returned to active duty in the Clan

Before Shadow knew it, Scholae Palatinae was clanned once again. With the Battleteams dissolved, Shadow no longer was Sergeant for Caliburnus alongside Battleteam Leader Eetherbiail. Assigned to the new House, Excidium, Shadow slowly began to lose interest in the politics that came along with the re-clanning, and she decided to take a break from the Palatinean life. In doing so, she spent most of her days either at her cabin in the woods, or in Ohmen City. She spent her time relaxing, exploring, training, and taking up some of her hobbies. For a while, she enjoyed the peace that came from the absence of Clan business. However, before long, she couldn't resist the call of duty to her Clan, and she returned on time to help take part in the Red Fury campaign.

Shadow by ecaroecaro


Shadow didn't quite return as the same person, however. She had become distant and tended to be alone more often. She had also become cold, and came to show very little emotion when around others including her friends. Though she was happy to return to duty, she was more determined to work completely alone. These changes were a result of her free time of meditating. Slowly she had fallen prey to the dark side, and it twisted her into a colder and darker person.

The Survivors

"For the Empire."
― Shadow's whispered words before she finished the speaker with her dagger to the throat.

Not too long after the Red Fury campaign, the clan had to deal with yet another uprising from those called "Survivors." They were a group of various races who sought to topple the "evil" empire and bore the symbol of the Republic. Riots began to emerge as leaders of the group called for others to join in their cause. It was at one of these riots in Ohmen City that Shadow and a few of her brethren were sent in to eliminate the main speaker. While the other Dark Jedi, Rayne, Archangel Palpatine, Cello, and Rouvenor; caused mass chaos, Shadow used the distraction to assassinate one of the guards and eventually the speaker with her dagger.

Alara Deathbane and her return to Scholae Palatinae.

The Return of Alara

Unexpectantly, Shadow would once again find Alara Deathbane at her doorstep. Her sister recounted the vision she had of Shadow calling to her to return, in which Shadow never did. Shadow, however, accepted her sister back, and took her has her apprentice. The Sith was amazed and proud of her sister's accomplishments as she rose quickly through the ranks and completed many exams at the Shadow Academy. Despite her sister following the path of a Dark Jedi instead of the Sith one she treads, Shadow saw much potential. However, she wasn't really as friendly or as close to her sister as she was letting Alara believe. She instead chose to remain two-faced so that Alara wouldn't really know the true her.

Founding Battle Team Tacitus Athanasius

For a while, Shadow had been doing nothing but training her apprentice. It was only after she found out about an assassination attempt against House Excidium's Quaestor, Lucyeth, did she get back to her job in the shadows as an assassin. Her investigation had led her to the assassin, whom she had interrogated and tortured. The assassin had eventually given in and told her that he had been hired by a survivor of the League of Liberation, Excidium's former enemy. Seeing how the House still faced threats from old and new enemies alike, Shadow Nighthunter founded the House's very first battle team, Tacitus Athanasius, in 34 ABY. The battle team would take out threats against the House from the shadows, and would focus on enemies that perhaps the House wasn't quite aware of as well as leave a legacy of fear in the hearts of many. Her sister, Alara, would serve as her Sergeant.

"Brandon Tarsus" by ecaroecaro

Another Unexpected Return

With her sister and apprentice only days away from knighthood, Shadow was ready to spend most of her time alone again. However, the return of an old friend would change that. While taking a break from battle team business in the cantina, Brandon Tarsus surprised the Sith. Shadow couldn't believe that her old friend and former apprentice had returned, and despite her cold demeanor, she was more than happy to welcome back the mercenary.

Brandon and Shadow

Friends in the Morning, Lovers by Night

"Only a scoundrel can steal your heart. That's what we do."
―Brandon to Shadow after they confessed their love.

The same day Tarsus had returned, Tarsus had convinced Shadow to go with him to a formal club that evening. Both Mandalorian and elfin spent their evening enjoying champagne and each other's company. Unexpectedly, Tarsus kissed the Sith woman, which brought forth Shadow's hidden love for the man. With Tarsus having melted her cold heart, both professed their love and continued their evening at the club by waltzing together on the dance floor. Eventually, they made their way to Shadow's quarters and spent the night together madly in love with Tarsus declaring them informally married.

