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The Overlords (the Overlord of Kressh, the Taral'ari; and the Overlord of Ragnos, the Maleficarum) are the patriarchs of the two Sith cults aligned with the Disciples of Sadow. The two lines stretch back thousands of years to the last days of the original Sith Empire which saw the deaths of Dark Lords Marka Ragnos and Ludo Kressh.

After Astronicus Dlarit learnt of his heritage as the last surviving descendant of Naga Sadow, his search for followers led him to the Disciples of Ragnos and Kressh. The two cults, at the time led by Ximeno and Eagleye respectively, swore fealty to the young Sith heir so that, together, the three lines could work towards the reestablishment of the true Sith Empire.


When the Krath oracle Trevarus Caerick appeared, divining the tenets recorded in the Chronicle of Dark Souls, which would later become the doctrine of the Final Way, the Disciples of Ragnos hailed his connection to the spirits of old and anointed him their new overlord, their Maleficarum, believing his divine providence would usher them into the next Golden Age. Years passed as the Dragon Shan Long festered beneath the surface, battling against his alter ego, until in 29 ABY the oracle revealed his true allegiance, betraying the Disciples. When the Shan Long devoured the sorcerer's soul, the Dragon emerged as the true source of his visions all along, and Trevarus Caerick, the Deceiver, faded into the annals of history, being remembered only as a traitor, allowing Shan Long to at last be hailed as the voice of the Maleficarum.


The Disciples of Kressh, or the Jentarali, the hidden guardians, as they are also known, have long been led by their strongest champions, the greatest of which is the Taral'ari, the overlord of the guardians. When Prince Sadow found the stranded cult near Rhelg, they were then led by the Taral'ari Eagleye. During the years that followed, Xanos Zorrixor emerged to lead them through the Exodus and the battles that followed, being declared the new Taral'ari. However, during the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Taral'ari was twisted into Darth Vexatus, the Betrayer who joined the false Maleficarum Trevarus Caerick. After the Taral'ari's treachery, none amongst the Jentarali rose to become the new overlord, the hidden guardians fearing the name was now tainted. For years the seat sat empty, until finally, in 33 ABY, Kharon Daragon rose to take up the mantle of Taral'ari.


Overlord (sometimes called the Overlord of the Sons, the Overlord of Sadow, or the Heir of Sadow) is the title given to Astronicus Aurelius Sadow by House Sadow as the founder and patriarch of the House. It also recognizes him as the symbolic figurehead of the Sons of Sadow.

Fictional Role

Fictionally the Overlord is the true leader of the House. He lurks in the shadows and his role is unknown to most, to the Dark Brotherhood at large the Quaestor is the one with the seat on the Dark Council and the authority in the lands. In secret the Overlord is the one standing over the Quaestor's shoulders, along with his most loyal followers, the Sons of Sadow. Should a Quaestor choose to act against the wishes of the Heir of Sadow he is likely to find himself face to face with the Sons, an event he is unlikely to walk away from. His role as the Viceroy of the Dlarit Corporation also gives him effective ownership of the House's assets, ensuring should a Quaestor turn against him, he can withdrawn all support, isolating them and leaving them completely exposed.

The role of the Overlord is built on the House's belief in Tron Sadow as the true heir of the Dark Lord Naga Sadow. He is their creator and their liege and they owe him their allegiance. While he is not the public figurehead, he is the dark overlord shaping things behind the scenes.

Background Information

The position of Overlord can be compared to that of the Queen of England with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The Overlord is effectively the monarch, he is the sovereign ruler of House Naga Sadow, however the daily running is left to the Quaestor as the Overlord's voice on the Dark Council. The Sons of Sadow serve to help enforce the Overlord's rule, acting both as his bodyguards and enforcers. The Overlord together with the Sons of Sadow can also be fictionally likened to the Star Chamber's control over the Dark Council.

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