Orian Assembly

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Exodus era.New Order era.
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Orian Assembly
Political Information
Founding Document:

32 ABY

Head of State:

Bentre Sadow

Commander in Chief:

General Byron Cargas

Executive Branch:


Legislative Branch:


Societal information


Official Language:

Galactic Basic Standard



Historical information
Formed from:

32 ABY


Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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The Orian Assembly is a Stratocracy- a military ruled government. In this case, appearing to be a democracy while in actuality ruled by Dark Jedi of Clan Naga Sadow. The Orian Assembly was formed by the Summit of Clan Naga Sadow in 32 ABY. Using their clandestine contacts and operations, the Clan was able to allow the system to form it's own "democracy" and manipulate it from the shadows. This unified the system's smaller governments. Later, Consul Locke Sonjie revealed the Dark Jedi's existence to the Orian Assembly, and took more direct control of it overtly. Today, the Assembly is allowed to make most decisions on it's own, but major economic and military decisions must be approved by the Summit of Naga Sadow and the military leadership of the Warhost of Naga Sadow. In decision-making, the Warhost can always overrule the Assembly, and the Clan Summit can always overrule the Warhost.

Orian Assembly


The Orian Assembly was born out of the turmoil resulting from the Dark Crusade. While Naga Sadow dedicated time and energy to fighting in the conflict, affairs at home were left on their own. This resulted in several revolutionary groups seizing control of the Orian System from the Dlarit Corporation. When the Clan returned to their system, they chose to infilitrate these groups and rule them from behind the scenes, while slowly consolidating power. They placed civilians into key positions and carefully orchestrated the formation of the Orian Assembly - an apparently democratic civilian representational government in the system. With the Assembly in place, and the Warhost established to serve as it's military, the Clan quickly regained full control of the Orian System. In 32 ABY, the new Consul, Locke Sonjie, revealed Naga Sadow's existence to the Assembly, allowing them to continue to manage day to day politics.


  • Orian Assembly - The Dark Jedi of Clan Naga Sadow and those who serve them, including a “voting body” of civilian representatives that have little real power.
  • Orian Authority- The “police” arm of the government. In reality military police, intelligence, propaganda, and espionage.

Orian Assembly Members:


The Orian Assembly is our return to power as a Clan. Although the assembly is in fact a stratocracy, it appears from the outside as a democracy. Within, we shall continue to work as a stratocracy that uses new techniques in combination with the study of ancient empires to implement our system of control. We choose to no longer hide in the shadows- instead, we will bring our system in line by ensuring peace and then use it as we see fit.

Our Warhost will remain as our military arm. To supplement our control of the system, the new Orian Authority shall be established, consisting of the in-system law enforcement branch of the Assembly. Verpine Engineers will supplement Dark Jedi researchers (when available) to develop new weaponry and technical knowledge funded by our strategic minerals trade and reserves. Dark Jedi will also be used for intelligence gathering and as military strike teams. Other operatives will be used to influence public opinion in our favor, thus ensuring popular support.

House Marka Ragnos shall have responsibility of Tarthos and Amphor space, while House Shar Dakhan will have responsibility of Aeotheran and Inos space. The Consul and Proconsul will administer the planet Sepros and the system as a whole. Cities in a given area will have a “representative” on the Orian Assembly main voting body, who will in reality be puppets.

Using the recent “liberation” and “aid work” in both San Korinar and Markosian City as a springboard, puppet leaders will be installed in these cities. Outposts of bandits, thieves, smugglers, and enemy operatives such as One Sith or the Organisation agents will be sought out system-wide. They will either be turned to our service or eliminated.

Concurrently, a new drive to mine resources from across the system will be pushed forward. The Orian system is host to a plethora of valuable gases, minerals, liquids, and knowledge. In turn this will fund our coffers. Renovations will then be carried out in turn on all major system assets, including (but not limited to): the fleet, ground forces, land holdings, cities, infrastructure, natural resources, energy production, and manufacturing.

Our military will be trained, well equipped, and able to move openly throughout the system on patrol to ensure full control, as opposed to massed in one area. Our propaganda initiative will turn public support of the military “saviors” of the system. We, as the Assembly, will in turn control them.

Stage One:

The Clan took several steps to retake control of the Orian System.

Gain Control.

We consolidate the Warhost, and then eliminate or turn all pockets of resistance methodically throughout our System. A concerted team effort by the Clan’s Dark Jedi, each using their own individual strengths will seek out and eliminate stubborn targets. Information gathering, sabotage, propaganda, and outright assault will be used in combination to eliminate hostile targets.

First target: Inos Moon 7, “Rockpile”

Second Target Inos Moon 18: “Snowball”

Snowball was the scene of an inter-clan skirmish during 23 ABY. The remains of the former bunkers and trenches have become home to agents of the Organization, and remained a stronghold until it was level by orbital bombardment in early 32 ABY.

As well, intelligence indicated an Organization large facility on Inos Moon Seven that may well have been their main base within the Orian System. During the Worldwreckers saga in early 30 ABY, Methyas L'eonheart, Locke Sonjie, and Atra Ventus actually visited the Facility on Moon 7 and knew the location of the facility. In early 32 ABY Clan Naga Sadow invaded Inos 7 and cleared the Organisation's stronghold known as The Facility. The compound was assaulted by the Clan's Dark Jedi directly, and Verpine Engineers were installed within the cleared-out compound both to assimilate the technology of the Organisation and to give them their own "Hive" within Clan Naga Sadow's holdings to ensure their complete loyalty. The moon was immediately thereafter prospected and mining began to increase the flow of credits to the Clan's coffers.

Stage Two

Consolidate Holdings

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