Long Awaited Reunion

The Discovery

Shadow and Tarsus kept their marriage a secret, including from her sister. For a while, both Sith and Mercenary continued on with their lives, until Shadow received word that her parents had moved to Naboo. Wanting to finally see them and introduce her husband to them, Shadow and Brandon eventually made the trip. During the trip, Shadow revealed to her husband that she had received two lightsabers from her father sometime back; delivered by her cousins. The sabers had been passed down from generation to generation, but none had been able to wield the blades. Her father in his letter had said that he believed that they had been meant for her, and so he had passed them to her. Shadow explained that she couldn't let Alara know about them, especially with the instability that Alara had. Brandon agreed, and when taking one of the sabers for himself to study, he ended up having cut up hands and passed out. Shadow summed that it was a way for the sabers to keep from being used by the wrong person. Upon arriving at Naboo, Shadow had gotten them a hotel room, and had gone out to get some food for her husband. During her absence, Tarsus was visited by Shadow's ancestor, the woman who had made the blades herself. When Shadow returned, Brandon told her what had happened, and he discovered that ancient runes appeared on his hands, and he managed to make out the names Rowan and Alara.

The Visit

"I just wished we could have all been together longer...I wished I could've been there to watch you grow up."
― Devon Night to Shadow during a moment alone shared by father and daughter.

The next day, Shadow and Brandon paid a visit to her parents' new home. The reunion was very emotional for Shadow, for it had been too long since she had seen her parents. While there, her parents gifted her with a Loth wolf cub and a clone war era chaingun for Brandon.

The Murder

"Now now, I didn’t come to hear your ridiculous excuses, Father. I came to bring back vengeance. I came back to avenge the childhood you rid me of."
―Alara to Devon Night the night she killed her parents.

Unbeknownst to both Shadow and Brandon, they had led Alara right to her parents. After they had left for their hotel, Alara had made her move and confronted her parents for what they had done. In the end, she murdered them through decapitation and ran off in confused terror. She hoped to make it look like someone did it, but that plan would ultimately fail.


"Promise won't leave me too. You're all I have now."
―Shadow to Brandon after her parents were buried.

The next day was one of mourning. Shadow and Brandon had discovered the murder, and both held a funeral and had them buried next to Marcus Strider. Shadow was well aware that Alara had done it, and for this, she would never forgive herself for a long time. Brandon swore to keep her safe, and that Alara wouldn't get away with her crime.


The Duel

"Alara… You’ve clouded your mind. I’m sorry. I cannot allow you to do this further. You need to stop. Look what you’ve done to us. Look what you’ve done to yourself. You are forcing me to do this…"
―Shadow to Alara right before their duel on Myrkr

For a while, Shadow struggled to keep the balance Brandon had given her, and eventually, the Force and her ancestor took it upon herself to give Shadow a hand. A Force apparition appeared in the form of a black wolf with red markings and revealed itself as something her ancestor had brought to life. For now on, this wolf spirit would be her guide and help her maintain the balance of darkness with a little light. During this time, Shadow was becoming increasingly aware that Alara was trying to kill Brandon, and eventually, an all-out battle between the two sisters broke out. Shadow had tracked her sister down to Myrkr where she was hiding, and engaged in combat when Alara finally decided to fight back. The fight ended with Shadow as the victor, the Sith disowning her sister while leaving her to fend for herself. Though she loved Alara deeply, she had to teach Alara the hard way. However, this only led to Alara's insanity taking control.


Sometime before the fight with Alara, Shadow and Brandon eventually found out that the Sith was pregnant with a boy, despite how they had hoped to have a child later on. However, they were both welcoming of their child to come, and both agreed to name him Deus. They kept Shadow's pregnancy a secret for the sake of protecting Shadow and the child, though the Sith still took part in dangerous activities. Shadow even kept Deus a secret from Alara, fearing her sister might target her rage and madness towards the son of Brandon Tarsus.

Sudden Departure, and Sisterly Reunion

"Aye Sister, I didn’t think we would ever make it. I guess this is what true family does: they stick together no matter what. Nothing will ever separate us successfully again. At least not on my fault."
―Alara to Shadow after the sisters restored their bond

A few months after the duel, Shadow woke up one early morning to find her husband had departed without notice. His things were gone, and she couldn't find him out in the forest as a storm raged. Knowing he had pretty much left for a long time if not for good, a tired and pregnant Shadow returned to her cabin and gave into sorrow. Not too long after returning to the cabin, her sister gave her a surprise visit; Alara having felt the need to be with her thanks to the Force. It was that morning Alara apologized to Shadow, and vowed to take care of the younger sister. It was also at this time that Shadow confessed of her pregnancy, which puzzled the older sister why Brandon would leave his pregnant wife behind. The Mystic promised to look after and love both Shadow and Deus. The sisters renewed their sisterly bond; Shadow fully accepting that her sister was the only family she had and that they needed each other more than ever. Alara spent the rest of the morning with Shadow to watch over her and make sure the mother-to-be was cared for after her tiring trek in the storm. Unknown to both, Brandon had left to take care of a dangerous affair that had come up, and he had left without notice to keep Shadow from getting involved; for both the safety of his wife and their unborn child.

