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== Patron ==
== Patron ==
{{Main|[[starwars:Newar Forrth|Newar Forrth]]}}
''[[starwars:Newar Forrth|Newar Forrth]]''
Newar Forrth was a prominent [[starwars:Jedi Lord|Jedi Lord]] during the later days of the [[starwars:Republic Dark Age|Republic Dark Age]] who governed his constituents on [[starwars:Ryloth|Ryloth]] and defended them against the [[starwars:New Sith Empire|New Sith Empire]] .
Newar Forrth was a prominent [[starwars:Jedi Lord|Jedi Lord]] during the later days of the [[starwars:Republic Dark Age|Republic Dark Age]] who governed his constituents on [[starwars:Ryloth|Ryloth]] and defended them against the [[starwars:New Sith Empire|New Sith Empire]] .

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Order of the Force Ascendant
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"To drive the darkness away, it seems, the light will have to perish with it!"
―Lord Hoth

The Order of the Force Ascendant is a splinter group of light side Force users who commit themselves to defending the weak and wiping out the Sith.



The Order of the Force Ascendant can trace its lineage back to the Jedi Lords. Founded on the principles of such figures as Newar Forrth - a Twi’lek Jedi Lord who ruled over Ryloth - the Order of the Force Ascendant seeks to both protect those who cannot defend themselves and to eliminate the evil forces that inhabit the Universe.


Newar Forrth

Newar Forrth was a prominent Jedi Lord during the later days of the Republic Dark Age who governed his constituents on Ryloth and defended them against the New Sith Empire .

In order to combat the Brotherhood of Darkness Lord Forrth mustered all Jedi and commoners that he could to join the rallied forces of the Jedi Grand Council and their Battlemaster Lord Hoth. Throughout his time leading the Third Legion of Light he fought against the Brotherhood of Darkness for an entire decade, taking part in many campaigns such as the Battle of Malrev IV.

Lord Forrth perished during the Army of Lights Final campaign on Ruusan fighting and dying alongside many of his brothers in a successful attempt to destroy the Brotherhood of Darkness.


The Order's base in Kuku-Hawene
The Order operates out of the ancient abandoned temple of Kuku-Hawene in the Northern Wetlands of Owyhyee, the place in which the Order was first founded. The temple retains its ruinous exterior. Inside the temple are many re-purposed and re-furbished rooms, however the majority of them are unaltered in order to preserve the ancient defenses built into it’s depths.

Although all Jedi participate in the Jedi Trials to attain Knighthood, to join the Order an aspirant must participate in the “New” Trials . A trial in which the aspirant must descend into the greater depths of the temple, progressing through utter darkness whilst attempting to locate the Heart of the Temple; An Obelisk that, once activated, illuminates the path back through the darkness and signifies the end of their trial.

As the Order is so new it currently operates under a somewhat simple hierarchy, lead by a council who collectively use their force visions to interpret the will of the Force and determine the correct paths to tread and tasks that the Order must undertake.

The Council each take the title of Paladin; all Paladins should serve, and be considered to be, a strong role-model for other members of the Order, exhibiting the virtues expected of all followers of the Force Ascendant.


The Philosophy of the Order was formed by Mar Sûl during his personal exile from the Disciples of Odan-Urr. Although the Philosophy shares some ideas with the philosophy of Potentium , there are also many differences, particularly the view on the Dark side.

During his exile Mar wandered through the absolute darkness in the depths of Kuku Hawene. Attempting to communicate with the Force and learn its true nature. He believed that the visions given to him were explaining that the Force is much more than a mysterious energy that courses through everything. It is also an Omniscient and Omnipresent entity that selects a limited number of beings to be its embodiment of power (through force sensitivity and the actions of those who have it) in the physical Universe.

The entity that is the Force is not a large physical mass in the universe, instead it is like an observer from a realm beyond. Long before the creation of the Universe, the Force empowered the nothingness in order to cause the existence of everything, therefore the Force is a part of everything, when a force user feels the force in something it is merely an echo of the Force. As is the nature of an observer the Force watches everything, the echoes that creation has left behind are the primary tools which enable to Force to be Omnipresent.

The Omniscience of the Force is incredibly important to members of the Order, as the Force cannot exert its power directly, it offers guidance to Jedi through visions that, once deciphered, provide enough information to guide the recipients actions. Although the Force is Omniscient, it cannot directly control whether it’s chosen (force sensitives) fall to the Dark side. The path a force sensitive being takes is one of the greatest challenges there is; to the Order, falling to the Dark side is considered the vilest of crimes.

Similar to the philosophy of the Potentium movement, The Order of the Force Ascendant believes that the Force is inherently good, however that does not disqualify the use of the Force in evil ways, use of ‘dark side’ powers are simply a twisted perversion of Force ability. One of the main aims of the Order is to quell the use of these powers and to stop those who would use the Force for evil.

Being given the gift of force sensitivity links a Jedi with the Force in a way entirely unique to those with this gift. All Force users are a direct link to the entity of the Force, the source of all their power. Use of the Force, particularly the use of dark side powers, for personal gain taints and damages the very being of the Force, extensive use of the dark side by many Sith will ultimately cause the structure of the Force to fail and die (fading into in-existence). However the damage that a dark sider inflicts upon the Force can be expelled by taking the life of the heretic that has caused harm to the Force.

Although the primary influence for the Order are the visions granted to the Jedi, in fact Force visions are held in the highest regard by the Order and the council of Paladins are dedicated to deciphering their visions. The Order of the Force Ascendant are committed to defending the weak, extolling both virtue and goodness, they also commit themselves to finding and killing Sith in order to retain the purity of the Force.

The Ultimate end for any Follower of the Order is the common idea of becoming ‘one’ with the Force, when a Jedi dies they will leave behind a residual echo of themselves within the Force, which can sometimes manifest itself in the form of a Force ghost, however should the Jedi live a good life their ethereal being will journey to the realm of the Force and will exist eternally in the presence of the true Force.

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