Pride of Owyhyee

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Pride of Owyhyee
Production information

Corellian Engineering Corporation

Product line:

CR series


CR90 corvette




3,600,000 credits

Possession Item:

ID 47142

Technical specifications

150 meters


48.6 meters


32.6 meters

Max acceleration:

2,100 G

Max speed (atmosphere):

950 km/h

Engine unit(s):

Girodyne Ter58 high-output ion turbine engines (11)

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 2.0

Hyperdrive system:

CEC subspace hyperdrive

Power plant:

Mason-Branger 7085 ionization reactor and regulator


Phoah-Kingsmeyer 484-J4E screen control and shield projector


Ferro-magnesium ceramic

Sensor systems:

Pax Hustana variable array sensor units (2)

Navigation system:

Corellian Chain Management NavCom Unit

  • Taim & Bak H9 dual turbolaser turrets (2)
  • Taim & Bak H9 single turbolaser turrets (4)


Minimum crew:



Up to 600

Cargo capacity:

Up to 3,000 metric tons


1 year

  • Corvette
  • Light escort
Known owner(s):
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The Pride of Owyhyee is a CR90 corvette commissioned by the Galactic Empire in 3 BBY and completed by Corellian Engineering Corporation in 1 ABY. The vessel was acquired by the Anzat mercenary group Alpha's Omega in 14 ABY from a corrupt, former Imperial admiral. The mercenary group used the vessel until it was "liberated" by the Knights of Allusis in 32 ABY following the Battle of Purity Rock, and has since served as an escort vessel in House Hoth's fleet.


Service in the Empire

The Pride of Owyhyee docked
The Pride of Owyhyee was originally commissioned by the Galactic Empire in 3 BBY and completed by Corellian Engineering Corporation in 1 ABY. The Empire christened the vessel Emperor's Cutlass and placed the vessel into service as a patrol vessel in the Anzat sector. The Emperor's Cutlass remained stationed in the Anzat sector until the entire sector was absorbed by the remnant faction Greater Maldrood after Emperor Palatine's death in 4 ABY. The warlord and former High Admiral Treuten Teradoc ordered the ship's name be changed to Cutlass.

While still in service of Warlord Terdoc's Greater Malrood, Cutlass saw action in minor skirmishes against other Imperial Remnant factions and New Republic forces. Following Terdoc's assassination, Greater Malrood was in a state of chaos. During the confusion an unscrupulous former subordinate of Teradoc sold the Cutless to Thett Omega for personal profit before destroying all records of the transaction and fleeing to Republic space.

Alpha's Omega

Having acquired the Cutlass at a substantial discount, Thett Omega set about contracting the various modifications that would make the vessel more suitable for Alpha's Omega operations. Once all the modifications were complete the vessel was re-christened Omega's Cutlass and entered into the organization's small fleet. While it was the Omega's Cutlass, the vessel remained in constant use by Alpha's Omega for a variety of missions and support roles. Most notably the vessel was used in raids on civilian shipping, kidnapping operations, infiltration, and as a support/command vessel for ground operations.

Knights of Allusis

The Pride of Owyhyee Unit Patch
The vessel was "liberated" by the Knights of Allusis during the battle team's escape from the Purity Rock detention facility.[1] The vessel was renamed The Pride of Owyhyee and integrated into the Tythonian Space Militia of the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force. The Pride of Owyhyee served as the primary support vessel for the Knights of Allusis in the following years and would remain associated with the battle team for the rest of service.

JTF Response Fleet

Clan Odan-Urr soon faced a far greater threat than rogue elements of the One Sith claiming their homeworld. With the rise of a new Grand Master came the private decree that the Jedi should be annihilated. This resulted in the massed invasion of New Tython by the Iron Legion. With the Iron Navy bombing settlements from orbit, the armies of the Brotherhood sought to kill every man, woman, and child on the planet in the name of a deranged vision of purity. Outnumbered and hopelessly outgunned, Odan-Urr made a fighting retreat on all fronts, providing cover for those fleeing the conflict. The Pride of Owyhyee was one of these ships, which provided cover for several transports breaking the atmosphere and fought to maintain a clear extraction zone for refugees. In spite of these efforts, only a small percentage of the planet's populace managed to escape the onslaught and most met their end among the glassed surface of New Tython.