Shattered Ties

(To be added)


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New Life

Unbeknownst to Shadow, the Sith was actually carrying twins in her womb, and gave birth to two, healthy boys with the assistance of her sister and Lexiconus. With the Quaestor of Imperium swearing to keep the two a secret, Shadow was filled with motherly joy for her two newborn sons, Deus and Artorias Tarsus. Deus was born with a more human appearance, brown hair, and gray eyes like his father. Artorias took after his mother's more Sephi look, the child having her elven ears along with his mother's golden eyes and his father's white hair.

Shadow's apprentice, Katyusha.

A New Apprentice and Friend

"If you do, be careful. I couldn’t bear to lose you too."
― Katyusha to Shadow during an exchange between the two at the Silent Citadel.

Shortly after Brandon's departure, Shadow felt a disturbance in the Force. Believing that it was leading her to her husband, Shadow found herself on Hoth only to discover a half-dead republic pilot. Sensing that the girl was Force-sensitive, Shadow rescued the woman and took her back to Caina where she sought immediate medical attention for the pilot. Fortunately, the pilot lived. The Sith having sensed pain and hatred within the woman, Shadow offered to take the girl known as Katyusha Neige as her apprentice. The blue-haired girl happily obliged, unaware of the cold, harshness Shadow would unleash upon her. However, a bond of understanding would form between Shadow and Katyusha, and both would come to be like sisters over time. During an exchange between the two in the Ritual Chamber of the Silent Citadel, Kat had revealed more of who she was and her old life to Shadow, and had asked Shadow to take in her recently born little Evie should something happen to her. Shadow had promised to do so, and both spent some time bonding as friends.

Return of the Masters

During the early days of Kat's apprenticeship, she had a vision of her former master and her deceased first lover. The vision revealed that her master wished to challenge her, and she made it known to Shadow during one of their training sessions. Shadow, having had once been a Jedi herself, became curious of the matter. The Force had revealed to her that not only was Kat's former master on the move but so was her own old master, Relan. The two of them made their way to where the Force led them, and they both ended up at Mustafar. There, they found both Jedi masters and engaged them in combat. Shadow, having no need for vengeance, killed Relan out of the need to protect the two unborn sons within her womb. However, she had ignored her condition and became an easy target for Kat's master when Kat herself killed him.

The Unnecessary Calamity

"If we die, it’s because of you! This whole calamity could have been avoided if you’d only listened to me!"
―Katyusha to Shadow during the fight in Kul'Tala's palace.

During their encounter at the Silent Citadel, Katyusha had revealed her old slave life to Shadow, and her story had moved the Sith's heart enough to send her on a personal mission. Shadow had expressed her interest in killing some hutts, but ended up falsely rejecting that idea where Katyusha plead for her not to. Wanting to kill some hutts not only because of Katyusha's past but also because her own sister had faced slavery before while young, Shadow sought to assassinate hutt brothers Set'Tala and Kul'Tala. However, she only managed to kill Set, and was captured by Kul and made into a slave herself. For weeks, she had undergone training with shock collars and a whip to force her into obedience. Luckily, however, the Force had warned Katyusha of Shadow's predicament and led the apprentice to save her master in time before the *Shadow Wolf* of Tacitus Athanasius could be broken. Angry that her master, the Acolyte was grateful when she found that Shadow was alright. Shadow, having realized how she had gone against her own principle of patience and keeping her emotions at bay, apologized and admitted her mistake without excepting forgiveness.

Beginning Again

The Return of the Mandalorian

Not too long after Shadow's predicament with the Hutt, the Sith found herself led by the Force to a colosseum and found her husband about to be killed by Tzar Yisa. Saving him, the half-Sephi took the wounded Mandalorian back to their home on Judecca, and it was there that Shadow discovered the reason her husband had left. Tzar and his late sons had a history with Brandon, and the man had discovered the Mandalorian's whereabouts while he was also aware of the mercenary's relationship with Shadow. It was out of fear for her and the child that Tarsus had left, which resulted in his capture by his long-time foe. Since then, he had become Tzar's slave to fight in the arena, and it was because of his victory from the last battle that Tzar sought to finally end his life. Shadow understood her lover's reasons, and the two renewed their bonds as husband and wife. At the same time, Tarsus learned he had two sons instead of one, and met both Deus and Artorias for the first time.


