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Production information

Mandal Motors


Lictor-class Dungeon Ship


Dungeon Ship

Technical specifications

7,64 Meters

Hyperdrive rating:


  • Quad turbolaser batteries 10
  • Tractor beam projectors 2


  • 400 security wardens
  • 9,000 prisoners
  • 8,000 in standard cells
  • 1,000 in special holding cells

Prison Ship


Iron Throne

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The flagship of the 3rd Task Force, Misery is an ancient and obscure vessel whose existence has only recently been divulged to the Dark Council and the Dark Brotherhood at large. Her true origins are unknown, and how she was acquired is still a classified secret known only to the Grand Master himself and elements of the Inquisitorious. The ancient Lictor-class Dungeon Ship has cells to accommodate over 8,000 cells and 1,000 specialized holding tanks to handle the influx of prisoners of war and detaining high valued targets. Not a true warship, and with limited navigation and defensive capabilities, the Misery is an instrument of fear and repression that brings a sense of dread and fatalism to any battlefield it enters.

Vessel Info


The specifics of the construction of the Misery can only be hinted at, as the vessel is believed to be original to the class, constructed at the height of the Mandalorian Wars. Four thousand years of serving as an instrument of terror and having held untold thousands of prisoners over the eons has obscured her true origins. It can only be assumed she was constructed above Mandalore and employed against Old Republic forces before lying dormant for several millennia.


The origin and career of the Misery is mostly unknown, and shrouded in mystery. A truly ancient vessel, it has been confirmed she is an authentic Lictor-class ship constructed by the Mandalorians during the height of their war with the Old Republic. The genesis of the class was to provide mobile holding cells on a grand scale, to accommodate the sheer volume of captives and Jedi taken on the fields of battle. When the Old Republic finally won the conflict after decades of chaos, the vast majority of Mandalorian capital ships were either destroyed or abandoned when the shrinking Mandalorian territory could not support such a costly platform. Indeed, the compliment of security personnel needed to crew such a vessel caused most of the remaining ships to become space derelicts or scrapped for parts.

What is known, however, is that a few specimens remained being used by pirates, smugglers, and criminal organizations as mobile command centers due to their sheer size and interior dimensions. Often, these ships could be bought very economically for the cost to upgrade and crew them were above the means of most organizations. It is speculated that the Misery has been a shadow ship owned by the Iron Throne from the beginning, a sinister prison ship where the forgotten and damned languished in torment until they expired. The fact that she has been pressed into front-line service shows both the changing attitudes within the Iron Throne and the growing needs for the Iron Forces.


  • Current Commander TBD


The Misery serves as a primary prison ship within the Iron Forces, a role that it is singularly qualified to hold. The vessels capacity to hold thousands of captives and safely hold hundreds of Force users allows her to serve as a mobile instrument of torture and interrogation. Her presence above any battlefield is often enough to send enemies of the Iron Forces fleeing, knowing full well her arrival signals doom and endless suffering.


The Misery, like the rest of the newly constituted Iron Forces, was reorganized to face the threat of the Collective. As such, she has yet to take part in any battles of renown or earn for her exploits in war. However, like all Iron Forces capital ships, she has been actively engaged in the defense of the Arx System and has been used to keep the various Clans in check.

Vessel Complement

The Misery has no flight decks, and no organic ability to transport other crafts. However, any modifications and augmentations are unknown but are highly speculated about within the Iron Forces hierarchy.