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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description







150 lbs


Black, red highlights



Personal Information





Ethan Martes



Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Djem So


Lightsaber and hidden bladed weapons.

Fighting Style(s):

Corellian Kickboxing

Chronology & Political Information




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Character History

Rusp'etth'nolar, or Petth as she is better known as, stands roughly 5'6" is a raven haired and silver skinned Chiss. While slim and toned, she is not as shapely as other women. A defining tattoo of a black bar from her bottom lip down her chin to the collar of her neck before it wraps around. Her eyes are a dark red, almost giving the appearance that they would glow in the darkness.

Early Life

Petth was born on Csilla, and at an early age showed an affinity for the Force. She often filled other children and her own parents with fear when her anger rose, especially after she Force choked another kid. She was discovered by a man who would eventually become her master in the ways of the Sith. She trained hard and devoted herself to their ways, fighting styles and ruthlessness. Eventually she joined her master in the early ranks of an Iron Throne Inquisitor, honing her skills and Force powers even more. Having been on several missions against those who would oppose the Iron Throne, Petth became a little known for how much she enjoyed combat and inflicting pain upon her opponents.

Deserting the Iron Throne

Petth left the Iron Throne after a chance encounter with the Grey Jedi Ethan Martes. Before meeting him she began to struggle with the last test to become a true Sith, a small amount of the Light still flickered within her. Her encounter with Ethan Martes showed her that while the Dark side of the Force gave her lots of power, it was sloppy and didn't truly make her stronger than other users of the Force. From there, instead of trying to snuff out the last of the Light, she began to try and understand it. Through dedicated mediation, Petth found that while she enjoys combat, she feels the Dark side of the Force has left an unfilled void in her.

Petth decided to leave the Iron Throne, and as she left she came face to face with her master. He would not allow her to leave and the two engaged in combat, Petth barely coming out as the victor as she drove her lightsaber into his heart. With that Petth left that life behind, stealing several pieces of information about supply routes and handing them over to Ethan Martes in exchange that he kept her hidden from anyone who would pry too much.

Relationship with Ethan Martes

While she did hand over information to Ethan Martes in exchange for a place to lay low, the two did begin to develop a relationship. Depending on which you ask the answer varies. According to Ethan, they are an item of boyfriend and girlfriend. According to Petth, the Grey Jedi is her property and no one is allowed to have him. They are both aware that they are using each other for different reasons. Petth uses him for convenience and a cover, making it harder for enemies to find her. Ethan uses her to give himself some semblance of a normal life that he never had.


Petth is a violent woman who takes joy in inflicting pain and suffering on those who cross her. While it is definitely something she is trying to overcome as she is on her path of turning to the Light, it is something that is difficult for her to overcome. At times she is like a predator constantly watching the prey around it, waiting for a time to strike. Petth doesn't process other people's emotions very well, as such she often comes off as cold or uncarring. She often misjudges how someone feels or completely disregards their feelings.