It wasn't long after that Grand Master Pravus finally directed the Iron Fleet to destroy the Empire of Scholae Palatinae and the System they inhabited. Thanks to the secret orders from the thought-to-be-dead Emperor, Xen'Morden, Shadow and her fellow clan mates evacuated under the premise of a practice drill before the worlds of the Cocytus system were glassed. It was only after everyone made it to the Medical Space Station, IMS Tipoca II, that the clan learned of the fate of their home. It was also there that Emperor Xen revealed himself to them, and he explained that the sacrifice of their home was necessary so that Pravus would think he had destroyed Scholae Palatinae. This moment impacted Shadow and Tarsus heavily, and their infant twins themselves seemed to sense their loss. As hard as it was for both Sith and merc to move on from the loss of their home, both parents knew that they had to continue forward for the sake of their children.

A System to Call Home

Not too long after, CSP discovered the Caperion System, and the clan worked to make the new system their home. Shadow and Tarsus had a cabin built in the forests of Seraph where they could call home. However, rest would be short-lived. CSP would find itself joining with the Brotherhood against the newly established threat known as the Collective, which sought to destroy the brotherhood and all Force Users. After the conflict, CSP returned to focusing on expanding its turf throughout the planets of the new system. The biggest threat, the Meraxis Empire, would do all it could to stop the Imperial clan, and would eventually start receiving help from the Collective. It was also around this time that Kylex and Katyusha Neige would be adopted into Shadow's family, with the two of them being like siblings to the assassin. Kylex has been like a big brother to Shadow, and looked after her and her family. He always tried to encourage her to get out more and enjoy life instead of being buried in battle team work. Katyusha had always looked after Shadow as well, and the assassin was truly grateful to have Katyusha as a sister she trusted and cared for. Unfortunately, both would leave the clan and disappear from Shadow's life for unknown reasons.

Growing in Power

Shadow led TA and helped to establish a new home for the battle team, though she wouldn't get to enjoy it long. Alara would eventually step up to the position of Quaestor. Rasilvenaira would take the position of Aedile, but she soon stepped down. Seeing an opportunity, Shadow took up the empty position of Excidium's Aedile. However, that wouldn't last long either. Not too long after, Shadow felt the Force pull her towards House Imperium, and she became the House's new Aedile under Quaestor Aeternus. This would lead her to seek out Rasilvenaira StormRaven and bringing the assassin back after they had separated during a mission together against Meraxis. Feeling at home once she had transferred, the Sith Assassin felt that there would be much in store for her within her new House. Sure enough, she would end up becoming Imperium's new Quaestor, and would quickly be thrown into her leadership duties when Meraxis would attempt to bring down the Imperial Clan during the Into The Fire Campaign in 37 ABY.

Loss and Treason

Shortly before Shadow became Imperium's Quaestor, Shadow would suffer a devastating loss. During an investigation into a lead about Meraxis presence in CSP's controlled half of Maqor, Shadow and Tarsus had split up to search for the threat. Unfortunately, Tarsus was ambushed and was killed by a vibroblade to the chest with Shadow arriving too late to save him. A funeral was held for the Mandalorian by Imperium, the nearly two-year-old twins present to say farewell to their father.

Not too long afterward, Alara fled CSP with her life threatened by the Imperial Summit. The last exchange between the sisters ended bitterly, Shadow feeling betrayed once again by her older sibling. Alara would end up finding refuge in Arcona. For Shadow, this only fueled her determination to not only fight to protect her children, but her House and Clan as well as would the threat of the Meraxis Empire.

Into The Fire

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Personal Info

Shadow as an Assassin by Zehsaa Hysh.

General Personality

"To be an assassin is to be a lone wolf hunting in the shadows, striking at one's prey swiftly and silently."
― Shadow taking pleasure in being an assassin

Shadow is a serious, hard-working individual. At times, she prefers loneliness along with peace and quiet to meditate. If it's not meditation, she is usually found alone in the forests of Ragnath and Seraph with only the surrounding flora and fauna as company. Her love for nature serves as a useful asset when she requires help from her wild friends. Despite her usual seriousness, she is known to be more open with those close to her. With her ambition of obtaining power and seeking her true purpose in life driving her on, she's a force to be reckoned with. Shadow also has very little pity for the weak, unless it's a dying animal in which she would gladly try to restore to good health. A strong believer in patience, Shadow continues to attribute some of the teachings she obtained as a Jedi. Although strong in open combat, Shadow also takes to the more stealthy and shadowy tasks of spy and assassin. Sometimes wanting to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, she has a small cabin out in the woods where she spends her time meditating or training. Her love for nature serves another purpose, as she's also a Ranger. She's a great tracker and uses her environment to her advantage.