The Clan was able to gradually find a new home among the Vatali Empire after negotiating with the ruling Empress, with House Hoth itself settling on the world of Solyiat. Regrouping and establishing a new base of operations, the Pride of Owyhyee served as a cornerstone among the fleet as it was gradually restructured to account for their losses. While the ship would operate alongside the House's new flagship, the Rohlan's Vision, in guarding the surrounding systems, it would not be long before Odan-Urr went on the offensive once more. Operating alongside Clan Arcona as part of a larger resistance movement, the ship was deployed in several retaliatory strikes against the Brotherhood. These ranged from small skirmish raids to helping the fleet fight its way clear of a trap over a network of remote shipyards.

The Pride of Owyhyee was present when several allied Clans initiated an attack on the Brotherhood's flagship, succeeding in critically damaging the enemy vessel, only to be forced into retreat when a new fleet arrived. Declaring themselves to be the Collective, this new group set about targeting and destroying any group associated with Force-sensitive individuals. Recognising this genocidal crusade for what it was, the divided elements of the Brotherhood agreed to an unofficial ceasefire and initiated a massed assault on Nancora, the Collective's main base of operations. Tearing through the fleet in orbit, the counter strike proved to be a success and forced the Collective to abandon the world, though a number of retaliations cost several clans dearly.

Even as the war against the Collective ground into a stalemate, the Pride of Owyhyee was called to assist the Vatali Empire in opposing an insurrection from a rival group. Seeing an opportunity to overthrow the ruling dynasty, the Vauzem Dominion made a bid for power through riots, false flag operations, and guerrilla strikes. The damage of this blow was limited by a successful series of counters and fortunate turns, but the Pride of Owyhyee was left guarding the system against invasion efforts for months afterward. This would only end with the assault on Meridian Prime space station, where a united Brotherhood fleet targeted and captured a major hub in the Collective's network of stations and supply routes.

Following the dissolution of the two standing houses within Clan Odan-Urr, the Owyhyee was integrated into the new taskforce belonging to House Sunrider.


Original Schematic
The Pride of Owyhyee is a CR90 corvette originally used as a system patrol craft by the Galactic Empire. The The Pride of Owyhyee was heavily modified by Alpha's Omega after the group acquired the vessel from the Imperial Remnant under questionable circumstances. The group added secondary and tertiary sensor arrays to enhance it's scouting capabilities and spot enemies from greater distances.

The interior of the vessel was heavily modified by Alpha's Omega to support the group's mercenary activities. Sensor shielded cargo compartments were added for smuggling, a sizable brig was installed to hold captives and the ship's conference room was upgraded with state of art holoprojectors and communications equipment for mission briefings. The rest of the vessel was left in its original condition, including the stock blue paint job, to allow the The Pride of Owyhyee to blend into system traffic or pose as a patrol vessel when needed. These improvements were retained by House Hoth to give the ship an edge in key operations, when they were required to perform extractions, hit and run attacks or serve as a secondary command vessel for Hoth's other ships.


The CR90 corvette was designed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation as a diplomatic ship, it would see use within the annals of the late Galactic Republic, Imperial Senate, and later as a combat craft in both the early rebellion and Rebel Alliance. Measuring 126.68 meters in length, it featured two dual and four single turbolaser turrets, and had the ability to reach a maximum speed of 950 kph. Capable of carrying an entire diplomatic escort, it had a passenger capacity in the hundreds. Although the ships were not built as carriers, three RZ-1 A-wing interceptors could be attached to the docking rings, allowing a small escort to be with it. They would serve as the backbone of the early Rebellion and later the New Republic.


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