Rhent Ghosan

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Rhent Ghosan
Biographical Information

Jerrist VI

Date of Birth:


Physical Description





5' 8"


180 lbs


Dark Brown



Personal Information
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Arx Capital Exchange

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Rhent "Goose" Ghosan is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of the powerful and influential Arx Capital Exchange. Bewildering to many, perhaps the most powerful man behind the Grand Master within the Arx System is the mild mannered civilian industrialist Ghosan. Tasked with running a major galactic-wide corporation employing tens of thousands, Ghosan answers only to the Grand Master and has sweeping powers and privileges that determine the economic, military, and indeed political stance and outlook of the Dark Brotherhood as a whole. Despite being such an unassuming and diligent functionary, Ghosan is responsible for the financial solvency, production capacity, and lines of credit for the Iron Throne.

Character History

Rhent Ghosan, CEO of Arx Capital Exchange

Rhent Ghosan was born on the Corporate Sector Authority aligned planet of Jerrist VI. This small planet was a regional mining and finance hub for the Jerrist System. Ghosan's father served as a factory floor foreman and his mother was an accountant for the Severin Industrial Works assembly plant. This mundane and modest background afforded the young Ghosan the ability to go to a state-funded university on Etti IV, the capital of the CSA. A strong mind for organization and a hard worker with a swift ability to complete tasks, Ghosan graduated near the top of his class.

Ghosan spent the first eight years out of university serving as a supply officer within the CSA Security Police, rapidly rising through the ranks establishing himself as a keen staff officer and was one of the youngest Chiefs of Staff for Logistics within the CSA Security Police. Ghosan's talents attracted notice from the Kuat-Entralla corporation while he served as the contracting liaison in charge of managing a portfolio of patrol craft acquisitions. This opportunity allowed the now mature Ghosan to leave the Tingel Arm of the Outer Rim for the Deep Core world of Kuat and its impressive planetary shipworks.

By 33 ABY Ghosan had risen through the ranks of Kuat, despite his provincial background, and was appointed the leading account manager for commercial and civilian freighter craft sales. In this role Ghosan interacted with hundreds of corporations and influential individuals from across the galaxy. It did not take long for this connection to escape the notice of agents of the Iron Throne, who saw in Ghosan a trustworthy and level-headed administrator with no lust for power - only a drive for efficiency and an internal drive for perfection of his craft. One of the agents who took a shine to Ghosan was Telaris "Mav" Cantor.

The future Grand Master was able to recruit Ghosan away from Kuat, who remained on good terms with many executives who were sad to see him go but understood the ranks of Kuat were too top heavy and nepotistic to allow on outsider to rise too quickly to a senior position. Ghosan spent his first few years in service to the Iron Throne as the Executive Vice President and Division Director for the Arx Capital Exchange Shipyard. Upon the elevation of Mav Cantor to Grand Master, Ghosan was chosen to serve as the CEO of the ACE Shipyard's parent company, the Arx Capital Exchange as a whole.