Force Philosophy

For a while, Shadow had been on the verge of slipping into total corruption, but the return of Brandon Tarsus led to an awakening for Shadow while his death led her back to her more cold, dark self. Being a great admirer of various old philosophies from Old Republic times, the Sith has come to accept that the dark side provides ultimate power, with the light side to keep her grounded from corruption. Just as a rare few had been able to simultaneously use both light and dark, while mainly orientated with the dark side, Shadow uses the little light left within her to keep her grounded. The strength of that light comes from her love for her husband and eventually her child. She isn't afraid to be relentless in the darkness. However, it's her love that strengthens her power, for she has found that slaying her enemies and the enemies of Scholae Palatinae is the same as protecting all she holds dear. She believes that she is in charge of her destiny instead of letting the dark side determine it for her.

"Shadow and Brandon" by Aelinau


Shadow's relationship with Brandon Tarsus was one of the most important things to her. Being the only person she fully trusts, the half-sephi shared everything with him. Her husband was what kept her grounded from becoming corrupted by power, and it was for him and their family to come that she fought for. She did all she could to grow more powerful to protect what she and Brandon had, but that would prove half fruitful when Tarsus passed away.

It was Brandon that had brought out Shadow's more caring and loving side, and he had even helped her discover the more romantic part of her that she never knew she had. His loss would bring pack the dark, coldness that had taken over the Sith prior to their relationship, but not enough to remove her loving, motherly side for her children.


Tall and lean, Shadow is a very fit young woman. With her apparel consisting mostly of black attire, she favors the color to blend in with the shadows. Her features also consist of her long, brown hair and her golden eyes, which replaced the original brown color as a result of her conversion to the Dark Side. She bears a scar that runs down the side of her neck to the end of her right shoulder, a reminder of an accident as a Jedi. Because of her Sephi lineage from her mother, Shadow also has pointed-ears. Unlike pure-blooded Sephi,

A sample of Shadow's writing: Cold Darkness


When free of work, Shadow loves to read and enjoy the outdoors. She likes the musical arts and even attempts to write her own music and poetry, with nature and past events serving as her inspiration. She loves dancing as well, though mostly the waltz. She also likes to swim, many times finding a secluded spring or lake to enjoy the water. Harvesting herbs is another thing she enjoys, for she experiments with them trying to create medicine. Other than that, she loves to explore and discover new knowledge and things. Gaining new knowledge is very important to her as she continues to progress in power.

Loki, Shadow's Anooba

Animal Friends

Shadow doesn't really consider her animal companions as pets. Her current animal friends are Tsume, an Arx wolf; and Loki, an Anooba. Shadow had come to acquire the anooba during a mission in Caina, where she had saved the poor canine from experimentation. Shadow and her anooba share a powerful bond, which makes working together very easy and enjoyable. She's trained the anooba to be a very good scout as well as "watchdog" for danger when out training in the woods. She acquired Tsume as a late wedding gift from her mother before the night her mother was murdered by Alara. Loki would come to form a very strong bond with her late husband, Brandon Tarsus, and was greatly affected by the Mandalorian's death.

"Toddler, Deus Tarsus" by demenian


Currently, Shadow Nighthunter and Brandon Tarsus are both proud parents to the twins, Deus and Artorias Tarsus. Deus would grow up to be like his father in charm, strength, and humor. Artorias would take after his mother in stealth, speed, wit, and personality; though he'd also develop his father's mastery with a blaster as well as a taking to mercenary work while Deus would be a two-handed lightsaber duelist like his mother. Though Deus may be outgoing and rash, while Artorias may be a silent lone wolf who craves knowledge, both would grow up to be gentlemen who are devoted to protecting their family and those close to them.

"Young Artorias Tarsus receives training saber" by kamivi

DJB Facts

Positions Held

  • Sergeant of Battleteam Caliburnus
  • Leader of Battleteam Tacitus Athanasius
  • AED of House Excidium
  • AED of House Imperium
  • QUA of House Imperium

Outstanding Achievements

  • Received a field promotion during the Eleventh GJW to Sith Warrior
  • Granted the title of Palpatine


  • Death Nightwatcher and Vengeance Nightstalker are Shadow's cousins in real life.
  • Shadow was Prankster Queen of the CSP when it was just a House